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Found 6 results

  1. Great Day Fellas! Who: We are a small group of people who played several servers together until we've finally found a better server to grind and to dwell with. Our main guild name used to be Madness and we decided to make it "1337" in this server which means "Elites". When: We started this group prior to covid19 strikes and I personally didn't expect that I will have a group that I can play along with, even we haven't seen our faces yet in real life. We have communications in FB Messenger Group and Discord Channel that's why we are able to keep track each other and still play together. Why: We treat each other fairly, NO BOSS, NO PRIME, NO OFFICER PRIORITY we just play and grind together. Mainly, my goals are to gather more troops, participate in events such us CS, war and etc. How: In order to join our Guild 1337 you must be: - 80 reset above or 0 reset (with ViP subscription) - I'm not trying to be racist here but at least can communicate in English (most of us are from Philippines, Japan, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Poland so we have different languages so we only speak English for better communication.) - college graduate, degree holder, resume, legal age with drivers license (disregard this line, sorry I was carried away) You can comment here to join and please say the following: In game name: Country: We are most active in discord and game so for those who an immediate response please message: C4#3853 or Verse#8639 in discord or mail me in game: Verse. Our discord Channel: https://discord.gg/h3XRc9 My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VerseZero Best regards to everyone, please respect post and HAPPY GAMING! CHEERS!
  2. CHARTER Each guild member must take care of the guild’s reputation. Any activity degrading the guild’s honor is unacceptable! All members of the guild are equal in their rights Guild members are strictly forbidden to divulge classified information relating to the internal life of the Guild Each member of the guild must respect the enemies, not allowing insults (as much as possible) Each member of the guild has the right to rely on the support of the guild Each member of the guild should provide all possible assistance to other members of the guild and the alliance Each guild member must attend the forum at least once every 3 days! In the absence of the game for more than 1 week must inform the guild leaders Disagreement inside the guild is categorically unacceptable! The final word about making any decision or contentious issues lies with GM (OpineL) and AGM (WellDone) Joining the Guild Entrant must be familiar with Prime server rules and guild charter A player must have at least 10 resets and 30 quests Good online Adequacy Availability and use of Discord required Discord: CrystaL [Prime x5000] Guild Membership Application Form Read the charter? (yes/no) Nick in the game Name and age Character class How many hours are you in the game (per day, per week) Your experience at MU (in particular on Bless,eGames or MUXglobal, as well as your nickname on the previous server, if any) Link to your character
  3. Nephilim


    Hello, My name is Nephilim and this is the newly created guild designed to provide a whole another level of gameplay and community. Goal: Creating a friendly environment to PvP and have fun. Rules: 1. Do not pk or ks without a reason. This apply to both members and non members. If it is revenge pk refrain to the guilty ones only. 2. Members get party priority in BC/DS and other events if they ask for a slot reservation beforehand. 3. Vulgar language is prohibited in the guild. 4. Making the entire guild look bad because of individual behavior is prohibited. 5. Be a decent human being. 6. Any other language other then english is prohibited in guild chat. Requirements: 1. Must have at least 150 rr. 2. Must know enough english to hold a conversation. 3. Polite, positive thinking. That's it! See you in game!
  4. krifo


    WELCOME ! Guild name: PEENOISE GUILD MASTER: KRIFO OUR GUILD LINK: https://muxlegend.com/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=PEENOISE&serv=server1 SIMPLE INTRODUCTION ABOUT OUR GUILD: We are competitive and RESPECTED all PLAYERS. We are FROM PHILIPPINES. Everyone's pretty chill when they bother to log in. I also really like that we have a bit of a sharing economy. Everyone is very generous. Really awesome people, for the most part. I'm honestly surprised I create this guild, because it's what I had been looking for for far too long. We're all guys, we all treat each other in general respect, and we're all comfortable enough with each other to let the otherwise offensive jokes fly. So we have a great time together most of the time and i think we are pretty solid. I hope things stay this way, but I know nothing ever does. ROCK ON!!
  5. vinceespad


    Sakupin natin tong MUX Legend
  6. squishiowl


    Hey guys! Squishiowl here Guild -Offline- Is recruiting active players to make a big and strong guild! We will be mostly speaking Latvian or English if needed can talk Russian aswell. Would appriciate that beggers for items/wings/zen dont apply for guild. We currently have 3 players from top10. If you are interested pm me ingame - Squishiowl - we use Venert Gens
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