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  3. This, this is the reason why i will never buy an expanded inventory lmao. Well yea, but there's no "kill 2500 ghosts in dungeon" quest (edit: omg i just looked at quest 256) . Although the inconvenience will go away once the quests are reworked a little (hopefully lol)
  4. yup, as guys said, in Prime server u can get additional 16k stats by finishing ALL quests from Quest Master.
  5. It would be great idea. Okay, maybe with those long messages that would be a problem. Then the message limit per minute? For example, 3 - I don't think there are messages that are so complex that it's impossible to say them in three sentences. I know that. Therefore, I have no problem with individual messages. It is known that no one will report them on the forum. However, on Magicx1000 sometimes guilds can chat on / post instead of @. Occasionally, 50-60 messages were written on / post in a different language. All conversations. Additionally, in the meantime, there was someone who stubbornly asked for items for a new player. In the end, there was one large garbage can on the post. Therefore, the EXCESSIVE USE of a language other than English should be prohibited. I think there would be 3-4 reports for this. And after 3-4 bans / mutes, it would be quiet for a long time. Anyway, the information itself at the start in golden color would already change a lot. As for the "Prison" sections, there should be some changes here as well. Because I have a feeling it doesn't work. Even now, there are reports opened days / weeks / months ago. In addition, it would be nice if the admins were also present on the servers. I know it's easy to say, worse to do. But it would be nice if someone was watching over the server from inside it. And I would also like to note that there are bugged Red Dragons - I already wrote about it. And some Orbs. For the Elf, I believe. Because they are in inventry but have no name or description. And something else that irritates me a lot. The second backpack - "expanded inventory" Could it be done so that after moving it to some place, it would always open there? It always opens in the middle which is very annoying. Once on another server, the location of this backpack was saved and it always opened on the side.
  6. About that, I don't think it is kinda problem. Same with Acheron too. At least u have a spot with respawning monsters, what will you say about Ghosts in Dungeon? There is no spot for it I suggested it many times ago, but when I suggested I said drop of BC and DS 7 entry keys, not the crafting items) That is not so critic) Let's don't touch this one) With that all ok for me ) Nothing to say, can be done or keep it as it is, doesn't matter) Nope, bad idea. Coz the letter limit for chat very limited, if u can't finish the sentence u have to wait 60s and may be the half of the sentence will mean bad. U have to wait 60s to explain yourself that "sorry I didn't mean that") Ban for using another language it will be hell) Just imagine how many "reports" will be there like "My nick: aaa , nickname of offender: Fred_Flinstone, which rule clause was violated: he said "thank you" in Turkish ))) So the Prison section will be full of such topics and by the rules admin has to ban or mute those all) Administration in forum or discord is ok, but in game it won't effective. For ur information, I only agree with that solution that all speak in English, but unfortunately facts are different )
  7. Yesterday
  8. Try just adding the word "Multi" (Prime) Drakan dropped a Sword Blow Bead, i thought it was a Ruud only skill. Should it be added to the list? or was it a very low % rare drop?
  9. It depends what item u used. Ancients are also in few Tiers. If you are using a crap from Balrog, then 1-3 stones is the maximum you can count on
  10. "dura lex sed lex" Hard law, but it is law Ban for few hours after 3x mute I would give a golden notification that shows up regularly about the obligation to write in English. As for players from other countries. I also don't speak english. But due to the multinationality of the players, this trash on /post should be regulated. This is what the forum and discord are for, where there are places for people who speak different languages, so that they don't clutter the chat. The post at the moment is used by players for insults in languages other than English. Because they know that there is no ban for it. It doesn't matter that the other side doesn't understand them. Everyone gives vent to their emotions by using their language.
  11. ancient +11 +28 should be more than that. i dont remember the exact number, but as i remember its around 5-8pcs
  12. Last week
  13. Wait, so 2 stones for an anc item +11+28 is correct? I thought the bug was most items giving 0 stones and really good items giving 2-3 was a bug, if so... my bad!!
  14. the stones already fixed for 2weeks i guess
  15. never works for me too haha
  16. Well, what i've come to realize is that this server operates somewhat like Path of exile does. Somewhat... Main server in PoE stays there unmoved just like Prime does. Meanwhile every now and then the Ranked/Seasonal server merges with the Main one, just like other subservers (Medea, Antares, Dune and soon Magic) merged with Prime. So, whenever a new seasonal/sub server opens, lot of new players (and players from prime as well) will flock into it. With all that said... PLEASE FIX MAGIC STONES SOON AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH
  17. Could be nice when the server gets populated again, i still remember a decade ago the annoying /post sound popping every 2 seconds lol. I don't know about banning tho Perhaps a short temporary mute? one that doesn't hurt players too much, since noobs probably won't know about said rule (i've seen many spanish speakers asking for help in post)
  18. Yeah that link doesn't give any error, but when i try to log in in order to vote i get the same "403 Forbidden" error. And having to start the VPN in order to get a single vote in would be a bit too annoying lol.
  19. you can get additional 20k pts if you do all the quest in game from quest master npc.
  20. U can't have full stats. It is just server setup. Quests will give u additional points.
  21. Nic: Rikana server: Prime The character has 101 resets, the master and majestic skills are fully pumped, but the stats are not complete. Why are there not enough stats?
  22. If needed, i can try to help It is true !!!! Command /reset would change game. Somatimes i play my alt 3 day with 400lv, because i have no time to log out Like i said in another topic, suggest to set /post language as English, and cooldown to 60s. For using another language ban/mute.
  23. Floor Inventory Bless of Guardian Guardian's Blessing Splinter of Armor Armor Splinter Claws of Beast Beastly Claw (ty demo) Storm Crow Atlans (ty devil) Scroll of Archangel Archangel Scroll Dark Horse Spirit Soul of a Dark Horse Knight Blade Knight's Blade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mirror of Dimensions Dimensional Mirror Invisibility Cloak Cloak of invisibility A few of them won't matter much since they are crafted, not dropped by mobs. i'll add more as soon as i notice them Aaah my bad, didn't know that it gave damage and defense, haven't played mu for a decade before playing on this server OH by the way, wouldn't be better for spots in certain maps to be more varied? (Ferea, Swamp of darkness, Acheron, etc) Since as far as i know almost all the spots are pretty much the same amount and variety of monsters. For example in Ferea you pretty much have a LOT of spots with 2 archers, 1 fighter and 1 knight (there are some spots that differ but just a tiny bit) Which really slows down the progression of some quests And for example in Crywolf you have different spots with a single monster type. Or is there something i'm not seeing? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10- Changing the "Magic Skeleton" and "Cursed king" drop that invades Lorencia, since they drop BC5/6 DC5/6 items and you can buy those, their only purpose now is to get some chaos souls. Maybe give them BC7 and DC7 items? 11-You should be able to drop the depeleted "Ring of wizard", or perhaps it should have more durability and be a rare drop because it's a bit of a pain to have half an inventory filled with those rings in and having to change them every 10 minutes And on top of that being unable to drop em. (tho i'm not sure if durability mastery boosts this ring, will check it later) 12-Removing "Sphere" from Chaos Castle, since you can buy it from npcs.
  24. Devil


    We say same only changing the places of words Ok I'll test it soon
  25. Not quoting separately, just will mention names about my subjective opinions (may be lil bit objective) @ryuustein 1. This is the only reason I hate to make reset in this server, so I totally agree with u 2. Couldn't get the point, so I'm out of it) 3. Very good idea. I'd offer more effective variant. Guides with slides and video tutorials. I can handle this, will talk about it to @Arturs 4. Sorry, but it is nonsense. Forget about it 5. I'd offer to increase the drop of Uniria Horn and somehow let players "need" Dinorant more, to make it. Coz instead of wings having Dinorant will give high % of damage and defense at the start. Most of players don't even know what is Dinorant, its' benefits and flying ability without wings. Btw we'll have some changes in quest system and Dinorant will be in reward list for beginners. 6. I always hated this idea on other servers. It won't bring anything good. Better like that 7. Yes agree, I'll gather information about it on a new topic 8. Love you! I thought only me thinking about it 9. As I mentioned at #5 new quest system will give newbies exactly needed items. @Arturs 1. U can do it. I don't think it will be hard for u 2. ... 3. As I said to @ryuustein I can do better of that) let me know when u ready to talk about) 4. "Boss said it" )) 5. Increase the drop % of Uniria just 5%-10% and "force" players to know about the Dinorant. 6. "Boss said it" )) 7. Yeah there are some items, even set parts like Storm Crow = Atlans 8. We still can suggest it to them, right? Ok, may be removing the interval will affect some problems but decreasing time from 30 to 5 secs I think won't make any trouble 9. Time to talk about new Quest System.
  26. reevis


    i mean the character offlevel while in party, itself seems like doesnt collect zen
  27. Devil


    just want to make clear. U mean offleveled char in party it doesn't collect zen?
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