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  1. Arturs

    Summoner book

    There anyway moonsters don't use any valuable weapons. I think, the best loot from monsters is Sword of destruction from Tarkan 2
  2. Arturs

    Summoner book

    You won't find summoner book in drop. Only from weapon boxes
  3. Arturs

    Weapons Dmg

    The only weapons where i changed damage is Archangel and blessed archangel weapons. Anyway, Mastery weapons will be better.
  4. most of items you can drop away from this inventory. It the worst case, use /clearinv command, to delete all inventory. In some cases i can help, but i'm here not 24\7 and have a lot of other issues to work with.
  5. Arturs

    Mini Games

    ? don't have ?
  6. For end-game (max stats, skill tree e.t.c) aqua and fire beast gives you the most highest DPS in single target. Dark side is good for PVE aoe. About chain drive - it will be good on low speed, because have good damage. When you have more speed, Dark side will be better, because of better DPS.
  7. Arturs

    Donation Problems

    Hello. Please read PM.
  8. Maybe will be some changes, but anyway, you need 200 majestic levels, this will took a lot of time to reach.
  9. No, TOCA must be expensive and rare. It's keeps zen very valuable even when players reach max reset.
  10. Hello Yes, you can visit it once again. Ticket in your vault.
  11. Blue cells is the number of quest
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