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  1. I don't see any solid evidence that te uses automation software. And it would have looked really silly on stream. Anti for now
  2. You can craft it, the latest successeful craft was made on 11.05.2023
  3. Hack bans, if we have solid proofs of them, are in most cases permanent and without unban possibility
  4. Please create a topic on Prison section, when you will have a concrete (video) proof of his hacks*
  5. We have a PvP server, such actions are not prohibited by the rules
  6. Ответ был дан в предыдущей теме. Лично я бы банил за любое проявление токсичности
  7. Because of the last sentence you wrote, "Note: Abuses like - dumb, noob e.t.c will not be reviewed." can't be applied here. The Date and Time is visible on the same screenshot with last sentence, don't see any special attitude towards you
  8. Indeed, there was no chat ban possibility written in the rules. Ban is changed to the account block
  9. Все так и есть
  10. Situation looked like this: Person - 1 puts an item on the auction for 50 bonds and paid 1 bond for it. Person - 2 accepted the bet, but at the end of the auction, Person - 2 did not have the required number of bonds on his account. Therefore, the auction stopped with the item and 1 bonus returned to Person - 1. And Person - 2 debt is 1 bon for the cost of the auction + 10% of the cost of the item on the auction and that is 6 bonds, but because Person - 2 had 19 bonds, they were immediately debited from the account and did not get into debt. You got the Raven and 1 bonuses back
  11. Does the window freeze completely or you just can't input anything?
  12. What is your char name and server?
  13. Restore the access to your email first, then we will be able to help
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