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  1. 1R - 2L - 3R - 4L - 5R - 6R - 7R - 8R - 9L - 10R Devil / Sega
  2. locked for response of @Ivan Nebraska
  3. Devil

    Sega / Maddix / 4.6

    I see 4.6, wait for @Ivan Nebraska
  4. I have sent u some links with in-game events. Add "Word Event" too, guys like that event
  5. Devil

    ML bug

    yeah, it is about taking 4th prof mission before 400 ML lvl. It will be added to Majestic points. @Arturs, bring ur magic fingers
  6. It was just a couple months ago, players was "crying" that there is no free spot in Non-PvP maps and there were pretty many players who asked "to do something about it". So we thought such system to make lottery more useful for active players. Yes, there are still ways to get those chaos souls in afk mode, but non pvp maps r useless for it. It means u can veeery easily can take down any afk farmer and take his spot, or just annoy him not to farm for it (I did it in Prime, always cleared spots from farmers of 1 player). Read some ideas about muun and jewels. Honestly I'm for jewel, making 5 or 10 bundled jewels more adequate decision than PvP Muuns. If we add something valuable to zen lottery (like toca, ToL or other rare items) then non PvP maps again will be full of farmers which u can't pk, u can't park near him coz he is in offlevel and takes zen faster than any. So non pvp maps belongs only 1 player who transfers all zen to main char and roll the lottery. More chance, more achievement point, more jewel, more "rare item" which u suggest to add to zen lottery. May be it is "safe" now to farm in any map, but when wars between guilds or players (which thinks one players fault is guilds fault and starts to hunt for whole guild where not all members can stand in front him) guys will put their chars to non pvp maps to farm in peace when they afk.
  7. Devil

    Ed1ii/AGRO/4.1 +4.6

    1. All non English posts have been deleted. 2. I don't see the time/date on screenshots. For me this topic closed, @Ivan Nebraska will decide.
  8. Here I see 4.2 and 4.6 @Ivan Nebraska ur decision
  9. Devil

    Sega / fear1ess / 4.2

    Deleted non English posts. as I know chat window must be opened fully. Topic closed until @Ivan Nebraska's rspond.
  10. Devil

    No need for Racism

    Are u guys smoked or what? Why to provide this conversation here?
  11. Devil

    Sega/ VULVERETTA / 4.2

    Topic locked until @Ivan Nebraska's respond.
  12. Devil

    Sega / Blax / 4.2

    1st of all it is an English speaking topic, secondly respect each other. Lastly, topic closed until @Ivan Nebraska's respond
  13. 4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family. Penalty: block of Character + Account for a period of 7 days * number of violations.
  14. Devil


    as @-TheEnd- said, about loot offlevel only helps with zen farming.
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