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  1. Thank you for Participation !
  2. Event "Mystery Box" Has Started !
  3. The essence of the quest is as follows: an object is placed in our Mystery Box. It can be anything from a match or a hamster to a hadron collider to a movie. There is only one limitation. The subject is necessarily materialistic. That is, it cannot be a natural phenomenon or any kind of feeling. This is necessarily something that we can touch, see, taste, etc. The rules and execution are terribly simple: A member of the MU Senate team will put one item in the drawer, it can be anything, some kind of food, tool or other. The participant has a chance to ask an unlimited number of questions. Questions should be suggestive, to which you can answer either yes or no! If the senator finds it difficult to answer the question, he can answer with the phrase "maybe yes, maybe no". Each participant has the right to assume three times what or who is in the box, if he was wrong, then he flew out! The answers to the question will be given by the method of editing your post! There will be a ban and disqualification for multi-accounts. 1 post = 1 question I would like to say that there is no need to find fault. That is, if you guessed a plug and during the guessing it was confirmed that it was made of metal, it is not necessary to say that there are plastic and wooden forks. After all, the toilet is sometimes made of gold, and some geniuses eat bicycles. I think everyone understood the meaning. We will have only 1 winner with 60 Bon Mystery Box will start Tomorrow (28/07/21) at 22:00 Server Time.
  4. OpineL

    is that normal?

    Nothing changed or fixed from topic author, next time please open a correct thread. Closed.
  5. OpineL

    is that normal?

    Please fix the post, I will leave it open till monday, if nothing gonna changed, it will be closed.
  6. Banned. Next time, I will be more strict with 7 days account block. Closed.
  7. OpineL


    Ban 4.3. P.S.: Next time please link character's URL, thank you ! Topic Closed.
  8. 4.3 REC Ban for 3 days. Closed.
  9. OpineL

    NoteBook 4.2

    Anti - not enough for 4.2 Topic closed.
  10. Totally agree. 4.6 REC for Both
  11. OpineL

    NoteBook 4.2

    Anti. First of all : "5. The conversation has to be opened fully (hotkey F4 - until chat will not open fully)." Second : "retarded cunt" means like "idiot" , someone with poor actions or decisions, so nothing special and harmful.
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