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  1. Drop should be increased thats a fact. I was farming CryWolf for 1 moths with 2 alts 15hrs a day and managed to make only 1 fenrir only. Is is supposed to be half a year grind to make golden fenrir? Most people not playing mu server's that long. I agree here with 2nd option.
  2. Devil Squares counts only on 7 i hope you know that, but there situation about them if you go multiple times in ds7 or bc7 and you do reset, after reset enter for example bc4 or ds6, you previous counts are gone from leaderboards, correct me if i'm wrong its just my thoughts.
  3. Piiktas | Sega A3 - B4 - C1 - D3 - E2
  4. Piiktas | Sega B1 - C2 A1 - A3 B2 - C3
  5. Piiktas | Sega R1 - R2 - L3 - L4 - R5 - L6 - R7 - L8 - L9 - R10
  6. Piiktas | Sega B4 - B5 - C2 - D2 - E2 - D6 - D7 - F4 - G4 - E8 - F8 -G8
  7. Piiktas | Sega 1) B2 - C4 2) A3 - C2 3) B4 - D2
  8. Piiktas - Sega A1-B1-B2-D2-D1-F1-F3-H3-H2-J2
  9. buugis

    Sega / Piiktas / 4.2

    Yesterday you talked about how you missing w3 and Fenrir. I entered DS today and sow you sitting on Fenrir (all fenrirs i call dog's) So, it wasn't about you, it was about your Fenrir, i even said congrats, how is that an insult? -Piiktas
  10. buugis

    Guild reward abusing

    Its ok to have main guild and 1 guild for alts, but not like this when easy guild quest pops out, you just throw a scroll and boom easy rewards
  11. Cant where to put this topic but there is some guild's abusing guild reward system. Thats one of them, please check rankings.
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