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  1. SatThuMu/Apollo A3 - B4 - C1 - D4 - E3
  2. SatThuMu/Apollo A1 - A2 - A3 - B3 - B4 - C4 - C5 - C6 - D6 - E6 - F6
  3. i say the second video in BC not the frist one
  4. he forget to turn off his auto pk, that why he folow elf Chivas move but in BC he cant Pk :) so funny
  5. I opened a topic to help him already ,maybe he can't wait. Sory about that
  6. he is the newbier just play here dont know much Hope he can get help
  7. 1.My Character Name: HienYeu091 2.Severx200 Apollo 3. 15h01-15h10 3/6/2024 Sever time 4. Lost item - Blue Eye Wizard Armor 5.Forgot put toca on 10+11 6.Bons and toca on Account : hienyeu091
  8. he make new alt and agian continue do it that why i recommend you to hard ban not chat ban only Thanks you
  9. 1. my nickname: SatThuMu 2. game server: Apollo 3. which rule clause was violated: 4.6 or >>>>>>> 4. nickname of offender: Vicka 5.
  10. fuck you = fck your mother not only fuck only you (if you dont know about VN language just Don't try to be smart just listen to other ) and pls dont spam on my Topic Thanks
  11. Behind store have canceled item you can take it back
  12. fuck you is not 4.6 Fuck you mean ( đụ má mày) it is say about parent in Vietnam, why you attacking all my repot. for what ?and if i want become senate people can say fuck you to me and i cant repot ?
  13. you dont know any thing so dont reply people mate , event will reset affter newday you Noob or what ?
  14. the last VIetNam people playing x5k have been gone but hacker Onizuna still alive kkkkk
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