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  3. GniewaS / Sega A1 - C2 B2 - B3 A3 - C1
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  5. ARTI4 / Prime A2 - C2 C3 - B3 A1 - B2
  6. Arturs

    Lost map +2

    Don't have any clue why this happened. I've added a lost map+2 to your inventory.
  7. We hate RF so much, yes. We have all classes. But the most we have your chosen class. To make RF one of the worst classes, he receives top 3 best damage, so don't know how to make it even worse. Two weapons speed never summarizing.
  8. Ivan will handle it, he will be back on the 6th February.
  9. We returning again to this. The more valuable items per zen players can reach, the more game becomes to the zen farm creation. Who will have a bigger zen farm - will have better gear.
  10. LostinMU / Prime A1 - A3 B1 - B2 C2 - C3
  11. I don't quite understand what you mean by that, can you explain? Zen shop on website, you mean that more OP items would be sold for zen? If so then it's absurd.
  12. I think this is pretty obvious... In your guild or not, if you don't trust someone , you MUST make a contractual deal (topic on forum where both sides agreed upon something). The recovery of loss is not processed, if:1. If you gave access to your account to any third party.2. If someone deceived you in game while trading, didn’t give you what you wanted, or didn’t give enough.3. If you have been robbed, and safety mode was disabled.4. If someone deceived you at the web-market.5. If you planned to sell/buy something for a person, but someone else has bought it.6. If you gave your items for someone to use, but they haven't returned them.7. If you bought an account with the e-mail, and then the previous owner of the e-mail recovered the password together with the game account.8. If you lose your item in chaos machine (include case if you forgot to use TOCA item) BUT, there is this point: We may consider processing the application which does not conform to one or more of the rules(exclude #8, as it uses a different way of returning), but in this case, a commission of 30% from the value of lost items will be applied (at least 200 web. bonuses, maximum 6000 web. bonuses). So wait for 6th of February (next week).
  13. Second weapon never added extra attack speed to any class or am I missing something? It used to be like that for sure but maybe something has changed on newest seasons?
  14. Glorfindel / Prime A1 - C1 B3 - A2 B2 - C2
  15. BlackWidow/ Sega A1 - C1 A2 - B1 B2 - C2
  16. Amadeys / Sega x 100 A3 - C1 A2 - B3 B2 - C2
  17. ed1ii Sega X100 A1 C1 B3 A2 C2-C3
  18. stalaslt

    Lost map +2

    Hi. I have colllected 5 symbol of kondun +2, and thei dont convert to lost map +2. What can i do?
  19. Mate, I got 2 MUX FO and 12,500 AGI gave me like 305 speed so you with 5k agi and 246 attack speed sound pretty good there.
  20. Goku

    SEGA / AMups / 2.5

    You mean rule "4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family." ? Please edit the post to rule 4.6 Confirmed humiliate and offend relatives and family. Topic closed. @Ivan Nebraska @Drakonis
  21. 1. my nickname: Dolphin2. game server: x100 Sega 3. which rule clause was violated: rule 2.5 insulting attitude to a player's family and close ones. 4. nickname of offender: Amups " ki sinh cai lol me may thi co" =
  22. Yesterday
  23. Dear players! Todays forum quest: It will test the skill of Intuition. Every player is welcome to participate. A simple guessing game for you to enjoy today. Have fun! 🙂 Rules: 1. There will be a 3x3 game board 2. You will have 3 guesses. Each guess you must choose 2 cells 3. You cannot pick the same cell again in any other guesses. All must be different! 4. If no 'X' in your guess- you win the chosen amount. If 'X', that guess becomes invalid. 5. If all 3 choices do not have an 'X' - you win extra 30 bonuses! Quest will last for 58 hours, and then the Topic will be locked automatically and the results - announced. Example: An example of a correct application for participation: massacre | Sega A1 - A2 5 + 15 C1 - B2 invalid (B2 is 'X') C2 - B3 5 + 10 Total 35 bons won (Notice how all picks are different! ) (DISCLAIMER! - This is just an example, real answers will be randomised) Event will last for 58 hours, it will automatically lock itself on Saturday 04/02 22:00 You have only one chance, so do not create multiple accounts - you will be punished !! Do not forget to provide your nickname and the server together with an answer (as shown in example)!
  24. i know Mux team does not like RF , i have a long experience with these servers(sience the begining of prime) but why is attack speed not added from both weapons ? i have a mux claw(200speed) and a soul claw (120) also 5k agi , and i have 246 atk speed , why? PS: please dont say "its not how this works" , there is a formula, bla bla bla !!
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