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  1. MG - attack power. I think same for a slayer
  2. Там же внизу (на странице крафта): выбираешь предметы в разделе Smelter / Плавильня из виртуального банка, и нажимаешь Smelt / Плавить
  3. Prime / ARTI4 / A2 - C3
  4. ARTI4 / Prime 1 - D 2 - T 3 - T 4 - D 5 - T 6 - T 7 - D Extra - D
  5. can you sell armor only?
  6. No 3rd wings? Eternal Wings talents are pretty good. Idk something like this https://mst.nosilence.fun/#EQBgFAOAigCqAUoBsD1AQUBFQF4QKBDCRQKYXQvhtDeHRYdpB7D5RKVEqUS6mKg=
  7. ARTI4 / Prime B1 - C1 - D1 - D3 - F3 - G3 - D4 - D5 - B5 - B6
  8. Hi. Subject. Prime. With luck or without.
  9. Не, я половину игры на 76-78 пробегал на МГ, даже 250+ квестов закрыл
  10. Hi, fellas. I want to introduce you my pet project: MU Master Skill Tree Calculator For MG, DW, Summoner What is that? It's supposed to help you with skill tree building. Also you can share a build to another player by the url. Only 3 classes? Yes, currently supported 3 classes because these all I have. Mostly have no time. Maybe someone will help to add more trees. Or I will have time to make it myself. Want to help me? - join github as contributor - little of programing skills required, mostly just boring configuration; - send me skill tree screenshots archive. Something differ from the game Mistake. Write me about it. Also some formulas are changed and MST needs correcting them. Like stat skills formula. No majestic? Maybe in future. Options sum-up? Maybe in far future.
  11. Good morning If I understood well Stat - 32787, "almost full stats" can be achived only on Prime with max resets + quests; ML - 399 points, 400 levels; Majestic - 201 points, 200 levels.
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