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  1. tbh this guide is working when heroes aint play haha
  2. the question is when? if u going to release a new server after 3-4 months now is the best time to apply some changes to see how it works
  3. as u can see, hp ring only increase 2k hp whereas display is 5% hp.my vit atm is 26k and hp option doesnot increase correctly as displayed. please check
  4. at least we dont play in merge server. go x50 and show u are :))
  5. killed by trash => u r under than trash ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. and im promise if there wont a change, we wont play this server anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ have fun with finding new players
  7. 4) tbh if dont have heroes ur server is simple no1 to play ๐Ÿ™‚just ask how Caytien, Sugar feeling about ur customer care. totally awful ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Cool answer but how many time can they do it where as many "potential" players left?
  9. MUX has an unique system and game play as well. To me, MUX is the first MU i've ever played for 3 years. But now, there are too many problems not only me but also Admins realize but havent done anything to fix it. 1. Lacking of PVP event - almost player log in game to farm up or off level. CS, crywolf and arka is not enough. All we need is a day-by-day pvp event ( not cc of course :)) ) 2. Ruud set too expensive to get Bri set - As I said on (1), the lacking of pvp event lead to decrease of players -> number of TOCA down -> market system down -> hard to get Bri set *Sollution : make ruud set with 100% upgrade from 9-11. for Bri set just back to normal. Increase price for anvil. Rework on RUud farm ( PVP events earn more than normally farm to attract everyone to take part in) 3. Vip, RR and clone system - I think few bons for RR reward is not enough and they also need to be reworked. Suggestion: * Reduce price of VIP, increase number account on PC to 5 => team up in CS or pvp events solved * Make vip reward higher than normal account => keep server always busy and admins can make profit even server opened for times 4. CUSTORMER SERVICES To be honest, MUX's customer service is terrible. Too much paperwork. For example: if I need to service or problems ingame, i have to create a ticket then need to wait like 2-3 days to have respond from supporters and 2-3 days more to have the answers or actions from admins. Oh come on guys, this is games and games's life time is short. we cant pay around 1-2 weeks to wait for supported. we all need it directly. As far as i concerned, many players from x50 Angel give up from server because of this. Hope you can improve it asap 5. CHARACTER BALANCE If you test balance between class please open test server for everyone can do it. More results, more objective. And if there were any change, even it small, please notice it Here is all about what i think about disadvantages of MUX. Hopefully they gonna be solved ASAP
  10. and yeah of course. I never cry when know clearly my stuff is "cui-bap" than opponent
  11. and please read carefully from the start of this post, i didnt said anything about nerf dl as well. moreover here is x50 not 100 if u want to talk talk more
  12. have you ever test dmg in x50 with same condition DL? if not dont talk. in x50 DL can deal more than 15-20% dmg than in x100 even lower tie on set, weapon and wear wing 2.
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