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  1. sounds itneresting, ty. Do you have any plans to open new server in the near future?
  2. BookOfRa Medea1-302-54-186-217-813-159-2510-1123-2634-36
  3. rawolf2

    Season 15 !?

    No brain-no gain.
  4. snakes and mini games. For me gaion and bc become very annoying. Snakes are interesting to search but mini games feels like casino, hehe.
  5. Not only VIP status has influence on pvp. Also demon in wcoin shop (mini donate shop cuz u can convert bons into wcoins) make a huge difference: Increase dmg by 30% and its immortal. Satan die after 2 hits, so actually there always is difference in 30% dmg
  6. BookOfRa 5 - 213 - 74 - 89 - 1014 - 1517 - 3124 - 2628 - 2532 - 3512 - 16
  7. Maybe i am wrong or you are just misleading, but i didnt find any information, that on official version of the game there is a possibility to add harmony options in any ancient item. Ancient items supposed to be for PVE, not for PVP. There wont be any complains if Artur would say and prepare us that in the future he will add harmony options for anc items. In opposite: he was actively changing socket item policity because of what people began collecting socket items and crafting seeds which are very expensive. And like a bolt from the blue we got a huge ruud set update which turned upside down our progress. Our socket items are a total bullshit against ruud+harmony opt but at the same time are very expensive aswell. Overall we wasted our time, ruud, jewels and items for shitty useless sets.
  8. can we get yellow opt on socket items then and raised dd cap? So much time was spent to get socket stuff and none said about upcoming anc+harmony system. If ppl knew about it ofc they would make ruud set instead of shitty socket items.
  9. BookOfRa a1 - b1 - b2 - b3 - c3 - c4 - c5 - d5 - e5 - e6 - f6
  10. BookOfRa 1 - 35 2 - 3621 - 2819 - 34 9 - 14 8 - 1810 - 2212 - 1315 - 25 6 - 20
  11. BookOfRa 122 233 aida Javija: Nice, we have a second winner, congrats!
  12. 122 233 aida Javija: omg so close Javija: and the winner is ???? WHAT IS UR INGAME NAME
  13. rawolf2


    haha. Puriru has diminishes Puriru: "Libo ti, libo vlad, bolwe nekomu"
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