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  1. Set bonus is considered for MG so all is ok with set bonus Regarding builds, STR MG Only ,as far as I know EMG is not good here ) Here u can read about set bonus more precise with all formulas for each class
  2. 1st of all- you don't know anything about who I am and who I were. please don't pass to provoking on personalities 2nd- yes my friend donated for me so? then I donated a bit so? ON SEGA SERVER. On prime I had 0 donations go check logs if u want 3rd- If u represent Senate, please behave ignoring personal preferences that is at least not professional. and do not provoke other person with Piercy phrases like i know who u were etc. 4th- Am I Artur or admin who made the change? I just expressed my opinion and Artur agreed Bro I think u never meet Heroes Guild, there were at least 5 persons who donated as much as me and my friend and even more, so lets all blame them as well now?
  3. Brother regarding satan it was when we just started the server, it has nothing to do with nowadays))) you sound like people quit because of me
  4. And as you see Artur agreed with me as well as many other players, If it was stupid selfish idea why people support it? Yes I made the topic when I got demon because I thought demon like on prime was giving 40% dmg , Hello. I made like 5 demons so far from ashy and gifted guildmates, it takes a lot of time and effort to make it, and u want imp from devias drop give more than it? Even if I did not got loto demon but craftable I would anyways make that post because that was my point of view. this forum is created with that intention for people to share and exchange their ideas regarding the game we all love and play. I played on prime with 0 donations ,and was TOP BK of my time, that time there was no demon craftable, so I used imps and was happy because demon could be done only via xshop.. I am not blaming admin or cursing some1 here, I just expressed my point of view, and as u can see many people support the idea of 10% vip IDK why you as a member of senate are making conclusions and answer me based on your personal antipathy towards me at the moment. And regarding second part, Did u miss the part that people can now put effort, live stream and earn bonuses without donations? VIP atm is not P2W option my friend, everyone can do some job and research and stream, promote the project, and earn the bonuses for vip. I don't see how this is a problem)
  5. What nerf satan has to do with this topic? 5% or 10% vip applies to everyone not only me . As I understand you are very salty against me for no reason)
  6. Vip buffs not only sm but all classes mate) , and what my message has to do with SM damage)))?
  7. I think reason that PVP balance was made on 5% is not very reasonable because PVP balance is anyway a nightmare on MUX )))) So it wont get better 5-10 or 50% increase))) But as we all see vast majority of player demands 10% back I think the voting is the best solution and again if u stream u can buy vip without donation, that's what i personally do past few months Even if u don't stream u can trade Server bons to web bons and obtain vip that way In my opinion the worst decision was to make vip WEB bons only! if administration cares about f2p, then just bring back old system when u could buy it for Serv bons)) Restore 10% ,and make cost with Server bons =so even f2p chars can afford, this is sweetest solution or keep web but make it 10% as before : D
  8. haha i dont have pain in killing DL with traditional cape as it used to be, but when a DL has 15% more absorb that it used to then yes, and this is totally different fact ; D
  9. Totally Agree, Bring back 10% vip buff, with streaming possibility it is not pay 2 win as people used to say anymore, anyone can stream, earn 400 web bon for 1 week and buy vip for 1 month!!!!
  10. Will people who made bri set with hard work and effort using 120+tocas, get any kind of moral compensation when You will make it easier for everyone to reach bri set)?
  11. Ok my house starting to go on fire, and I press exit, to turn of computer I get ban XD?
  12. Dear Arthur, can you please explain ,he was not fighting or killing as u see on video, he just swithced char/serv/ or exit the game why this is bannable? So if someone come hit me ,and i got electricity shut down in my house I get ban because of that? ))))))) are we back to Stalin times))?
  13. as I understood from rules, ban is when person initiate a fight,attack first, and then switch char but as i can see from video they come to spot and attack him, he just escaped? @Devil can you please explain then if he warps another map, it is also bannable?)) Like you have to fight till last droplet of blood here XD?
  14. Reflection barries, protects from shock damage, any1 can explain what does shock damage means ?XD
  15. If u got ban for that I think it is a bit strange)) I can also teleport another map while fighting basically it is same thing that person runs away, why it is bannable ? Or this server has credo: Fight till you die xD?
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