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  1. I like it. I think we can at least as experiment make these changes for one server, too see, how it will goes.
  2. Hello. Just wanna inform, that next 2 weeks I won’t be able to visit a discord. Forum and tickets will be checked, but this will take a little bit more time then usual.
  3. This possible if your item have 0 durability.
  4. Your character were merged from other server? If yes, please create a ticket with this description, we will resolve it.
  5. All monsters from Kanturu relics, and as said above, dreadfears from vip and LA maps. Also from red dragons
  6. The first is too extremely i think. The second is better. Let's see other opinions. But in total, i can agree with your message.
  7. Yes, i see now. MUUN has been added to the muun inventory.
  8. No. The highest mastery tier will be a Manticore. It's a good weapon enough.
  9. Arturs

    Angel subserver

    Subserver was opened only for a reason, so more players can connect to the game. Because at the start there are literally 0 free spots. At any 3-4 mobs in Aida, full party literally can be created in a minute. Now a lot of players already have max or about reset, making ML levels, so space to take levels there is for sure. Goldens, rabbits, and Dungeon monsters are divided by x2 on subserver, and all of them, except maybe +4, +5, and golden golem - are easily killable even with few resets. First, find - win. Same with WW. Also, in bronze/silver/gold party experiences are higher, monsters die faster, so it's not a problem to find a party and take levels at the same speed or even higher.
  10. Mmm, yes. We will add this feature later. But right now, only manually. Please create a ticket and move your foxy to the virtual vault 😞 About harmony options, we know, i hope will be fixed today.
  11. What do you mean? On May 15th was open the last parts, to craft a brilliant set.
  12. Arturs

    Angel subserver

    We turn on subserver when online reaches about 1200-1300 on the start. And turn off it when online drops to about 900-1000. One subserver is more than enough for comfortable play. The main benefit - the game starting to be more active. You not just going to spot and turn on mu helper to stay on afk for another day.
  13. Hello. Was Muun a zen or evolve version? Do you receive DC during you play the lottery?
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