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  1. Light | Sega A9 - B2 - B3 - C7 - C8 - D1 -D5 -F3 - G3 - H3 - J5 -J10
  2. nice trolling mate, can close the topic ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. 1. my nickname: Light2. game server: Sega x1003. which rule clause was violated:It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of programs for automation processes, which gives you bonuses, achievement points, and any other personal gain. It is forbidden to use Speedhack, Hithack and other serious cheat programs.4. nickname of offender: https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Player&serv=server2 it's just one of many his alts, he has 6 accounts in total, you can check ip. Always after killed returns to +/- around same spot instantly, did 2nd video after 10-20mins same thing.
  4. Light - Sega 1R - 2L - 3R - 4R - 5L - 6L - 7L - 8R - 9L - 10R
  5. looks like I haven't yet unlocked it, need probably 4 lvl to 600ML and I get it, I really want one ๐Ÿ˜ I will be finally able to farm 3 spots at once
  6. you talking about Promise that use macro on LA? I haven't seen anybody using macro but him and it's from your guild, don't even care about that one because everyone on Heroes always have been using qwe potion macro and apparently it's allowed, but that's another topic, I just care not to play vs speed hackers, your Warrior that was banned using speed hack aka Curse still playing the game, witch is completely unfair to other players. And it's your own fault, don't hack and everything will be fine, if I'm wrong here and he doesn't hack i'm good with that, just wanna know that admin actually checked, because it looks way too op, elf out damaging slayers now by this much is insane(if it's not hacking).
  7. I rather them check it, because they were speed hacking last week with Warrior, so it's suspicious, I don't trust any of them
  8. My name : Light Sever : Sega x100 which rule clause was violated : 2.2 nickname of offender : HoLietNa Link char : https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=HoLietNa&serv=server2 Link video : mind that it's clear that she has only Holy Sipirt set and Silverheartbow +13 with +13 wings only, and she manages to out dmg me when it was about 80% hp on Golden Tantanos, time sever : 17h12 - 6/05/2023 on server time 15h12 same date, she also insta killed Golden Tantanos near me you can also check that, but didn't record it, only started to record for it after that insta kill
  9. Light / Sega 1) A1 - C2 2) B2 - D4 3) D3 - A3
  10. masteryou

    need help

    probably need to do Marlon quest
  11. Sega / Light E5 - E6 - E7 - F5 - F6 - F7 - G6 - G6 - G7 - E4
  12. Light / Sega 3 - 8 11 - 18 21 - 24
  13. Light / Sega 4 - 9 11 - 18 20 - 24
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