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  1. There is already enough advantage over non-vip. This is endless story .... As my friend said : one time ppl complain about TOCA in zen lottery, Arturs removed and after that they cry to put back TOCA in zen lotto or make it more easier to obtain. Same with vip, first ppl crying to reduce buff and after to increase it back. Whatever Arturs doing it's all bad from your opinion. About your "Donation" I can say only it's your own decision to do that. Nobody forces you to donate in MU. Donation doesn't make you as premium player which can ask everything he wants. Sorry but this is not working in that way. If you can't afford it, why do you pay? If you are from that people category who gets paid 200 EUR per month, why do you pay 48 EUR on two accounts for VIP and "pixels" when you have to buy food, etc.? I see that you cry about VIP price and buff, but how you imagine Arturs to manage these prices to everyone's financial position ?
  2. Dear players! Todays forum quest: It will test the skill of strength. Every player is welcome to participate. Oh no!! Foreign enemies are attacking The Lost Continent of Mu. Unite and defend peace!! Your task is simple: You must protect our homeland from the attack Rules: 1. There will be 10 different sized enemy ships on a 10 x 10 board. 2. Destroy as many ships as you can or at least one to win. 3. Destroying a ship means to hit at least 50% of the ship. 4. Choose your 12 coordinates and post them down below. 5. Amount of bonuses you get depends on what tier the ship is, prizes go as follows: Tier 1 (4x 1 length) - 10 bonuses Tier 2 (3x 2 length) - 20 bonuses Tier 3 (2x 3 length) - 30 bonuses Tier 4 (1x 4 length) - 50 bonuses 🚫Usage of alt accounts will lead into disqualification of all accounts!🚫 Example: An example of a correct application for participation: Positive | Angel A1 - A2 - A3 - C6 - C8 - D8 - E1 - E2 - G6 - G7 - H2 - H8 Results for this example (yellow dots are Positive's chosen coordinates): (DISCLAIMER! - This is just an example, real answers will be randomised) If you already have posted your guess but want to edit it, you can do so until event is closed. Event "Sea Battle" starts now and will end on Monday (29/05/2023) at 23:59
  3. Okay, let's talk about how this % works, which is what all the hype is about here. 5% or 10%? I'm for 5%. Why? Simple 🙂 When we tested it in pvp sometimes enough 2% to significantly affect the outcome of the battle. And now imagine the situation when the Alpha player and the Beta player are fighting with each other. Player Alpha has a buff from the vip of 10% and 5% of the guild. The Beta player only has a guild buff 5%. 10-2 the Alpha player wins due to such a powerful buff, leaving the Beta player no chance. All assuming +- equal stats and equipment. All this was done for the benefit of the majority of players who can not buy a vip. Vip has a lot of goodies, and give such an advantage in pvp balance will be wrong. Next, the question about price. I think the cost of vip as much as possible acceptable. Any player can afford it if he wants to. If you reduce the cost, the entire server will be full of VIPs and the sense of the system will fall away. Yes, I agree with the fact that reducing the price you get more money, but with low price of a VIP server will turn into the same crap, which you can see in mmo ratings. This is consistent with my work, out of the game, when our company is not trying to sell products cheaper and earn more (allegedly) We sell our services at twice the price of others and still having a high status in the market and good recognition. So my subjective opinion is that VIP is what it is now and should be! Regards.
  4. Well. You see that better from your point 🙂
  5. Results of "Survive the maze" event.... Actually I was surprised that almost all of you guys using only ctrl+c / ctrl+v from other players and even don't check if their answer following rules. Angel 20 bon: Sega 20 bon: Prime 80 bon: Prime 60 bon: Prime 20 bon: NOTE: Prizes are generally awarded on Fridays!
  6. Disappointed in what exactly ? All tickets resolving ASAP. Nobody can sit in support for 24/7 and not everything can be "fixed" by MUX team. If you want to see really bad customer support, go to IGCN forum.
  7. If I would have my old ping this duel will finish with score 10-7 maybe , but not more. Stop crying and play the game. I will say one more time - I HAVE DAMAGE BUILD DL. Any other DL will loose this duel 10-2 and about 4:12 in video watch carefully , I’m always switching to shield skill when paral applies to me . Learn to play even with such easy class as dl then talk.
  8. So here is latest PvP battle DL vs BK ( @qwerty456 this is PvP video, not your's where u come to spot and let me kill you ) Final score could be more closer to BK if I wouldn't have high ping today. Anyway here you can see that sometimes BK dies in second, it happens bc ruud set with triple dmg, and sometimes he lives longer then DL. Both chars NO vip, NO special buffs. Max achi, quests. BK is still strongest class.
  9. So here comes results of Glass Bridge event 😉 1R - 2L - 3L - 4R - 5L - 6R - 7L - 8R - 9R - 10R Angel 30 bon Angel 15 bon Sega 90 bon Sega 60 bon Sega 30 bon Prime 90 bon Prime 30 bon Prime 15 bon Answer sheet: Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating! Message me if you have found a mismatch! NOTE: Prizes are generally awarded on Fridays!
  10. О данной проблеме уже проинформированы разрабочики .
  11. Positive


    В предыдущих топиках был дан ответ - в списке дел уже записано и как только добавят, будет информация формация. Так же советую последить за своей формой обращения. Так не хорошо )
  12. Your video is staged to show how poor and miserable you are now against DL. But this is not true man . I can’t record video but I would be happy to prove my words. this is endless drama and I won’t be part of it anymore. If you have issues with PvP , report it in that section, what @Arturs mentioned in last update.
  13. Now I see perfectly how you guys making reports about “bad balance”. Upload also video where I can’t kill you from spot ~2 minutes and you kill me in few seconds 🙂 We both know what I’m talking about. Few try’s before this video situation I almost wasn’t able to kill you. BK still is strongest class in prime , especially in socket set , so please don’t make this drama both with @ma4o0 about bad updates or updates “for senates” . cheers
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