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  1. Narti

    MG one way

    So arturs. doesnt it make sence to buff the Ice blood skill to make same damage as Fire blood? otherwise that skill is useless and is the ONLY one you can use with one handed (because of Crusher charge skill) (Chaos Blade and Ice Blood do LESS DMGE than Power slash and Fireblood...) I think is a reasonable request
  2. Hi, Im creating this to ask for 2 things about MG Class. 1) this server has the “set bonus” but is it considered for the MG that has 1 less part of set when it comes to the buff? Otherwise MG will always be weaker. So Im guessing for MG, all 4 other parts of the set should give an extra 20% to make it even for the missing part. 1.2+1.2+1.2+1.2 = 5…. (Like all other classes) 2) the second thing is MAGIC mg doesnt make sence because of havok spear. So you just need to go for Strengh mg, but thats not all. Two handed sword mg is not available either (mastery weapon). So the ONLY way to play mg is to go: “One handed sword strenght mg” BUT one handed sword mg only buffs Ice blood. and Ice blood is way weaker than Fire blood in damage. (The two handed skill) (Tested in mobs with both skill tree) since mg cant go magic or two handed (fire blood). Doesnt it make sence to buff the dmge of Ice Blood? Because even with mg’s own buff (cant remember this skill name), Ice blood is too weak to pvp or pve compared to fire. my regards
  3. Narti


    Because they dont care xd I bet that are going to say is all perfect and not change anything
  4. Narti


    I have said many times that the prices for this server are ridiculously high and its losing people every day but they never change anything. Pvp options, add decrease, add exe opt, (upgrade +14+15) , vip, All cost bonuses and they are expensive
  5. Hey, I just have sugestion/Question, because I noticed that in order to add Excellent dmge to an item its ridiculously expensive. I mean... You can say "Hey, is modifying an item so it is expensive to ensure that" but in this server it doesnt make any sense.Becuase here you have the LOTTERY and items semi FO and FO are easier to get... For example: If you have a bad staff, lets say a Platina Staff with just 1 option: the Cost would be (128 x 2 + 15 = 271)..... That is a ridiculous amount, Thats what is actually costing a brand Darkangel staff or superior. So this service is not going to be worth to Use.. I suggest you cut that strongly. Because is more worth to buy a new one with those bons instead of upgrading your own. Lets take another example. Blue Eye Magic Staff with 2 options. (180 x2 + 55 = 415) .... I mean... come on. You can buy a new one with that. I suggest you take the (x2 out) You would actually make more money as a server because I dont think anybody is using this options. Its not worth at all. Im not even mentioning the +1000 bons part... obviously more worth to get a Lottery item as it is. What do you guys think? Am I being unreasonable?
  6. Magic MG is weak too xd But the part I dont understand Is why Mobs beat the sh&t out of you on higer maps Even when you are almost top resets. It doesnt make any sense. To max weapons and set is for PVP mostly. Why mobs are so Strong?
  7. Just some Mobs give MastExp, you need to go to a Higher lvl map
  8. Hi, Normally MG can do Magic dmge or Strenght dmge, but Magic in this sv is very low right now. So your only option is to go Full STR. Gigantic storm is ENE so discard that. Powerslash will be your main card to level until u get 3rd class and can Use the ruud skills that are OP. PS: You can go Full ene, but mobs will be tough and PVP too, maybe you can use just to level some resets and then go back to full str.
  9. Narti

    Auction Rework

    Hey guys, Ive been noticing that Auction was a very cool idea but its not actually working how is supposed to do. Because people are putting less and less items on there. It usually goes like: Put something, someone put 1 bon, and then the user take it back instead of selling it for it. My idea is this: - Auction in a certain time that is noticing. For example, once a week, All Sundays at 18:00 (server hour). With only 30 minutes to Bit, All players but the items that wants to sell but you CANNOT take it back. (its the actual risk of an Auction) you can add the push always from (10 bons for example) And put the BIN options that means you can buy the item inmediatelly without bitting. For example: I put a Royal Scepter +13 FO. And me, as the seller say: Minimum: 400 Bons. (if no one puts any bit, then the item is returned to owner and must pay the bons for putting it to auction, JUST like it is now) The pushes are from 20 bons, and BIN (buy inmediatelly is 1200). so At 18:00 the Auction begins and people start putting bons on it, with only 30 minutes All items in the auction are gonna be sold. It makes it more interesting and spend time on it, and you can make a good deal for sellers and buyers. What do u guys think?
  10. Narti

    Happy Hour?

    Oh, I was talking about Angel x50 server my friend
  11. Narti

    Happy Hour?

    That is actually a really good point, you are right. NICE! ❤️
  12. Narti

    Happy Hour?

    Hey guys, I just thought of this, Ive been playing MU since I was a little kid and this always bring me joy It might be a good idea for the server. Usually is only on weekends, for about 4-6 hours and boost the exp like 25-50% (obviously admins will decide this) You can add restrictions to it like, not for Offlevel players so you can actually make people play there. Is a reward for active ones you might say :d What do you guys think?
  13. Hey, anyone knows what options is this? When I put mouse on top, it doesnt show me what it does. This One or the low one. What does it do? Both red ones.
  14. I apreciate the full explanation. Ok
  15. Dont need to insult me, you a$$kisser. What I said is far from being blackmail, check on your dictionary, go read something. If Artur is a nice person or not I dont know, Im pointing the obvious mistake, and you might agree with him but he is wrong on this one. Anyway, thats what it is. Im not gonna pursue it anymore. I understand everything he said and respected the decision, but the answer was not satisfactory at all.
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