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  1. zpepiroth

    Zen Coin

    Zen coin existed like 1 month ago 😂 removed due to some bug
  2. u sure its not helper fee?
  3. u mean u lost 30kk for dying?
  4. this is probably where all the item went. many are still trying to get best opt item. so they probably will craft it instead of selling it
  5. sounds like someone i know from sega. but yea part of the game play sadly come prime x5000 for more friendly game
  6. well its 1k players so u can expect that to happen.
  7. It’s count per day whereas sleepless night is per hours
  8. this is getting kinda messy. @Devil will make decision on whether case will be accepted. until then, topic will be closed. Note: no time stamp was shown in the video, by the rules it should be rejected. but all up to admin's discretion
  9. Yes all winner will be updated here soon. And rewards will be given by Friday as same as forum event ☺️
  10. Oh. Now that I saw this I understand now. No unleash marvel doesn’t require anything. It drops in Icarus. After learning unleash marvel then u can learn ultimate force
  11. Winners 1. ✧ Hide and Seek ✧ SirD SirD Orokian Orokian Ethernal 2. ✧ Unscramble ✧ Orokian Anar Anar Anar Orokian 3. ✧ Guess the Country / Capital✧ Anar Anar udreams udreams Laguna
  12. Winners 1. ✧ Hide and Seek ✧ EvaElfi TungDepZai Looney Grim PAPICH BONUS ROUND: Pipikaka ZhuYukFun KhungLong Miyuki MegaPiharj 2. ✧ Unscramble ✧ Nympho PAPICH PAPICH Nympho Nullifiy 3. ✧ Guess the Country / Capital✧ JanLos Asirpa Nympho PAPICH Looney
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