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  1. Arturs

    Problems with game

    Наверное что-то у провайдера происходит. Я знаю как минимум один случай, когда из за провайдера были проблемы с реконнектом.
  2. You can use RUUD to find weapon with 2-3 excellent options (or kill great dragon). There won't be a big difference between lottery and in-game items. This RUUD you can farm while afk on hero reset mode for example. This server was made for easy summer farm. You can get max reset and majestic just in few weeks, and after participating in all events, bosses, PVP e.t.c. This is the main goal of MUX Legend servers. Reach max reset is just the beginning. I understand, that most of the current mu online servers have a very clear way of the game. 1) Reach max reset 2) do a GRP and receive wcoins 3) Buy +all items for these wcoins 4) Have fun for few weeks and forget about this server 5) After 3 months online went from 5000 to 50, the server closed, items wiper, it's time to open a new one.
  3. Arturs

    Server lag

    Yes. If lagging on the server-side, this will affect everyone in-game.
  4. Antares sub server will be disabled tomorrow at the 17:00 by server time.
  5. I have 131 res and only 229 Pts to be split? I paid for a vip account and it didn't go through just because I was paying with paypal.

  6. Hello dear players. In the last 2 weeks, we met some dupe problems. To prevent some fake rumors here is official information. We have checked absolutely ALL 3rd and 4th wings, even each condor and flame. Now we can say for sure, that we don't have any dupe wings, condors, or feathers on the server. You can feel safe when making any trading. Some players start talking, that situation is dramatically bad. But in total: 4th wings - 1 pair. I deleted it from the game. 3rd wings - 2 pairs. One of them i already deleted, the second one has been used for the feather. All other wings and other duped items have been deleted in the +\- same days. Of course, all accounts have been banned + ban on PC HWID. We will also make a check about other top items, but the situation is pretty okay. We have suspicions, that dupe was made via the personal store or NPC(restore items). So both features now are disabled. We checked for new dupes a few times per day, and now the situation is safe. We will return these functions when IGCN developers will fix them. Also, we understand that a new dupe method can be found at any time, so we decided to develop a special system, which will make an instant announcement about the dupe attempt + some other features. So soon, we will have the best weapon against dupe, among all other mu online servers. We pass these problems and will be even stronger.
  7. Please contact me in discord Artūrs#7971
  8. Hello, thanks for this topic! 1) It's not a bad idea. Probably we can add some items (not signs), which didn't use before. This item will be like a lottery vip, which you can't trade in any way. So players won't have the opportunity to collect it from few accounts and combine it together. This can be on the website in automatic mode. But we have a lot of stuff to do right now, so this function won't be soon. 2) i think there better will just change golden, and on 7 floor will be golden Tantalos 3) i just copy Beasty answer " I'm not sure if it can be changed, to this Arturs will answer later when he's back but this event is still under construction, it's not finished 100%. As I understand it will be made as a ranking on the website. " 4) It's a very bad idea. Your FPS will drop to 5, if there will be zen. It's super laggy. 5) For ancient items we have expanded Dungeon. Kundun has a red chaos box, it's Tier 7 sets. Almost best excellent items. 6) i don't really remember now, why there was a problem about illusions in legends arena and kalima, why they are the same. So i can't give an answer on this yet.
  9. Arturs

    Problems with game

    Hello. Try to use main.exe, this will be faster. About reconnecting... you have static or dynamic IP?
  10. Sever  : x100 Medea
    Charter: RoseKiIler
    I can't reset my mt4 please help me fix it.
    thank you

    anh 1.png

    anh 2.png

  11. paypal donate, [email protected]


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      how long do i have to wait for donate points?

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