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  1. Arturs

    hope admin help

    Server and account?
  2. Arturs

    hope admin help

    Can you put it to the game vault?
  3. Greetings to all players of our server! Our project is constantly evolving, and now we need a person who will take care of our in-game quests. If you: 1. Responsible, judicious, know how to sort out any conflict situation 2. Stress-resistant 3. Are familiar with in-game quests 4. Have good English skills, to be able to hold the events, understand and reply to participant's messages 5. Have a will and ability to entertain people 6. You like the MUXLegend project and wanna be part of our family You are welcome to leave your application and give a try to that role. Just leave: 1. Your Nickname and link to the game character 2. Where are you from? 3. Your experience with our project 4. What do you think will make you a good quest-master? You can also add whatever you want (such as a previous experience) to add in this point, full creativity welcome here. Salary in bonuses. Also extra bonuses for forum activity / discord activity / helping the administration. The deadline for the applications will be 22/10/2021
  4. Yes, all items from Virtual vault will be transferred
  5. MUX Legend Antares server is going to merge with Prime server. Merge will be done of the following terms: Characters from the Antares server are transferred to Prime server. Transfer is carried out only for the characters, that have reached 1 reset. If the account has no characters with 1 reset, no merge actions will take place. Up to 10 characters are merged, and only if your account has free character slots. That means all free slots are going to be filled with characters. Characters, having the biggest amount of resets and levels, and so on will be transferred as the first ones, descending in the queue order. Equipped items, inventory and Personal Store content will be transferred together with the character. All the information, regarding character, is being transferred: resets, stats, experience, skills, Zen, quests, quest stats, arena points, craft materials. Together with characters, remaining VIP time is also transferred. Bonuses and wcoins are carried over, if their amount reach 10. Antares characters conversion: Resets are going to be multiply to 2.14 | 100 reset = 214 reset 400 level | 50 reset = 107 reset 400 level. Majestic level will be the same Character levels will be set to 400. To get the right stats amount, you would have to use reset stats service on the website. All items from game vault will be transferred to the virtual vault. Content of the Virtual vault is carried over, by filling in all the empty slots. Guild bank is not transferred. Guild membership and the guilds themselves are not transferred. It is in your interest to fully fill your inventories and Personal Store with needed items, on the transferring characters. - In case, if your character, that is being transferred, the nickname matches with the character, that already exists on the server is being transferred to, then the nickname of the character, that has the lowest amount resets and levels, will be changed to "PrimeXXXX", where "X" is the serial number, for example "Prime0068". After that, during the next week, for those people a free nickname change will be available. - In case, if player on Prime server doesn't have space for the new characters, then to free the place, character with the lowest amount of Resets and Levels will be deleted. If all the characters are the same, the lately created one will be deleted. Caution, in this case, only one character will be transferred. - If you are playing on Prime server, but you also have characters on Antares, make sure you have a free spot for transferred characters, or keep in mind probability of deletion the weakest character. Referral links are not transferred. Accounts and characters in permanent ban are not transferred. Passwords for the account will be taken from the server with the highest Reset, majestic level and HRP amount. If you don't remember your Prime server password, or never played there, you will have to use Password recovery service. In the second case, the password will be the one that was given when registering. It is recommended to recover access to your accounts on servers beforehand. Password can be recovered using this link: https:/muxlegend/en/index.php?page=fpass Servers Prime and Antares will be offline on Thursday 21.10.2021 at 15:00 after which merge from the last save will be conducted. Until that time players have to prepare their characters. Joint Prime server will be online about 21:00+ after works completion. In case of complications, there might be delays. During servers offline period, access to login to these servers will be closed. Information, set out here, might be expanded or changed.
  6. Hello. Our web.dev will check it now. Sorry for delayed response.
  7. Arturs


    После Switch character очки сбрасываются, и они идут в рейтинг на сайте https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=ratings&show=evomun&serv=server1
  8. Arturs

    ML for SM

    PVE? Just add points to the all damage skills like additional energy stat, crit,exc,ignore damage e.t.c.
  9. From 2 October till 10 October i will be offline. In serious cases, i will be near, but we hope, that everything will be fine!At this time, most of the problems can resolve our support manager - Ivan Nebraska For this time, i will close my Discord direct messages. If you have any questions, which you wanna send exactly to me, please write to the Forum PM.When I return, will give back a replies.
  10. Where is this pentagram right now? I didn't find it And also i didn't find this pentagram in Medea database on your account. Where he was before merge on the Medea server?
  11. Hello. What element pentagram was?
  12. You can create a party by yourself and participate in this event solo. Press "N", choose "Party", write random party name, level settings 1-1000, and press register
  13. It's already worked on x1000 in the test mode. You'll need 2 parties with 3 players at each party to start the event. About 1 player in the party - doubt.
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