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    Because he was angry, he spoke in his own language. you are a foreigner, how can you understand and translate it like that ๐Ÿ˜„ almost all of him are abbreviations.! so I can't report him ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. My nick name : DuyVinhX sever : x100 sega nickname of offender : Finixx link char https://muxlegend.com/vn/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Finixx&serv=server2 link video:https://clips.twitch.tv/PuzzledMiniatureWoodpeckerPraiseIt-qb-4oW8GZw-bId86 1 Char DK without buff can Kill 3 char full buff (Ef + DK + DW) .while he's BK dame not BK tank + shield ! While 1 finger holds Ctrl + heal, how can he use more combos of BK (he can't have that many fingers) surely that char a is too strong to need to be nefted or he can use some software Or if he's too strong, he'll have to nerf to balance the class We agree to check and verify from the management! Thank You !
  3. You fight him by having him turn off his health automatically. It's like taking a selfie in your face
  4. With that said, it is impossible to say vip buff or not vip because while you are not having a buff. If your character has a buff, who will play with you? i need to check if you are doing well or what software you are using we try not to beat you. if your char is too strong then i need to reduce nerf to balance. Or you use some other software that we can't beat you So need to authenticate from the Admin!
  5. If you say no to hack, it means that your char is too strong, so you need to reduce the power to balance with the class more
  6. look at the fact he got killed i'm the weakest and kill 17k to 19k dame. The other 2 have much higher damage than me. weapons are all +15 at the same time he suffers from 70k to 80k damage while he has 200k HP there is no way he can recover in time without also using more SD Don't make excuses for him that aren't realistic!!!
  7. It's also a full set of 380 4dd +13 +14 stars but the difference is too big :D
  8. Good day admin ! i need to check char Finixx i don't know what he used or how he made it so powerful that it doesn't need the buff of DW's Ef + MNS which can withstand 3 people fighting at the same time and can kill all 3 to die. while all 3 accs are max RR? 100 + Master 3 +4 max + full Buff ef + mns + DK Buff If it's like this, it's not fair to the other class,Or does he use cheat software or auto or something I hope Admin takes care of this. Video link below, Thank You! https://clips.twitch.tv/PuzzledMiniatureWoodpeckerPraiseIt-qb-4oW8GZw-bId86
  9. chaos soul lottery ! sever x100
  10. chaos soul lottery ! sever x100 hope the helping! Thank you !
  11. 3k Chao Soul is not easy to find
  12. until 15kkk how can it be accepted
  13. account! vuduyvinh my character DuyvinhX has drawn the Moss Chaos Lottery but so far 15 times in a row I still have not been able to get Talisman of Chaos Asseembly . Please check if there is any problem with my account! thank you !
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