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  1. mokus

    MG one way

    ok ^^ detailed response
  2. mokus

    MG one way

    I think your words make sense You can make it so that players can choose to play them with a str-build or an ene-build. I know that there are problems with the Havok Spear skill, so I'm not saying to add it to the game I'm saying to make the ene mg build better But there are actually a lot of pitfalls. Because there is a risk that the str-build will get worse and it will stop being used (because of the attack range). My suggestion is to improve the ene build, but make it so that the attack speed of the str build is greater, for example (since the range will be an advantage for the ene)
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  4. Any class can play with any set they like (excel or ruud, for some socket) It's just that if you chose to play PVP with a ruud set, then you shouldn't expect that your character will tank. Deal huge damage - yes, but also die quickly I have personally tried battles with DL and with SM In my opinion, everything is fine. Everyone kills each other and there are no immortals
  5. Try to conduct duels among themselves And hold on like a good prize) It will be CLEARLY visible who is stronger, and you can already see why (Comparison of equipment and everything related) or call me for some pvp on prime, it will be wonderful
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