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  1. Hahah good point ๐Ÿ˜‚ Just realized how ironic the name is now lol. Broke Elon Musk, imagine that
  2. I spent lots of money on exp boosts, VIP and Seal of ascencion on the 5000x Prime server in the last couple of days. And the server has crashed EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT since. All my money has gone completely to waste, and I could have done nothing about it. please help me.
  3. I still find this ridiculous.. Spent lots of time on the 5000x server to get jewels. Had almost 40 jewel of Life, spent it all to get one single stage 1 wing with luck to +16 option, and used it to create Wing2 for the wrong class. So now I am just where I was a week ago, with stage 1 wings, 0 jewels and like 70 resets.. (To reiterate I know this is intentional, and it is exactly how I want it on the 50x server. I just thought the 5000x server would be such that EVERYTHING progresses faster. But it seems maybe I was wrong and 5000x is basically for people who want the normal drop rates etc., but with no level grinding)
  4. These are great answers for me for the 50x server! And I really like that you have to be active for jewels there. I'm just sad that there is no good afk-alternative I can do on the 5000x-server.. Was hoping to progress really quickly there without spending too much active time other than doing quests, but I am being held completely back because of jewels (And since "More Activity = more jewels", jewels are actually more expensive on the market on the 5000x server..)
  5. Do you mean to leave them in devias just for quick access to checking for rabbits without leaving a spot with the main? Or do the devias-monsters actually drop jewels so you can AFK-farm?
  6. So I most enjoy playing on the 50x server, and there I have thus far gotten jewels from rabbits (and rarely from firecrackers etc.) I haven't played Mu since stage 2 were the final wings, so I have a loooot to learn about the new stuff. Therefore I started a character on the 5000x-server, and have gotten it to about 50 resets. I figured I could learn about some of the new stuff there. However on that character I still only have stage 1 wings, because the market is inactive and I don't really spend enough time on that character to get a lot of Soul and Bless from Rabbits. And jewels disappear veeery quickly when trying to make wings.. Since I have 50 resets on that character, maxxed out agility, is there somewhere I can afk farm for jewels? How do people get so many jewels that they can put 50x stacks on the market on the 50x server? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Edit: Will add that I have obviosly tried AFK-ing at some high level places - mainly Acheron and Kubera Mine. But jewels seem to not drop at all in those locations. My inventory is now just entirely full of Mithril, and I don't know what to do with it because I have ZERO jewel of bless..
  7. Is there a way to see what on-screen announcements you have missed? For instance, if I was away for 30 minutes, and I see on the "Golden Invasion" timer on the website that Golden Invasion was 10 minutes ago: Is there a way I can check if it was "Golden Invasion: Noria" or Devias, or Lorencia?
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