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  1. TF did You read in mind or I accidentaly post somewhere this kind of idea? lmao
  2. Best way to spend them, is at week 4, so you get more chaos souls, and higher boxes. Thats why ppl collecting them :D
  3. Beware of scammeeee Actually you can ask someone from senate to be some kind of witness of Your deal in game or discord? Yes? Also making some screenshots will help (Remember to enable "System" in chat setting to provide Date and time to be displayed on screenshot.
  4. Farvetto


    There are some misspell in game like "Lemuiar companions..." the one skill for Lemuria Wizard :D
  5. TF i didnt fought about it XD lol :D
  6. Good idea, doppleganger doesnt work anyway? So either make it happen, or add yet another achievment to unlock which is Boss Battle Together
  7. How about skin service with full working settings? I mean, once you buy skin for item, you can put it and take it off from item? All the items have their own ID so You wont be able to make skin for other players items yes? Also: Skin service for muunpets?
  8. Hello, I'd like to ask for an option to hide both of muunpets. Currently the one hidden is "SUB". "Main" muunpet shows always, BUT it forced the demon, guardian, imp and angel to hide. Which I dont like tbh and propably other people too. I would like to see my Demon, meanwhile wearing both muunpets. Second thought, by @TonyMattoni was to make both muunpets displayed :D Is it even possible? Is it possible to make it? Ofc its just suggestion/idea. Best regards, Lagonda
  9. LESSGOOO Name: Laguna https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Laguna&serv=server1From: Poland, language: polish, english, sometimes I can understand spoken russian and other slav languages Server: Sega -> Prime currently Other information: I can do some work with video recording, movies, about MUX or something ;) Never did videos of MU but I can show You some of my other game vids: Work on morning shift, so I'm mostly avaible 16:00-22:00st. Discord, forum active I guess during work time? Not many posts or much activity yet, but doing my best. Active, friendly, have MAAANY ideas, which I'd like to see in MUX project. Helpful and always enjoying helping others, new players. Hobby: hunting cheaters, and scammers on discords ;> also warfare (tanks, planes), Final Fantasy games, RPG and RTS games.
  10. I think the MU thing number is 255 :D
  11. Hello, I suggest to increase these invitations to higher numbers, 10 is pain in our inventory. Dont know, how about 50? 100? 200? Does it really matters? 200 would be all gucci. Best regards, Lagonda
  12. one eternity later :DDDD
  13. Another skin for lion but not for Fenrir? Bad and sad information :(
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