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  1. So Im guessing the money is to charity then 🤣 Just because you use the word "donate" it doesnt mean is not earning money, lmao get real bro 😂 Your previous argument was right but this.. come on hahaha
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  3. Actually I have been playing since first week of sv. If you have at least 50 IQ, you can tell things need to be changed before sv shuts down.
  4. Hello guys, I have some suggestion to improve the server 50x angel And make it back to what it was! I think the main problem here is the lack of consistency. I will explain myself. This server is divided in 3 categorys. Top players, Regular players, New players. Admins made a good thing in adding some new features and stuff for new players. We are fine so far. The problem is between the TOP players and the Regular ones. Top players domain this Server in every possible way. This guys get all the bonus and ruud, control the castle siege, spots, maps, prices, market and rankings. Therefor you feel the lack of "advance" when you keep playing and is no reward in you. You even get killed with 50rr in higher maps because of the lack of top Gear. So if you reach 50rr, and you have no top gear, there is no much to do. Top players get all the bonus from siege and rankings. And Because of that, Bonuses actually dont mean very much to them. So all you can do is wait for them to put on the market some items in a ridiculous high price. (turning this sv pay to win in a really bad way) This has been said by many players in the comments even from the other Servers (Sega-Prime) My suggestions are these. Peoeple will play more and admins will still get donate because of the new ideas. (Probably top players wont like because this will make regular players stronger, but if you like competition, this will be very good news) 1) Add Bound Wings in Ruud shop (3rd lvl wings). (Actually making Hero Rising will mean something because Ruud will be valuable again) (Because The Extra options for Excellent +13+14+15 made Ancient items useless) 2) Being VIP actually get a good reward, not in PVP but PVM. Like more dmge % to Mobs, more Jewel Drop/Zen, extra 5% to chaos machine maybe (all of these this will motivate players to Pay for vip) 3) Change the "Half a Lottery coin" for Rising hero. This one is pretty embarrasing. When you get a HERO RISING reset, all you get is Half a coin, wich probably end in "1 bless". Come on guys... is not even 1 coin, you have to actually pain 10wcoin for it.... Change it at least to 3 lottery coins. This Will make "regular players" more chance to get NICE ITEMS, and will motivate players to KEEP LEVELING and KEEP RESETING. If you look at the ranking NOONE IS LEVELING ANYMORE. top players dont care about that because the rewards are not good at all. PD: Please Delete the "ADD STATS POINTS FOR BONS to make more enjoyable game" This is LITERALLY pay to win. I understand you have to make money on this but you have to think a little bit more..... If anyone has another suggestion please feel free to put i down here. I hope I explained myself correctly. If this is a LONG TERM MU, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THINGS.
  5. this happens in Angel Sv too. Top players are winning every event, every bon, domain every map, ranking and spot. And most important Control the market 100%. They all have top gear within their guilds and dont sell anything because want to mantain domain. People are leaving because of this. Plus... when you get top reset (50) for doing "rising hero" you dont even get bons or anything , you get Half of a lucky coin xD! you have to pay for the other half its embarrasing.
  6. Narti - Angel 3 - 13 - 23 - 30 - 33 - 36
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  8. AHHHHH know I understand. YES I like it hahaha Its like hunting
  9. Narti - Angel A2 - C1 B3 - C2 A3 - B1
  10. Narti - Angel H - H - T - H - T
  11. You are gonna put only 1 huge spot.... who do you think is gonna be using that... Now your second idea.. you said "remove spots but leave some spots with weaker mobs".. I dont know how is that supposed to help now we are gonna have afk in fewer spots... I really dont get How you plan these spots are not going to be taken for the top players
  12. Im sorry my friend this is really BAD idea. The Sv is highly dominated by the top ranks and guild like HEROES and Vicious. They got the Castle Siege domination, the Ashy aida ranks, Legends arena etc. They get ALL the prices in bons, and top items. So now you want to put another hot spot where they can AFK farm permanently. Is a really bad idea. (Because you cant even kill them being afk) Highly contradictory, Good intentions, bad idea.
  13. Narti

    Party Buff??

    Hey guys, I think there is a mix-up with the party buff. I was on a pty on VipARena in Gorgons (wich are the ones that give more exp) 4 different races. MG, IK, Slayer and SM. There should definitelly be a buff or at least the same Exp. But I got LESS EXP. (the lvl difference between Us was about 140 lvl maximum) something happens after 130+? or If one of the pty is doing master lvl for example? (above 400) Because I saw their level at the party but I dont know if they were doing normal/master/majestic exp. Or is it just because lvl difference is more than 130+? I got SS in case Needed.
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