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  1. Verse / Medea a1 - b1 - c1 - c2 - c3 - d3 - e3- e4 - e5 - f5 - f6 Monster: d1 - f4
  2. Verse / Medea / U6 R3
  3. Verse / Medea B2 A1 A2 A3 J7 J8 J9 H5 H6 H7
  4. Hahaha. Just another visual bug, no big deal Hahahahaha
  5. Guess what? Durden will get ban . End of story
  6. " You are just Lag " " Just a Visual Bug after Internet Lagging " " The screenshot doesn't contain time log" Call me Nostradamus Hahaha @Morphine
  7. Verse / Medea A4 - D1
  8. I love the video seeing my Verse. Keep it up. Love the video
  9. nice video. I always wanted to be captured in Video so I would say it is nice. Keep it up! more videos to come that I'm on the scene. Love it!
  10. I saw my DL and I can't even smile because I have to focus QWEQWEQWEQWE. Nice video btw.
  11. Hey Arturs - just a suggestion. I've been playing MU and I frequently use DL. To be honest I am comfortable to have this skill "EarthShake" to always work. I mean since before it has been signature Skill of Dark Lord (like BK - signature is Combo). This skill works with Fenrir's which typically in most servers works both Fenrir and GH. However in your server Ghost Horse is not. I want to suggest to have this skill work with Ghost Horse too. I hope this wont be an issue because finally the bug was fixed. Thanks.
  12. Arturs should see this soon before he sell his stuff HAHAHAHA Good Bye
  13. "They will kill absolutely ALL players on ALL maps again and again," "ALL" BDSM are being hunt in Canyon, DeepDungeon, Abyss Atlans, Legend Arena, Kubera by "same exact person"
  14. I think someone missing the point here. It is not about "Lack of attention when they`re young" They are trying to rule the server and PK is not only in Legend Arena. Every spot in Canyon has VN and not letting other people to spot/grind in Canyon so they can keep the "Business within their hand" (I`m talking about real business here. Maybe Bons hahaha)
  15. Verse


    Calm down Jinx hahaha.
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