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  1. Dont care really. I am the next player leaving the server. Im just tired to stay awake 24/7 and wonder if my char is exping or not. Admins ignores it anyway so yeah, let the "Pork" ruin all the new or weaker players fun. I am like 16th person leaving because of this nolife scum. Cognratulations Admins. Thank you. He got banned and still torturing everyone like animal because admins cant give him disconnect? AWESOME
  2. Day like any other days on Sega. EVERY DAY SAME SHIT AROUND
  3. Simple solution: Perma ban for Borg, so the players will be happy, and few of them will comeback to server.
  4. " they kill me everywhere " - HUADSUAHDSAUDHAUHDAHUSHDSAH you are torturing even new players on LA with few resets to show them who is the "boss" mr Pork. You need a vacation, like, permament vacation, few ppl left the game because of You. Its You vs 20 other people complaining about You. Grow up, you're physically ~30-40 but mentally 12
  5. But it's true, you get your own medicine and disrespect, and I can also say it, even here - *** you
  6. Due to no time stamp its recorded on stream, but cant link it here
  7. 1. Shiva 2. Sega 3. 4.6 4. Borg Also toxic behavior, stalker and psycho, this guy scares me ๐Ÿ˜ž Im feeling really offended!
  8. Farvetto


    I bet You need items cuz DL is stronger than elf
  9. Farvetto

    ML bug

    I miss also but 1 point ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Shiva - Sega x100 A1->A3->C3->C2->E2->E5->G5->G3->J3->J5
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