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  1. If you mean Weapons then yes, options stay the same.
  2. He's been harasing whole Nuke guild daily and needs to be muted. i couldn't get screenshot in one frame couse i was afk , but u can see from /posts its the same time and place. This kido needs to be muted, he's spaming all post- u can check logs
  3. I would say best of 2 fights, as i was intended to make this for guild. 2x Duels. player with the most points after 2x rounds wins.Then each player can get bottom side.
  4. About 1v1 PvP , who's gonna be the lucky one who gets bottom side in Duel xD cuz thats already an advantige.
  5. Its 21st century cave man. We have freedom of speech , i can talk however i want , and you are noone to restrict me from that. But no need to report people when they clearly didnt violate a rule.
  6. Reporting me for saying - that i dont give a f'ck about ur russsian sh't . Idk what rule that violates . You just want me banned so i can't compete against u in CS. i traslated for people who doesnt talk russian , so everyone know how low below the belt you hit.
  7. Sad person u are Opi , very sad.
  8. im with vesna on this one. we already had BC exe fiesta. When ppl got 10exc per bc 1-4. that was stupid af.
  9. idk Haste isnt working for me , same as burst
  10. Sure bruv, thats clearly a bot you are using.
  11. what about Maze of Dimension ? when the prizes will be fixed?
  12. its not based on bloodangel items, ur giving winners to much. Like jewel of guardian when its taken out of game. Constant farm on jewels . Ruud ,all tier ancient bosses and bloodangel items. thats too much and they can do it without anyone contesting them. those are things people fight for in normal maps. As i stated before - 2 bosses Kundun-Erohim(or any other boses) and tons of spots to level master-majestic + Tax . this is already a lot to fight for in Castle siege And the fact that in Valey monsters dont give master-majestic is weird. Now winners need to farm in same spots as before, so other guilds need to fight them again and again for good spots , while they can easy farm (with alts) all that loot in valey. Losing guilds in cs loses such big amount. And improving posibilities of winning in a week for losing guild are unreal.
  13. Uff , dont you think this is too much ? The drop that ur allowing to get is way to much! Where do you come up with these ideas. U are giving the winers such a big advantige its just stupid. Max u should get 2 bosses Kundun-Erohim and tons of spots to level master-majestic + Tax .Getting this already gives u advantige. But adding this much is just nonsense and braindead. Lol bloodangel set parts , give them 1000000 bonuses aswell
  14. yeah , can this be updated? with new quests?
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