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  1. ARTI4 / Prime 1 - T 2 - T 3 - T 4 - D 5 - D 6 - D 7 - T Extra - T
  2. ARTI4 / Prime A1 - A2 - A3 - B3 - C3 - D3 - D4 - D5 - D6 - E6 - F6
  3. No, If you are about damage. No, if you are about options. Only regular damage + very rare "Bleed"
  4. Hello. I got "Punish" effect on my radiance, but when attacking mobs it cause "Bleed". x5000 ARTI4
  5. Just bored guys. Hope PK system will get some improvements
  6. На самом деле карты из дропа очень редкие и нужно их много. Если уж кто-то и собирается фармить мини-игры, то тут зонтики нужны. Я вот не в курсе, менялся ли дроп камней из мини-игр, но после трансфера показалось, что награды значительно упали даже с ивентов.
  7. nosilence

    MMOTOP votes

    Haha this worked on medea, coz there was character with same nickname
  8. nosilence

    MMOTOP votes

    account, same as worked on medea
  9. nosilence

    MMOTOP votes

    Hello. Im not getting votes from MMOTOP. Thats not about +0, +0, +0, just losing position in voting top.
  10. How does elemental attack/defence success rate work? Is it based on normal ASR/DSR? If no is it the same formula (Miss = DSR > 2*ASR, etc)? And what base values?
  11. There is no rewards for reset on Prime?
  12. Login: nosilence Problems: - no bonuses & zen transferred on Web; - items placed on the market still attached to #2 server; - no personal storage items (not necessary).
  13. Seems like something went wrong coz this character https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=omega&serv=server1 have zero resets
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