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  2. As for me, top things should play their role but separate from the stats and special damage of each class, because I'm not going to suffer on DK from every MG and DL until I get the top weapon, ghost horse and 4 wings/ This is why it seems to me that people leave the server...
  3. Once again, admin, we are talking about DK, how to earn rud on DK? in BC and DS? With such damage and attack speed, this is practically impossible, while everyone constantly kills you on the DK, especially the DL. And how to kill the great dragon when SM lays you down? how to get that cherished weapon when you play in one window, and not in 20?
  4. Hi. Subject. With luck or without.
  5. Server: Prime ID: duong37a Char: -Kanade- i lost around 6~7 garuda flame in market. when i back and come web market i see 6~7 blank space with price. but when i take back blank space to my virtual vault and it still is blank So i take to my vault and i get only 1 garuda flame. i dont remember time.
  6. I'm Vietnamese because I'm not familiar with the rules of the game, so I've been selling items in the game and have been locked. I hope the admin will remove the lock for me, thank you. Account: deta999 Characters: HuyTocDo
  7. damrider

    Death King

    cheers, it's good now. I haven't actually checked it, it says skeletons now. thanks mate
  8. We are working right now with the balance issues. You can reach the same gear without donate, but it will take more time. That's it.
  9. Arturs

    Death King

    Click on NPC now, are quest changed?
  10. damrider

    Death King

    Hello. I am on quest #145 (I think) and I need to kill Death King, the skeleton that spawns in lorencia. the problem is that it's 100% not spawning. It says it's spawning every 2 hours on even hours (12:15, 14:15, etc) and i've checked on 4 different occasions, completely scanning the entirety of lorencia, it absolutely does not spawn anywhere. I also know no one else killed it because there should be a message if someone kills Death King and there hasn't been this message for a week now. Is it bugged, is it going to be fixed and if not is there a way to change the quest? Same goes for red dragons obviously but I believe the admins are aware the red dragons aren't spawning.
  11. well i think =)) rw still the be the weakness class of pvp =)) the delay of skill are too long
  12. Im also talking about x1000 ...DK has no attack speed here, no damage ( compared with MG/DL/Slayer ) Balance based on full characters with top gear, which means only DONATE ( lottery) and this is nonsense.....
  13. Bk is realy useless. Mb in cs or with pt he will be usefull like tank and buff. But in the world feels bad. Im talking abot x1000
  14. Balance ? What are you talking about, DK at 100 rests in devil square and blood castle is just nobody....225 attack speed? Are you seriously? Then we had a duel between DK (100 rests 420 ML, better items than DL, achievements, VIP, ) - DL (90 rests, trash items, 400 ML, no VIP), DL kills a warrior in the easy, while DK inflicts DL simply funny damage
  15. Last week
  16. The poll is closed. The winner is #2 option. Usually, IGCN team fix this kind of bugs pretty fast, but this case is something different. We've waited for 10 days. As i can see now, we won't receive a bug fix till the next week for sure. I think it will be fixed after ~4-6 days. So it's time to remove golden monsters from the quest system for this time. I think all players were anyway passed their golden quests in these 10 days. Bug is not from our side New quests are already on the live server. There will be basic version of monsters with count 100 to 1000. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  17. agree with devil square but if master level is it possibe to get to devil square 1? Its strange that golds are alright at devil but not in mu world.... Maybe it is because they are to many??? admin maybe reduce them to one and see if it works?
  18. cmon... u can finish goldens quests in devil square... half do that... just turn off quest limit. Only need to change red dragon quest. Thats all
  19. Подохдем и поголосуем. Еще Red Dragon не появляется
  20. Basic versions of these monsters
  21. We already talk about this problem for 10 days, everybody waiting for fix which have to provide from IGCN. Just try to read topics in forum or join to Discord Channel where everything discussing about this server. Be patience and take a look at this topic
  22. Change all golden quests to other monsters (until bug will be fixed) What will change with it?
  23. Today, till 20:00 we need to decide. We waiting for 10 days, but no changes from developers. I don't have any idea, for how long we can wait for this fix. So please make participation in the voting.
  24. Не, я половину игры на 76-78 пробегал на МГ, даже 250+ квестов закрыл
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