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  3. IGCN said, that they have fixed that bag, but i usually waiting around 1-2 weeks to make sure, that new version of game server don't have problems with crashes and other things. So probably next week we will return personal store.
  4. I'm working now with elemental system, there will be full rework, and this system will be adopted for reset servers. Hope in this month will be ready.
  5. Yesterday
  6. RNSX

    buy 4 cap RF medea

    ok , deal. let ingame and pm RNSX
  7. fyza

    buy 4 cap RF medea

    3к bon +2 toca
  8. RNSX

    buy 4 cap RF medea

    3500 bon or 1 golden fenrir + 10 toca
  9. Hello, it was disabled for now since there was a bug with it, it will be enabled soon after IGCN fixes it.
  10. Hi guys, Personal store in game is error now, can't open a store. It's almost an integral part of Mu game. Can you fix it? Thanks you.
  11. Last week
  12. u are litteraly telling me that on your server u guys dont like range chars besides soul master atall.There is 0 logic in this thing that mg gains elemental dmg for physical attacks from energy.
  13. Our system is already working, so now we can easily track absolutely any ingredients on the server. #NoMoreDupes
  14. Yes, for coordinates event i didn't sent a bonuses. Sorry. Now it's resolved.
  15. On our server, MG receives more elemental damage from Str stat.
  16. fuba


    When u look on the market it doesn't show the true options. On market it shows 135~139 attack power, bought and here is the result))) it is +9 even haha))
  17. When u put points in energy on MG its suppose to increase your spell wizardy (elemental dmg) not spell attack power but sadly its not working. On the uploaded imige before i put anything into energy the spell attack power was way less.
  18. It's a common bug when the daily limits don't reset when new month starts. Wait for @Arturs
  19. I got the same problem.......... my IGN: tomatito / Antares server
  20. 1. My nickname: ExitSumm2. Game server: Antares3. Problem : i did not enter to SUnday Gaion but dailly limit ..
  21. Usually in these kind of cases, I always recommend 4.6 , but... As @Beasty mentioned, @seach provoked you, and pushed you to mention whatever you did. This time I will Ban you for 4.3 rule, but if this case will be repeated with you , I will be much more strict. Ban 4.3 Closed.
  22. I think 4.3 would be enough here and let me explain why. From Seach's side I see provocation as well (I even wrote to him about it). Don't get me wrong, obviously Kull is not right in this situation, family has nothing to do with game and there is no case where it's acceptable to talk about family or relatives. But right after Kull mentioned "mom" in /post, Seach was like "come on tell me more about it" basically provoking him to say something else (and maybe worse) and I get that this game is full of emotions, especially when you are angry already and someone is provoking you. Otherwise it would have been 4.6 for sure without any doubts.
  23. Hello, I'm Kull ingame, what you can't see is the fact that he followed me constantly and harassed me when the strange rabbits spawned and i was trying to kill some, and then after he pked me too (there's literally proof in his own screenshot), I lost my temper and said those things, and also he kept trying to make me say more which is also in his screenshot by the way. (like specifically telling me to add something else about his mom because he knew I didn't know the rule) I know it probably doesn't matter but I'm just trying to show you my side of the story, because it seems pretty unfair that he can do whatever he feels like to me but then can report me and me being the victim gets banned for it. Thanks for hearing me out. also there isn't even a way for me to show proof that he harassed me first... (this is the same message I wrote to OpineL on discord in case that matters)
  24. 1. My nickname: Seach2. Game server: Antares3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.3 & 4.64. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: Kull5. The conversation has to be opened fully (hotkey F4 - until chat will not open fully).
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