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  1. meteorite strike enchantment skill just like in 15s, add points and dmg decreases for like 10k
  2. BeHero/Medea B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 C6 D6 E6 F6
  3. So, 4th class change put 10 points in skill tree and dmg decreases by ~7k, don't understand how is that working
  4. Yes spots might be the same but layout of map is not And for 4th class change, just got 400ML and it says to me to get stronger anyway
  5. Two minor things at this point 1. Dungeon map layout, no spot like in 15season 2.skill tree Overcome increase chance of ignore def, req, rank9 skill lvl 10, not sure if it''s intentional, but maybe move it lower, so there is no confusion for SM Edit. 3. Can't 4th class change
  6. BeHero/Medea A1 - A2 - B2 - B3 - B4 - C4 - D4 - D3 - E3 - F3 - F4 - F5 -F6 Monsters D2 - C6
  7. BeHero/BeHero/Medea/ 27:03
  8. So I can't make lesser stones in chaos combination, but there are no lesser stones like in 100x server in devias, or is it located elsewhere
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