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  1. 5 for me but: 1 - I want to buy Gunner items and can’t find in market anything good above tier3 meanwhile more popular classes already wearing tier6-7 items 🥲
  2. Cucumber | Apollo A1 - A2 - A3 - B3 - B4 - C4 - C5 - C6 - D6 - E6 - F6 Monsters: E2 B5
  3. Cucumber| Apollo A5 - B2 - C1 - D3 - E2
  4. No, it’s just stats and 3rd quest
  5. As I can see from your stats this set has increased all stats +500. You can see that in round brackets. I’m not sure if that’s correct since these sets should give +1000. @Arturs should check configs 👍🏽
  6. Too early for this topic . Apollo living well now. Static 1k+ online is good.
  7. Stop spam. When admin will be online he will respond.
  8. Refund policy says it’s 400 web bonuses + 5 TOCA per each item
  9. He said that in English and didn’t mention any relatives. There is maybe 4.2 but I doubt that.
  10. This is not about player votes here guys. Please keep topic clean and nice. You can add reactions to any posts but do not reply here too much. Final decision will be taken by Administration.
  11. This is map glitch , not latency . Simple test is just type anything in chat and hit enter. If message appears instantly you have good latency and if with delay then it’s bad. as well as drinking potions, dropping items and so on. All these actions can show you how good or bad latency you have now. Video above tests nothing. People getting bans for cheating and that’s all. btw alomux and all his old names on Prime has been caught with cheats before. Topic closed to prevent all spam
  12. Cucumber / Apollo Cards: Q - K - K - Q - K Suits: S - S - H - H - S
  13. Cucumber | Apollo H - H - T - H - T
  14. Как насчет сделать «продаваемыми» лотерейные боксы?
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