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    • almost 1 week later and still silence ? any progress in that way ? 
    • I hope they will buff it back again because ur right there will be no point in playing BK
    • Hello. Im Kanade. Today i got banned from a perfect reason. let me tell you guys know this funny story :)) Me and SatThuMu is enemy, and he report me rule 4.6 bc i said a bad vietnamese word " Dit me " Like " Fuck " in english translate. And i dont know why i got banned from this word :)) And i saw his report topic he translate " Dit me may " = " Fuck your mom ". whut? i said " Dit me may "? Where's " may "?? " Dit me " and " Dit me may " is different( same bad word ) like " Fuck " And " Fuck your mom ". my word Related to Family or parent? and i dont know why i got banned :)) Admin should be banned all ppls said " Dit me " And " Fuck " :)) Let me translate conversation between SatThuMu and me: Him: Bring your buff Me: Block me to farm? Him: From now Me: i thought you hunt me 24/24 Me: Lol :)) Him: Everytime im online Him: i will hunt you Him: just done Him: i not want farm point anymore Me: it's call block 24/24?  Me: fuck, so stupid lol  Him: Dare you go outside? Me: Just stay it and waiting me go outside :)) You guys see. Where's parent? Where's Family? where's rule 4.6? where's Humilliation of player and use obscene language?  And i dont know what Senate Goku work? :)) and he just comformed and i got ban? :)) no find out details and just said ban?  ez work :)) And @cerebrum , you said: I consulted with a colleague, Vietnamese is his native language. His opinion: " Địt mẹ ngu vãi cắc " This is a vulgar and disrespectful language towards others, but it is not too serious and does not have much impact on the family I don't think there should be a ban on this . This is a very common word in Vietnam " This is a very common word in Vietnam " and when goku confirmed his stupid think and you banned me? wtf is going on here? :)) I Need a fking answer how you guys banned me from other topic from the LAIER? FIRST TOPIC CEREBRUM SAID DONT THINK THERE SHOULD BE A BAN and second topic he put more word I DONT SAY and you guys BANNED ME WITH NO FIND OUT DETAILS? Just SAID BAN AND DO IT?  WITH NO EXCALTY REASON?    
    • bro i mean book from mux box. every class have enough weapon except kundun 🙂
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