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  1. Is there a set of rules when moving from one server to another or do you just think so? If there are, they should be published long before the players prepare
  2. I hope that this time the move will be complete and I won't lose any more items that I have on characters with lvl 1 in the same account
  3. Bugs: 1. When I do magic stone, it doesn't show the possible number to come out 2. Errtel level up (Rank 2): I received fail from 6 to 7
  4. @Arturs i ask because i can go to Swamp of Drakness to kill boss, need level 800. It was first time when i was first and can go to kill but need lvl 800 now. P.S. I have quest
  5. how to increse to lvl 800 ?
  6. Description it is for season 18 (MUX Legend Season 18 Full Client)
  7. It is up now, but only Prime with old client. Where is new client ?
  8. SirD | Sega A1 - B1 - C1 - D1 - E1
  9. SirD | Sega G2 - H2 - I2 - F4 - F5 - F6 - A5 - A6 - A7 - I7 - I8 - I9
  10. There are many bugs on ancient items. More precisely, some don't show what the set is made of and what you get, and all the pendants have turned into normal items. Below are screenshots with examples
  11. Thanks for all received back part of them but it is not all ancient
  12. Kind reminder and add also Flash set +9
  13. serios Hello, I had Ancient items on all the characters but also in their inventory, Cloak of Magic +9 and much box of kundun and others. Weren't these valuable?
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