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  1. inbox me on dissco i with you trash talk over night stop here guy不不不
  2. you did read Aturs said what about that video?Ok stop here this topic is talking about Vip not me you trash talk here sorrry everyone
  3. banned ???? check prison yard PLS
  4. your G have banned 4 cheat and still want wait those video ?hope admin banned mean acc Not clone cheat, and all item
  5. yes i cry because your Guil Etrenals over 1/2 use cheat i have 2 video 1 speed hack and 1macro agian Your G now
  6. Fenix always fenix never change
  7. i dont have any issue with hero, they are donate not donate i dont know they are play with teamwork, and you is 1 fight 1G, you can stand and 10 cant do any thing you, i dont want complain any more you guys will said us low item blabla but what i said here you 1 kill 1Guil,that why game broken
  8. yes 100% sure beacuse off your 2k donate and your SM iss overBufff who can kill you, you can stand and 10 people kill you still No die that why all quit
  9. mattoni 1kill 1 Guil Richmond, still not engouh for him LoL, we are now all quit maybe only 6 people active DuyVinh,2222,SatThu,megawolt,dlhp and holietna you will be soon enjoying empty sever
  10. SatThuMu/Sega A3 - B3 - C3 - A6 - B6 - C6 - D2- D3 - D4 - D7 - D8 - D9
  11. and yesterday in Akawwar you kill DLHP with only 2hit when he go full dmg that happened to you agian ?
  12. Who stole his feather pls return to him 云云
  13. 2 hit scoopydoo tolk me that, and he already quit server thats all the information i know, and from x100 Mattoni 1 kill 1 Guil :)) no one can kill him still big OP
  14. kenttran1


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