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  1. Information was updated. Test server in live mode.
  2. Hello Maybe try to have more zen. 100kk
  3. Hello. Also i can add topic about Rage fighter -
  4. Arturs


    К сожалению такие баги иногда случаются, что монстр просто без причины пропадает. Такое случается со всеми монстрами, но просто с боссами это сразу заметно. Тут мы ничего сделать не можем.
  5. Hello. I've made decision to take both players, Xasan4ik on questmaster position only, and OpineL only on Prisoner position. I'm hope that new senate members will stay with us for a long time and make our server better. Closed.
  6. Arturs


    It's freezing al the time or from time to time?
  7. Arturs


    В Воскресение и Понедельник он был?
  8. Arturs


    Сделал перезагрузку эвента, может быть это поможет.
  9. Red and Blue parts is okay, but green one isn't actual. In green one, just use SD skill and all next. All free point you can spend on other things.
  10. Remember! This is only a TEST server. Anything can be changed at any moment If your class can't kill another class, this not means, that the same situation will be on live server after. If your class deals 10 damage on all other classes, but the other class deals 1000000 damage on you - it's okay. It's a bug. It's a test server. No need to panic. No need to panic. Just write a bug report and we will fix it.
  11. list of actual problems: Some visual problems with MUUN pets Old description of Golden Fenrir pet Wrong information on Earrings Fire beast skill have much less speed than Aqua beast Lost items - Lethal ring, Legend arena elixirs Some items don't display PvP options RUUD shop have default settings The things which we will enable later: Gun Crasher class New maps New pets Dark knight new skills
  12. Hello our MUX players! Its long-awaited moment is finally here! To join the test server, you must download test client, and use your login & password from Medea server. Download client you can HERE. The test will be going in few stages, and the first will be ONLY about PvP. We've changed a lot of stuff in PVP. The skill tree, speed, skills, buffs e.t.c. We have additional PVP parameters which looks like this: DWToDK_PvPDamageRate = 32 This means, that DW deals 32 % of his damage to the DK class. After some tests, I've made a decision to not touch it, and see how this works with all other changes. In this case, probably we can meet some problems when one class almost can't kill another class. If you meet some problem like that - please write about it here. After that, i will check it on the separate test server and will try to resolve that problem. If you found a bug, problem, or something strange - please leave a message on this topic. The example of an excellent bug report post 1) (Problem) PVP / PVE / Craft / e.t.c 2) Nickname 3) Date and time 4) Detailed description For example 1) PVP 2) Arturs 3) 15.04 12:45 (+-5 minutes) 4) My class is Dark wizard, and all is okay, except PVP against summoner class, the damage is too low. Or 1) Problem with items 2) Arturs 3) --- 4) Silverheart magic sword gives less damage than Blue Eye
  13. Changes in PVP Season 16 First, let's remember what the game MU Online was originally. There were 400 levels, with a total of about 2000 stats and monsters of the Kanturu level almost 15 years ago. Since then, every year the power of the monsters were increasing, but the character's stats have not increased. How can you kill monsters from the Scrooched canyon with such stats if players had a problems passing Kanturu with them in the second season? Making skills stronger. Master skill tree, and then Majestic skill tree, in which the skills have already started to deal 3 damage at the same time, as well as various additional damage values. Do you need speed values above 1000 and so much additional damage for servers where the character has 100000 stats instead of 2000? No. Huge attack speed with additional damage creates a lot of problems in both PVE and PVP. Many classes were faced with the fact that their skills at the beginning of the game were too weak for upgrading. The most common examples are Sword Inertia and Darkside. With the increase in the number of stats and the improvement in the Skill tree, the damage from many skills became insane, allowing you to kill all monsters and players with 1-2 hits, and PVP analysis turned into an endless stream of numbers that can reach over 20 hits per second. A huge number of hits per second with a tremendous speed and such additional options as Double / Triple damage could sometimes lead to instant death, SD and HP disappeared so quickly that the game did not have time to render it. Complete redesign of the Majestic skill tree. Redesign of the concept of Speed and Speed cap. Removing Double Damage from the Master skill tree. Changes of buffs in Party. Changes in Range of skills. Turning off Reflect animation. Complete redesign of the Majestic skill tree. The irrelevant and unnecessary skill branches have been removed. To fully upgrade the skill you now need exactly 100 points. Each skill now gets +1 range, + attack speed, and other damage boosts. Removed the restriction on the need to upgrade a skill branch in order to upgrade side skills (for defense and attack). Redesign of the concept of Speed and Speed cap. Speed cap for each class. An interesting fact - almost all skills have their own Speed cap. For example, for Fire & Aqua beast it doesn't matter, 350 or 3500 attack speed, DPS will be the same. We checked the exact measurements of all Majestic skills to determine from what value the DPS is no longer increasing. Now the Speed parameter is really relevant and even the +Speed option will no longer be superfluous. By the way, now it is +10. Attack speed for most gloves and weapons has changed. Increased the required number of Agility stats for 1 Speed. Each class can gain about 60% -65% of the maximum speed through stats. The rest can be collected on gloves, weapons, Skill tree. To achieve the Speed cap, you don't need to have full agility and items of the highest tier. Removing Double Damage from the Master skill tree. The option has been completely removed from the Skill Tree. When this option is immediately available to everyone, then this is no longer an advantage, but an ordinary random. Sort of PVP lottery. Changes of buffs in Party. One of the biggest balance issues is finding a balance between characters with and without buffs. In the new season, it became possible to customize buffs depending on the class. The native buff for the class will remain as useful as it was, but other classes will receive from it a not so strong increase in characteristics. Changes in Range of skills. In some cases, the border between DD and RDD was almost erased when the values of their Range became 4 and 7. It even looks strange when the character hits the air, and the damage arrives at the character. Now all classes have Range + 1 in the Skill tree, and everything is in equal conditions, we can bring these values to a more logical result. Turning off Reflect animation. At the moment, the presence of Fenrir allows you to completely get rid of stumbling on hit. In other words, if you don't have Fenrir, then PVP is closed for you. Because of this, we greatly simplified the farming of this pet, which of course negatively affected its value. But now it will be possible to enter PVP without this pet, and its presence will simply give you additional bonuses. All of these changes will greatly improve the PVP part of the game.
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