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  1. -SatThuMu/Prime B3 - B2 - C3 - D6 - F8 - A8 - G1 - F2 - G6 - E7 - H2 - H8
  2. -SatThuMu/Prime A - 2 - 5 - 10 - K - J
  3. how about i got kill multi trip time from people should i say bad words to them before, this game is pK game not afk and sleep game pls grow up mate,If you are brave enough, stay with your Guil, don't hide behind G Legen and afk fram on vip and be loud on the forum
  4. No thing say to you, wait for Admin, Pk game i PK and people PK me, Why am I offended? i never say some thing when i got Pk in game mate, people’s Just not accpet it when got kill, finally i say is Upgare your set and fight me back just dont insults me for the bad words
  5. yes he should go and kill you it funs
  6. you No see they have repot and half of VN people got ban ? rule for all players not for only ban VN people
  7. yes rule just apply for VN people not for all player dont need ask here read more that why they ask me open this topic
  8. As far as I know, in the game, my friends cursed me a lot for being dogy and I felt uncomfortable being called a dog, but when I reposted, I received a warning that I would be banned from the forum if I continued. reported it as dog cat dump ect by @Devil , but today my friend got banned for calling someone else dog, what you mean here is that you can call Vietnamese people dog and you have permission and MOB security, but if we call you like that, where will we be banned? and would like to know if dog cat stupid noob ect violates the law or not, please clarify this issue and be truly fair,As well as rule 4.25 you only apply to Vietnamese people and Juby one of you is spared, here I see a very unfair thing for us, I ask you to consider what I said. Speak and act carefully
  9. kenttran

    RNG Goblin

    it Normal i spent 35 toca to my glove cant up to + 13, and finaly i give it to Lemus he make it easy only 1 time, maybe your hand no clean affter handyling, so give it to your friend make it if you burn to much
  10. -SatThuMu/Prime 1) B2 - C1 2) A1 - C2 3) B2 - B3
  11. -SatThuMu/Prime L1 - R2 - R3 - L4 - R5 - L6 - L7 - L8 - R9 - L10
  12. 1 .Character name : XiTocDo 2. sever x5000 3. 18h30-18h35 sever time 4. lost item - Mantico Summon Pants 5.Forgot put toca on +9 to +10 6.Bons and toca on Account: kenttran
  13. @Arturs can you help me fix my pentagram and give me back Binding and blingding+10 i Put it on Game Vault 0 on top corner, My Accout is kenttran1 this happened on Sega affter merge to Primes
  14. we ask bit earrly if not change day, it not to hard to do this mate, Early 1 hour maybe good for all
  15. i with him and some guys from Australia in us time is 1.30Am to 2.30am on Monday not Sunday or saturday
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