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  1. Bonuses on your accounts.
  2. InD3 Curse Shizard Sailent Zaikuren HorusMG Asrook Clown ncovid Y0ujizz This nicknames - if you wanna to receive bonuses on media, please write in PM. If you wanna receive it on Prime, also please write. Thank you.
  3. InD3 HorusMG Shizard if you need this bonuses on Prime, or on Medea - write me in PM
  4. Есть проблема с формулами РФ, на маленьком количестве статов. Если качаетесь с Дарксайд скиллом, то нужно почти все статы использовать в Str и Agi. Соотношение примерно 60 к 40
  5. Hello. Our stone golem was transformed to other monster.. So, we don't have this monster on server.
  6. Arturs

    Slayer DMG Bug

    Now it must be better
  7. Arturs

    Slayer DMG Bug

    Hello. Yeah, there is issue. Soon will be fixed
  8. i've checked GL skills, all works fine, harsh strike - fixed, there was problem. Grow Lancer - Strength / x + Agility / y (strength is more important to grow lancer in basic damage) Magic pin - Agility Harsh strike - Strength Spin step - Agility Shining peak - Strength > Agility Obsidian - Strength So, you just need to use almost all stats to str or agility, depends on what skill you will use
  9. Arturs

    RF damage

    Hello, need more information. Pease write me to the PM all information 1) Your stats 2) Your damage (crit or exc) and name of moobs
  10. What is this? I don't understand you.
  11. There is explanation: Explanation GL - Str / x + agi / y <- Basic damage. X means - main stat. Y - secondary stat. Magic pin - agility <- Besides of basic damage, what stat more increase the power of this skill Shining peak - Strenght > Agility <- This skill use two more stats. Here is meaning, that Str is more important than Agility. But for real, by security reason we can't provide exactly digits. I know, that there can be some problems with some buffs, so please write me to the PM all information 1) Your stats 2) Skills, which working fine and which not 3) Your damage (crit or exc) and name of moobs I will test it and can say, is this bug or not
  12. Achievement system will be in future, but not in this year i think.
  13. NPC sells all parts, except last floors. Drop of last floor parts is low, so this moobs is good for ticket farming. I don't have any ideas now, how this can be improved.
  14. We still didn't receive answer from this top admin.
  15. Arturs

    Pandora Mining

    Hello. Soon will be auto-update, when this will be fixed.
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