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  1. it will be same thing if u make service to change Excellent options on item , what's the point : D?
  2. I know))), but 5-7% wont give much difference, I want it together with Double dmg . For our server Ignore and DD % should be swapped, since dd is weaker than ignore and it starts from 3 =)
  3. My grandmother wanted me to get +Double DMG +Ignore +1500 energy, she already made me with 5% ignore ; D
  4. When u made another W4 SM hoping for it to be Top options, but it comes out just AGI +500 AGILITY.mp4
  5. Sathumu bro ur issue is 400 stats , my issue is 50K missing stats. about ur issue Artur alrady answered its with quest points. @Arturs Please assist me in my problem
  6. Good day dear admin team, I bought maxed character, Max Reset, Max quest, ML After changing char class from slayer to Dragon Knight, I only have total of 17k stats. , while on my old bk char which is not max quest, Free stats are shown 67508. Tried to reset on web, and add in game, its not visual, its simply 17k stats ))))) Also Hidden info from that char got vanished after class change, can we address this one as well? Please advise))) Link for char is https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Rixxar&serv=server2 screen shot of stats attached = ))
  7. @Arturs I returned finally from long shift and guess what in 2 days I made 6 garuda feathers, actually my grandma made 6 garuda feathers = ) and 2 attempts on feathers fail, so it was potential 8 garuda feathers by my grandma ))))
  8. Stop giving my enemies advice how to kill me blad )))))))
  9. he not same me full gear amigo but close gear my demon +1 , his ordinary my muun is better my earrings are better he has double dmg wings, i have ignore : ) Ask BW about our duel, its sweating challenge, I had to TP always, if he gets para he just use Cure skill amigo Lemu Plasma balls also hit +they apply radiance on u Lemu invincible to any radiance amigo, SHe can cure herself and she is very tanky. 1 vs 1 Lemu is stronger in duel vs sm, if BW plays it a bit more correct, he will win but on full buffs i have more chances to win
  10. and my friend Lemu is BEAST. He is very strong, Its challenge for me to fight him 1 vs 1 in Duel, last time we Finished 10 7 or 10 8 I don't remember
  11. I play SM, and u think I never had enemy SM versus me)? please Cay Tien in brilliant set+15 ( Dupont Owner on angel) Megavolt , Ex richmond gm bri +15 set Harley Quin (Ex Duyvin ) venom mist set and so on. Why I never had such problems amigo vs them, u just need to know what to do. Or lets take example the Heroes, when they were fighting me, I was same geared as CayTien(Du Pont), and never saw any of them telling that sm is op ant etc, they perfectly could kill me on bosses . If SM will just face tank for example same gearead slayer it gets shreded, once again if u want sm to play without tp, then u have to bring back SM Absorb, Damage, and attack speed, other vise its useless class in PVP as well, in PVE it was useless anyway = )
  12. Yeah, Tell it to Light who was raping me in duel with w3 , without having even close to my gear : ) Of course you will now say, its 1 button char ,no difference And I will again tell you ,that light even with w3 and worse gear was stronger than any current slayer on sega with better gear : )
  13. Just learn to play versus SM , who knows how to do it ,easily do it. As I told in previous post: SM got nerfed very hard , plz go and make SM and see urself how "OP" he is. If they nerf sm even more because of people crying, Iwill just make Mattoni style slayer, and people then will cry nerf slayer. By the way slayer is already broken vs sm ma boys, Thanks to Last Stupid update when SL dmg got increased versus sm = )
  14. Arturs , approximately when we can see that balance update on sega?
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