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  1. my character does not pick up the zen (opt in muhelper activated) char Vanzator
  2. nakuru2

    Earings opt

    i recently bought an earing from web market,on web had ignore defence3% and increase all stats4% , after i got it ingame the opt are ignore3% and increase stats+5 (Not +4%) just 5 not % why????
  3. i have a question for admins , why is my blue fenrir add only 4 % to my absorb dmg when it suppose to add 10 %? from59% goes to 63%
  4. its the event inventory man not the normal one, where u have the boxes u must have 4x4 boxex empty!
  5. i noticed my sd recovery, wich is 20\20 doesnt seem to work,on 2 characters i have it upgraded but after i get attacked my sd remains as it is (empty)untill i teleport or die!! is that how it should be or is it a bug? charaters: ikea and nakuru
  6. i dont know if its the right place but i realy dont think that letting Dark lord without horse in chaos castle its fair, its the only way for DL to protect itself,
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