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  1. ChingChong / Angel 1st round: 0, 3, 4, 7, 8 2nd round: 3, 4 3rd round: 3
  2. ChingChong | Angel x50 1 - D 2 - T 3 - T 4 - D 5 - D 6 - T 7 - D Extra - D
  3. Problem with SM persisted on the previous server too. I was writing admin about it. Back there SM were not geared as good as mattoni but still outperformed almost all classes
  4. see your class destroying rest of the server and continue defending it like "its not OP" is not normal aswell
  5. Absolutely agree, but it doesn't mean that class he is playing right now must be above others. I stand for a fair game
  6. If you are surprised why mattoni is defending his so hard, just go to Discord, in search line type Mattoni and look his messages back in 2020. Back then we were playing at x5000 and he was playing BK. BK became super OP class cuz all the time he was crying about how shit damage BK has. (Tbh BK was ok since opening especially due allowed combo clicker). And yeah, back then he also was crying about DL, so we got nerfed DL and even Summoner's reflect skill (poor summoners). Defending your class is okay, but let's be honest - SM and Kundun are OP right now
  7. Also we have to remember that SM and Kundun can survive paralyze just jumping in teleport
  8. I am suprised that SM still is not nerfed. It should have been nerfed like 5 months ago when sega was opened. SM is one of the most tankiest classes with one of the best dps (if not the best) who has nonCD teleport. Ranged classes should not have so much mobility in combination with insane damage reduction. In my opinion if you are ranged class- you hit hard, but you die fast aswell. In case with SM - you die fast and you still cant kill him
  9. DigBick/ x50 Angel1R - 2R - 3R - 4L - 5L - 6R - 7R - 8L - 9L - 10R
  10. DigBick | Angel A2 - A3 C2 - C3 B2 - B3
  11. пройди больше квестов в игре, сможешь больше голосовать
  12. Masturbino / Sega: C2 - E2 - H3 - B5 - H6 - C6 - E5 - B7 - F8 - D4
  13. make it impossible to close BC before 2-5 min
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