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  1. VnFear / Sega 1st round: 2, 4, 5, 7, 92nd round: 1, 43rd round: 2
  2. If someone abuses bugs in the game, doing a guild quest with 30 characters, then they have too many items to craft later. Let him now start collecting stones with these 30 characters.
  3. Actually: 4.15 It is forbidden to create a characters nicknames with the obscene language or any humiliation words.
  4. I Let me add it again because apparently once was not enough
  5. 1. my nickname: VnFear2. game server: Sega x1003. which rule clause was violated: It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of programs for automation processes, which gives you bonuses, achievement points, and any other personal gain. It is forbidden to use Speedhack, Hithack and other serious cheat programs.4. nickname of offender: Promise https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Promise&serv=server2 I upload a video recorded on Twitch (I found it the easiest). In addition, the recording shows the date from the game and I add a screenshot from the recording time. I hope you will consider this as eligible. Player Promise (Actually, the second character of BlackWidow or Curse - https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=BlackWidow&serv=server2 / https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Curse&serv=server2)He has been using the program on the basis of AutoMove for several days.The character runs around LA almost 24/7 and collects CH.You can see that the character's movements are automated, he moves from checkpoint to checkpoint. Due to the high TOCA value that the player has already won a large amount, please consider this as a violation of rule 2.2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1801346068 https://files.fm/u/m7shvrm8e
  6. It's true, there's a lot of old information on the forum. I've pointed out a few myself. I know how big a problem it is to organize the forum. Maybe a section for players where you can point out bugs in the forum? The second thing, the "search" option is probably the biggest mourning of Mux. Really, finding something is a pain in the ... sometimes. A change would definitely be needed here. As an old player myself, sometimes it takes a while to even find a "guide" that I know is somewhere.
  7. If u dont want waste time for hard playing just create 2 Alts, like all players on server. Check where drop the most Chaos Souls: And put alt there. 1 alt can collect about 100 in 1 night. Next 100 in a day. So 3 afk chars = 600 if u lucky. For example LA in the middle, and second in Lorencia on gold Rabbits. Be active when gold invasion comming. U can have from every invasion about 30-40 if u lucky.
  8. If u know how to play, u can make 3 Chaos Souls Lottery daily. With luck it is possiblity of 3 TOCA a day. I feel like it is enough. And on Angel TOCA was worth 90 bons. You should think ahead and buy before Naturally, now that everyone is starting to upgrade their final sets to +15, all TOCAs have disappeared from the market and are expensive. This is the natural order of things. Now is the time to sell TOCA, not buy. It has absolutely nothing to do with donate. Because in the Coin Lottery there is such a small chance of winning that there is simply nothing to count on. Making TOCA easy to access would destroy the server and make server very short time. The theme has already been redone hundreds of times and the current setup is the golden mean.
  9. Demolus

    Noob question

    U win it in Lottery Must collect 200 Chaos Souls, and go to Elbeland -> NPC Moss But Talisman of Chaos Assembly protect from burning only your item, when u upgrade it +9 -> +15
  10. Demolus

    Noob question

    Hi, U probably talk about: Lower, Medium and Higher Spirit Stones. These stones allow you to increase the % chance of success when making wings. You can buy the lower ones from Potion Girl in Devias, they are for lvl 1 wings. For 3lvl wings you need Medium and High stones. You do them at the goblin's using probably the third (? I don't remember) option - stones. One is required to make Condor Feathers, the other to make the wings. One you make with ancient items. Second with excellent. I will immediately point out that the ancients are the best ones from Axl Hero and not gloves. A exelents from the Golden Iron Knight in Raklion. Two-handed weapons give the most stones, gloves give the least. The JOL option makes the biggest difference.
  11. I've had this discussion before, and I'll do it again: Is it an event organized privately by @Goku or supported by Administration/Mux. If supported, why is it a requirement to subscribe to the @Goku channel and not the Mux Legends channel? I don't want to be mean or rude. I just don't think it's fair.
  12. VnFear | Sega A1 -B3 - C5 -D3 -E1
  13. @Arturs Varka is not in the list at all. Or i dont see
  14. Also, I think the reward for Varka should be higher. This event is definitely underrated. @laidback Gardua is not there anymore, but ypu can still win Condor Flame
  15. @Arturs @Drakonis @Devil As the conversation has developed in a strange way, as the creator of this post, please: 1. Just say that there is no plan to merge Angel and Sega for now. 2. Second, close the post. Because there's some unnecessary spam going on here. I got the answer to the topic question, so I see no point in continuing this.
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