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  1. Now we cannot confirm agreements between players, but the fact is the fact - bonuses were taken by a stranger. Thus, I can only suggest a return for web bonuses - 30% from the total amount taken. If you are interested - pm me
  2. It's a bit of a delayed time to sum up the contest🧐. Nonetheless... Third place goes to ... guild of Miners, I suppose 🤷‍♂️ - amadeys from NUKE guild Second place went to the the Eternals guild and the Positive screenshot, for the guide on how to prepare for the CS First place - the most imperial of the participating guilds goes to SAWADEKA and the zpepiroth screenshot for outstanding *standing performance It's a pity that so few guilds decided to join the contest, next time we'll make the prizes even better. Thank you all for your participation, as well as for your patience due to the delay in summarizing the results. See you in the MUX Legend project.
  3. You have to provide concrete stream recordings, where he/they were chasing and actively killing you
  4. Hereby, I present you the winners of the New Year with the MUX Legend contest. Guys, once again, thank you for staying with us and spending one of the most important holidays of the year with us, you are amazing! Let's start with Likes. I have to say that the administration mostly agrees with the people's choice . Third place by Likes Second place by Likes First place by likes Now, administration voted unanimously for those 2 most underrated photos: Second place First place Thanks to all participants for their affords. May this year be the best one for each and every one of you!
  5. New Year with MUX Legend 2024 The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to launch our traditional contest: “How I spent the New Year with MUX Legend.” Show us how you relax during New Year's Eve and don't forget to add a small piece of our project. This could be a logo, a link to a website, or the generic inscription “MUX Legend” in the frame of your photo. As with any creative competition, creativity is the key and valued above everything else. If you come up with an original location/setting for the photo, we won’t look at the fact that the photo was not taken with an iPhone 15 Pro Max. To inspire yourself, you can find examples of photos from last year's contest here. The contest will run until January 3. The winners will be awarded on January 5th. We will choose 5 winners: 3 based on the number of likes and 2 more will be chosen by the administration. 500 web. bon - First place by Likes number \ administration choice #1 450 web. bon - Second place in Likes number\ administration choice #2 400 web. bon - Third place in Likes number To vote for someone's photo, click on the "Like" or "Love" button under the post: However, don't be discouraged if you don't make it into the top 5. After all, everyone who shares their piece of the holiday will receive 100 server bonuses. Happy holidays and see you in the New 2024 Year!
  6. I think it’s impossible to imagine MU without guilds, PvP, and especially Castle Siege - the main competitive event, which is what most players strive for and the main theme of the game. And without strong allies, you will not see the crown and title of the strongest. And in this contest, you will have to show your best in front of the entire project. Get together, dress in the best sets of armor, and pick an epic background. In one phrase - show that you are the most worthy. If your clan currently owns a castle, why not take a screenshot there? Prize for the photographer who took the screenshot: First place - 500 web bonuses Second place - 400 web bonuses Third place - 300 web bonuses The rest of the guild members from the screenshot will receive 50, 40, and 30 server bonuses, respectively. Don't focus on getting bonuses, after all, a screenshot may have a more sentimental use🤔 Screenshots requirements: Only 1 screenshot for a guild is accepted. Usage of Photoshop and other editors is not allowed. In the post leave your: Guild name Your nickname and server Nicknames of all characters from your screenshot Screenshot The contest will last until January 10. Rewards will be sent on January 12. Form clans, try hard to be the best guild on the server, and enjoy the game!
  7. Streamer rewards amount are reduced by 30% once again. Rewards threshold was increased and only a few streamers were selected to continue their streams. These measures should help fighting server inflation
  8. 1. The cost of returning an item service is using a static cost: 200 web bonuses and 5 "Talisman of Chaos Assembly" items. Items will be restored with the +0 level and without a harmony options. Only for items which failed on the level upgrade.
  9. The pingzapper account has been changed. Current data:blessvnVietnam2023
  10. We are working on solving issues with pingzapper
  11. We now have an official TikTok channel. Our streamers will be making videos and streams from time to time there, so feel free to join 🙂 MUX Legend TikTok: muxlegend
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