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  1. Some of sets can have old information, it's totally reworked. The real information is here: If you need, i can exchange all items back to the ruud
  2. Arturs

    Virtual bank

    Account? Please make screenshot, what error appears in this moment?
  3. Добавил Pandora pick в игровой банк.
  4. Arturs

    Creating wings

    Also from quest system, 60,70 and 80 quests
  5. No, this is only for set items
  6. Basically, the count of spots didn't changes since x5000 was open
  7. Fixed. Check it now
  8. Latvia is taking place on the main holiday of the year - Ligo. From 23 June till 27 June administration will be on vacation. And as usual, in case of emergency, we will be near.
  9. Arturs

    Master Exp

    Опыт идет начиная с карты Karutan и выше
  10. Sorry! Wings in your in-game vault. I've added 20k RUUD to your account. The problem now must be fixed!
  11. Arturs

    [Basics] Jewels

    This is season 17 server with the old-school spirit
  12. Hello. Just create a first wing, and there will be a random
  13. Items library. Ancient items defense are a little bit wrong, but anyway
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