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  1. elegant constantly clears my chars, same with you scoopy. should i also make a complaint ? no. i haven't and wont because playing a pvp game in a pvp map i expect to die. as should you when especially when controlling more then 1 mob spawn at a time? again greedy and unfair. now you are crying because i have reported you for actually breaking the rules.
  2. given richmond is one of the biggest guilds on the server, and the current guild task it to pVP its inevitable that im going to kill your guild lol ? i dont see the complaint. this was not an issue before i reported you for bug abuse, seems like a revenge post mate becuase i can only kill one of your chars ^.^ and you murder our guild all the time. but pVP is part of the game. i dont hunt specifically scoopy doo char. i hunt top maps. like ASHY, becuase you are farming freepoints on multiple characters daily in a PVP map ^.^? you dont make sense my friend . but please show me some proof on how i provoke you? i gave you a warning on bug abusing , which is me trying to get you to stop doing it. not continue. you made a choice to continue to do it after i asked you not to. i even said if you continue i will report to admins. and you kept going.i wasnt begging you to bug abuse my friend. you chose to do this. but please provide screen shots on how i provoke you to break in game rules :).
  3. @tn111 if you are jean , you play 50 characters and hunt every mob in LA , of course im going to kill you. i cant even farm elemental rune because for months u sit there AFK with 30 characters. you deserve to die in game for being this greedy. by telling you i am going to hunt you, i am not provoking . it is part of the game. if you dont want to be hunted you can get PVP invisibility mode. thats what its for. all top chars have it. dont complain about being killed when you operate 30 characters at one time.
  4. read the rules before commenting , Scoopy Doo is dodging death by using the " switch character" which enables him to be un-targetable. and then he clears me with his character nearby , reselects his char and logs back in. i suppose he thinks walking back to the mob is slower. nonethless abusing game mechanics. which is described below as rule breaking. " by bugs also means using for personal benefits ALT+F4 combination and " switch character" ( mainly used for that you could not be killed). and it goes on. https://gyazo.com/2ec2cd26034d0877bfc9ca0e5e8f11ea read this . it is breaking rules.
  5. 1. my nickname: Shaitan2. game server: Prime3. which rule clause was violated: 3.0 +3.1 = https://gyazo.com/2ec2cd26034d0877bfc9ca0e5e8f11ea proof is here = https://gyazo.com/7b232b48a0c597a30b102e6af885a9b14. nickname of offender: ScoopyDoo- https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ScoopyDoo&serv=server1 / SMKent -https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=SMKent&serv=server1 ScoopyDoo being the main player controlling SMkent, Scoopy logs outor switchs char on SMKent to avoid PK, and then comes to clear the attacker( me) on his SM and then logs back in on SMKent. i warned him in game about this being abuse along side many other players. he does this very often and finally i got video of this. i have multiple videos of this happening but i have only uploaded one if admins require more i can take the time to do that.
  6. Look to buy rare (red/gold) dragon or lion will pay good amount web bon
  7. B> sunlight parts +DD+REF = PRIME all parts, doesnt matter about luck. = web bon all.
  8. hi sorry , this char not worth buying thanks.,
  9. I am looking to spend 4K-4.5k web bons on top char 🙂 please no SM/GC/LANCER.
  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you shouldn't say but what you think is... I cheat or error like. you show me what you're saying
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