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  1. ChuperM / Prime x5000 1 - D 2 - T 3 - T 4 - D 5 - T 6 - D 7 - T Extra - D
  2. I'm looking for an RAVE PLATE ARMOR +LUCK +0 ~ +15 ( Ancient ) Preferably +15 I will pay what they ask of me; bonuses, jewels, zen, etc. Write me here or in-game at Glorfindel or leave it in the market. If it is +15, my initial offer is 170 bonuses. Thanks.
  3. ChuperM | Prime x5000 A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - D2 - D3 - D4 - E4 - F4 - F5 - F6
  4. Use F6 to and the mouse wheel to accommodate the camera
  5. Hello I just finished quest nº 270, which is rewarded with a condor flame, but when talking to the npc, I got a ruud box. Please, I need the condor flame. HELP ME!
  6. Well sadly I'm not as lucky as you uploading my articles lol. When I'm about to go up to +15 I'll ask you to give me a hand haha
  7. Yes, that would be the ideal process. But it's very complicated. First you have to create an archangel exe and it has to have good options, and then comes the difficult process of uploading it to +15. In the end, I don't know if the whole process is worth it
  8. OK, thanks u so much. It is not what I would have preferred, but it is what it is.
  9. let me see if i understand, if i combine non exe archangel weapon then i will get blessed archangel weapon non exe?
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