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  3. Hey, i think you're talking about not recieving bonuses yet, me also. But maybe they will add it soon. I was thinking about waiting a little bit longer before asking. bonus fiesta xD
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  5. Доброго времени суток Вчера выйграл 20 бонусов в квесте на форуме Хотелось бы получить , до сих пор не пришли. Ник: lMHZl serv :Medea спс
  6. It looks like his hands are broken
  7. hello, is it possible to change the animation when using fenrir, for example when bk has two swords and is moving, he has swords on his shoulders and here he has them in front of him which looks strange here movie how this has to looks correct on the server looks like that
  8. Bro, i knew you were trying to get me suspension, and i know what i wrote nothing violates the rules, i'm a bit toxic, you killed me while i farm gold for my chars to reset and you're way weaker i oneshot you bro ? what's the problem if you kill people who farm? Also you killed me 8 times in a row by the way mauling at me because you deal low damage it takes a lot of time to kill xD
  9. 1. My nickname: Azrael 2. Game sv: Madea x100 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Name of the offender: SinOfLust
  10. BOSS.


    если я в bloodangel вставлю luck и заточу его на 11, и сделаю из его darkangel , dakrkangel будет с лаком?Лак не пропадет (одежда)?
  11. Arturs

    Summoner book

    There anyway moonsters don't use any valuable weapons. I think, the best loot from monsters is Sword of destruction from Tarkan 2
  12. Mag1cal

    Summoner book

    good idea, remove drop exl weapon for summoner...
  13. Arturs

    Summoner book

    You won't find summoner book in drop. Only from weapon boxes
  14. Mag1cal

    Summoner book

    Good day, can some1 tell me where monsters who equip book for summoner?
  15. Arturs

    Weapons Dmg

    The only weapons where i changed damage is Archangel and blessed archangel weapons. Anyway, Mastery weapons will be better.
  16. most of items you can drop away from this inventory. It the worst case, use /clearinv command, to delete all inventory. In some cases i can help, but i'm here not 24\7 and have a lot of other issues to work with.
  17. Hello everybody We have record activity on MemoTest! This means shortly we will be holding some live forum questes, so stay tunned Here goes the results table, followed by our winners: We have 29 winners and a total of 1100 bonus to distribute!!! Congratulations and thank you all for participating!
  18. chiknora

    Weapons Dmg

    as i see all weapons demage has been changed and i dont know witch one i should buy, witch one is best? ???? i could not found where i can see Weapons DMGs.....
  19. but what u must to do when ur event inv already is full and u cant create free space 4x4 ??
  20. crazylich

    3d camera

    +1 For 3d Camera
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