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  1. CHARTER Each guild member must take care of the guild’s reputation. Any activity degrading the guild’s honor is unacceptable! All members of the guild are equal in their rights Guild members are strictly forbidden to divulge classified information relating to the internal life of the Guild Each member of the guild must respect the enemies, not allowing insults (as much as possible) Each member of the guild has the right to rely on the support of the guild Each member of the guild should provide all possible assistance to other members of the guild and the alliance Each guild member must attend the forum at least once every 3 days! In the absence of the game for more than 1 week must inform the guild leaders Disagreement inside the guild is categorically unacceptable! The final word about making any decision or contentious issues lies with GM (OpineL) and AGM (WellDone) Joining the Guild Entrant must be familiar with Prime server rules and guild charter A player must have at least 10 resets and 30 quests Good online Adequacy Availability and use of Discord required Discord: CrystaL [Prime x5000] Guild Membership Application Form Read the charter? (yes/no) Nick in the game Name and age Character class How many hours are you in the game (per day, per week) Your experience at MU (in particular on Bless,eGames or MUXglobal, as well as your nickname on the previous server, if any) Link to your character
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