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  1. Much

    Server roll back

    nice buff we got
  2. you should never trust anyone here, Administration usually don't work over weekends. In worst case you have to wait until monday. And for future knowledge it's against rules too to share your email with others
  3. it is in this game, you have to have all best items to do something + all buffs, with decent set you can only kill mid tier players. So only way is, to play 20 hours a day or have more than 1 person playing same character. But there is an easier way to do that is buy spending a lot of bons. So you can donate and spend bonuses wise or play non stop
  4. Just ban Mattoni, he never gave me 4th wings and gold lion
  5. Trampoline | Angel 1) B1 - C2 2) D2 - D4 3) C3 - C4
  6. Pay to win in this server is very high at beggining, Play to win only comes in at late game when top players has lost intrest in server. If people can run around with top weapons, top earrings, top pets and full errtel pentagrams in first week it will give them huge advantage. Craft system is very bad for high tier items, too expensive for 50% chance to get shit item, have spend too many jewels on top tier craft items and not single item +l+dd. yes, I know it's random, but 36 jewels for each craft?
  7. Much


    Because Wizard classes like SM, gets dmg from wizardy dmg, wich are given in % on staffs so there are huge diference if you get better staffs. Almost all mele classes doesn't have huge diferent between weapons. Only thing that can change between weapons is what kind of options you have and set bonus
  8. Trampoline / Angel C1 - D3
  9. Much

    Cursed Book

    Как называется книга?
  10. Trampoline | Angel C7 - D7 - E7 - F7 - C8 - D8 - E8 - F8 - C9 - D9 - E9 - F9
  11. you exchange primary weapons to get secondary weapons from, at least from lottery weapons
  12. they have "random" spawn but there are some places where they spawn the most.
  13. You can easy get jewe of bless by doing BC and hunting White Wizards. Rest of the jewels mostly farming gold rabbits and strange rabbits. You can make 1 or 2 alts and leave them in devias to farm jewels.
  14. Trampoline / Angel 1st round: 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 2nd round: 1, 4 3rd round: 3
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