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  1. Arturs

    mg suggestion

    Havoc spear will be added together with the part-2 update this autumn.
  2. на любой осаде идет 90% от урона, то есть, урезание только на 10%. Хоть на первой, хоть на десятой.
  3. Так это не количество транзакций, а количество бонусов полученное на переводах По поводу маркета, человек крутится активно. Больше всего лотерейных монеток на сервере потратил, достаточно много выиграл, достаточно много продал. Что-то идет через сокланов, проверил несколько аккаунтов дополнительно, выглядит окей.
  4. I agree, that evomun scroll drop should be changed, with adding an alternative way. Added to the to-do list.
  5. I know, that players always think, that their class is always one of the weakest.
  6. We've checked by logs, all 3 cases are the same - take achievement after 16:00. This buff exists to help guilds attack the castle, and last week owner was changed and your guild 2 times received a 2nd place. Bug is fixed, that is all what I can say. Closed.
  7. Arturs


    Сменить язык чего? Игры? Сайта? Форума? Если игры, то это невозможно, только английский
  8. The reason has been found. How it works 1) All players from the attacking guild receive their buff 2 hours before the event starts 2) After 15 minutes after the event ends, all these characters receive automatical disconnect (to avoid using this buff outside of the Loren deep) Your case 1) Receive a new buff at 16:00 2) 16:00 + you've clicked on the achievement star receive - your achievement is calculated once more, and returns to the old values. So, this bug has been on the server for a long time, but this scenario is very rare. It's hard to imagine, that it happens 2 weeks in a row. Dev will fix it. Now, if you have an increasing buff, you won't be able to receive achievement points during the event time (16:00-19:15)
  9. After S19 bat flock formula has been hardcoded for energy stat only. Why? I dont know. I've already put a suggestion topic to the IGCN devs to return back ability to use other stats to calculate the bat flock damage. So need to wait. I don't see a reason for SL to go into the "Close combat". Heavy damage - is it 50k per hit? Is this something to change? Or you will make a combo?
  10. 1) Okay, you should reported this issue a week ago. Do you remember their nicknames? 2) so, it's lost not at the start, but sometime after. It's not your specific guild problem, it seems like any character can meet these issues, and didn't even notice. We will check possible issues and fix them this week.
  11. Hello. Possibly only damage increase, but, it won't be actual anyway. Slayer is a long-range character because of his mechanics. Dragon wings, dragon set, and combo won't make 2nd dark knight, as webzen probably thought.
  12. Hello. 1) Only your character had this issue? Or other guildmates too? 2) Did You notice that you didn't have a buff instantly after warp to the Loren Deep? Or does it disappear after some time?
  13. На 64х точно работает без проблем. На аккаунте я смог зайти и создать персонажа - проблема не в аккаунте. Попробуйте также обновить видеодрайвера, или запустить игру с первой или второй видеокарты (в случае ноутбука, их нередко две)
  14. Something with the GPU probably. 1) Update/reinstall your GPU drivers 2) If you have 2 video cards (built-in and dedicated ones), try to run with dedicated or with built-in
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