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  1. You’re not alone :) I’ve been always crying in guild when try to upgrade items with toca 🤣 sometimes I wanted quit game. the best way is like in old times to collect few of same items and go without toca
  2. I will be bad news bringer to you guys. Arthur will post link where he explained about random numbers in chaos machine and close the topic. Maybe he will give a napkin but nothing more
  3. I just want to remind everyone that this is topic for reporting issues provided with good explanation or video, not flooding and complaining to each other.
  4. I think LA already is main PvP area. And every spot for levelling is worth because u have spawns from maps highly above entry level of LA
  5. 1. Positive (x50) and -Lucifer- (x100) 2. Even after update harmony options won’t restore. I’ve started add new ones because of castle siege 😓 pls give me JoH to complete options. nerf sm
  6. Don’t be sissy Mattonio 😁 buy another mux FO 😘
  7. Second time achievement rewards gained only accounts which didn't have achievements on Sega. Those who had for example 200 achi in Sega and got merged from Angel on SAME acc get's rewards only from 201 achi (as an example).
  8. Then provide more information.
  9. Looks like he sold you duplicated items and system removed them 😁 might be wrong.
  10. Soul Wizard is 4th class 😁 he needs more stats and that’s all
  11. These are the winners who showed great skill of breaking doors!: Sega 70 bon Sega 45 bon Sega 25 bon Sega 10 bon Prime 35 bon Prime 10 bon Answer sheet: Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating! See you in next events! Message me if you have found a mismatch! NOTE: Prizes are generally awarded on Fridays!
  12. Character names in MUX server are not patented and can be used by everyone except staff members names, those can’t use.
  13. This guy is still here ? I will take SM if no
  14. Nothing is impossible ❤️ we beg you to ask igcn about new pets 😊
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