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  1. Banned. Next time, I will be more strict with 7 days account block. Closed.
  2. OpineL


    Ban 4.3. P.S.: Next time please link character's URL, thank you ! Topic Closed.
  3. 4.3 REC Ban for 3 days. Closed.
  4. OpineL

    NoteBook 4.2

    Anti - not enough for 4.2 Topic closed.
  5. Totally agree. 4.6 REC for Both
  6. OpineL

    NoteBook 4.2

    Anti. First of all : "5. The conversation has to be opened fully (hotkey F4 - until chat will not open fully)." Second : "retarded cunt" means like "idiot" , someone with poor actions or decisions, so nothing special and harmful.
  7. 1. Your Nickname and link to the game character OpineL / IGC 2. Your Real name Nikoloz 3. Where are you from? Georgia 4. Your experience with our project Huge, I don't even remember :) 5. What do you think will make you a good prisoner and quest-master? You can also add whatever you want (such as a previous experience) to add in this point, full creativity welcome here. I know the rules, gameplay of projects of Muxlegend. Was a big part of this server as a GM of first guild of the first server. Participated in many game changes with @Arturs. At the moment I'm not linked with any guild on the servers, by my opinion this is the most important topic to be fair with everyone :) Thanks and good luck to everyone !
  8. Best decision ever : )) now there will be more active game nice job !
  9. You can add new event , Mr and Mrs. Muxlegends , I can be choosen as Mr
  10. OpineL

    Socket boss

    On vozle vxoda (Raklion) i poevliaetca v Devias-e. a Tak socket itemi padajut so mnogih mobov , s lotoreik , bossov...
  11. OpineL

    Help me

    As I understood you loose points after res and it becomes 2k ? what is your reset and did you tried to put stats with /addvit , /addstr / addagi / addene /addcmd commands? Sometimes it's a visual bug that you can't see your stats.
  12. S> OpineL + fenrir S> PhenomenaL + Fenrir S> y0ver ( it has Slayer (A) +13+L+DD+XX Set ) +fenrir S> Instagram (+Bone set +13+L+DD) Lots of other stuff , pm me in discord : OpineL#5180
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