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Found 5 results

  1. The quest rules are very simple: For each round of the lottery, I guess a certain number of numbers. Your task is to guess which ones! In the first round of the lottery, I asked 5 numbers (from 0 to 9). Your task is to guess 3 numbers from those that I have asked. If you guessed 3 numbers correctly, you go to the second round and get 20 bonuses! If you guess 4 numbers, you get 30 bonuses, and if all 5 numbers, then the winning amount for the first round will be 50 bonuses. In the first round, you write 5 numbers! In the second round (if you have passed the first) of the lottery, I guess only 2 numbers from 1 to 5. Your task is to guess both. If you guess the 2 numbers, you go to the third round and get 40 more bonuses! In the third round (if you were lucky in the second round) of the lottery, I thought of only 1 number from 1 out of 5 (1-2-3-4-5). Your task is to guess this number. You only have one try! If you guessed this number, you get another 60 bonuses, on top of what you won in the previous rounds! Clarifications: Numbers are not repeated in one round. Only 1 answer option is allowed in one round. In the reply, write your options for all three rounds at once. In your application, be sure to indicate your Nickname and the Server on which you play. Editing answers is prohibited. Edited answers will not be accepted (better to write a new post) For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. Example application: Glorfindel / Prime 1st round: 2, 3, 6, 1, 8 2nd round: 1, 5 3rd round: 4 Lottery starts now and will end on Tuesday(21/03/2023) at 23:59:00 Good luck!
  2. Sell or Trade for RF Wings (Cloak of Transcendence)
  3. Zero books on server from lottery. As well as Quiver. Seems like MOSS is broken.
  4. Приветствуем всех! Гильдия Refuge приглашает в свой состав активных, русскоговорящих игроков для лучшего взаимодействия, общения и помощи друг другу. Основной костяк гильдии сформировался давно, играл на многих популярных серверах, имел большой опыт участия в игровых активностях. Особых требований к желающим присоединится пока нет (кроме наличия телеграмма и дискорда). Заявку в произвольной форме (достаточно ник и информацию как с вами связаться) указать в этой теме.
  5. CHARTER Each guild member must take care of the guild’s reputation. Any activity degrading the guild’s honor is unacceptable! Each guild member should use Discord. Change your nickname in our channel in the following format : OpineL (Nikoloz) - DL Each guild member must take care of the guild’s reputation. All members of the guild are equal Guild members are strictly forbidden to divulge classified information relating to the internal life of the Guild Each member of the guild must respect the enemies, not allowing insults (as much as possible) Each member of the guild has the right to rely on the support of the guild Each member of the guild should provide all possible assistance to other members of the guild and the alliance Each guild member must attend the forum at least once every 3 days! In the absence of the game for more than 1 week must inform the guild leaders Disagreement inside the guild is categorically unacceptable! The final word about making any decision or contentious issues lies with GM OpineL [Nikoloz] and AGM BeasTT [Vitja] Each new member must participate in daily events Every newbie will have period of time of test so it's possible that you guys won't get items from guild Every week , we will have goals to reach , those who won't reach the goal will be kicked out from guild Joining the Guild Entrant must be familiar with MuxLegend server rules and guild charter A player must have at least No Limit Yet Good online Adequacy Availability and use of Discord required Discord: CrystaL Guild Guild Membership Application Form Read the charter? (yes/no) Nick in the game Name and age Character class How many hours are you in the game (per day, per week) Your experience at MU (in particular on Bless,eGames or MUXglobal, as well as your nickname on the previous server, if any) Link to your character
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