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  1. You could do socket craft system on web e.g. 3 Hades gloves with a 50% to make 1 excellent hades gloves. That would make socket items worthy!
  2. in game pm me for extra details if that will help:)
  3. It would be nice seeing these "points" on web though.
  4. Hi, At the minute the bc +7 weekly rankings is judged on 1 attend a day which isnt enough. I attended all 7 days and got 15 Bonuses with the same score as HaniG and he got 35 bonuses. I suggest adding win % or all 4 a day attendings included on overall score. Thanks:)
  5. Fire golems who give you full deck of cards every hour is way too Over Powered! i vote to make it every 2/3hrs. Thanks
  6. 2+2 = 4 Quick maths.
  7. Morphine

    B>>Anubis Armor

    Title speaks for itself, pm me in game:)
  8. Whats the spawn rate of this boss? Does it drop ancient items? Thanks
  9. + Boxes, like if you reach very high score you get purple box. Wcoins Flames Maybe even feathers Pets (MUUN)
  10. Ive been playing this game 2+weeks now and have completed numerous BC/CC and DS quest and i have only farmed 2/24 card pieces. Was wondering if its possible to increase the drop rate so we can play the events that are top left corner of our in game screens. This is just a suggestion:) Thanks
  11. How long does it take usually for prizes to appear?:) Thanks Morphine
  12. Morphine: A1, B1 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, D5, D6, E6, F6
  13. Can you only get condor of feather by crafting or is there some sort of other way (quest) etc?
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