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  1. Arturs

    Lost map +2

    Don't have any clue why this happened. I've added a lost map+2 to your inventory.
  2. We hate RF so much, yes. We have all classes. But the most we have your chosen class. To make RF one of the worst classes, he receives top 3 best damage, so don't know how to make it even worse. Two weapons speed never summarizing.
  3. Ivan will handle it, he will be back on the 6th February.
  4. We returning again to this. The more valuable items per zen players can reach, the more game becomes to the zen farm creation. Who will have a bigger zen farm - will have better gear.
  5. Arturs


    It's a complain about defense or attack?
  6. Arturs

    ML bug

    Added 2 points. Please write nicknames and server.
  7. Any valuable items in the zen lottery = bot farms. Bot farms = more benefits for guys, who handle these farms. If you have any solution, i would like to hear it. Currently the best suggestion - is just to increase the count of jewels that can drop.
  8. Please check it now. Now it's sorted by item ID and category. All sets will be near each other. Helm first, then armor, gloves, pants, and boots. First in the list mostly old classes. In the end - new classes.
  9. Arturs

    Buff Arca

    Fixed. Need to make a switch character and a buff will appear.
  10. Yes. You have 2 characters from an account in the same guild, so progress is divided between them.
  11. Tested on Season 18, and all works fine. So waiting for migration in February!
  12. Okay i see. Something wrong counts on the website side. Redirected issue to the web.dev
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