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  1. Prizes for events are given out by Arturs once in a week, usually on Fridays.
  2. Events are now over and we got our 15 wins, here are the winners: Country and Capital Xerath Xerath Nrlastest Anak1mBM SPSS Monster location Golanu Xerath ZzJeKingzZ DacLotZ KoreKellen Bring the item DacLotZ Xerath Czawa DacLotZ BITIS Thank you all for participating!
  3. Beasty

    quest 265 bug

    Sometimes it fixes by itself when doing switch character, maybe try doing that. If that doesn't help you will have to wait for Arturs to check this.
  4. Beasty

    Ancient hero soul

    Arturs is aware of this problem and he is looking into it.
  5. This is true, you need 12 higher magic stones to have 60% for a feather, however this is more like an unofficial guide, it's for players to understand the concept, I edited that. And yes you can't use TOCA for crafting, only equipment reinforcement.
  6. Beasty


    I think it's great getting extra stuff and everything but full option items isn't an option, I think for sure nothing like this will be added since it's a complete different server, you can't get full option items here (except weapons). It's a game process where you have to farm specific items and wings you have to craft yourself and be lucky to get some options, getting wings just for afk wouldn't be nice. All HR really is it is afking all day in my opinion. Since everyone needs toca, maybe there could be a chance (like 20% or less) to get toca from HR, but that's only my thoughts.
  7. Tomorrow (19/01/2021) 18:00 in-game events will be hosted! There will be three events taking place: 1. Country and Capital 2. Monster location 3. Bring the item About rules and how events will take place I will explain in-game just before events will start. There will be a total of 15 wins (5 wins each event), each win gets you 20 bonuses. Hope to see you there!
  8. Rules: You need to guess the fortune pair (two matching monsters) Each right guess gets you 15, 25, 35 or 50 bonuses (depends on monster tiers) You have 3 guesses Post your guesses down below Guesses must be from 1 to 25 Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts! Monsters on the fortune board Tier 1 monsters (15 bonuses) Spider Ice Monster Shadow Tier 2 monsters (25 bonuses) Great Bahamut Alquamos Tier 3 monster (35 bonuses) Balgass Gold badges - There will be 2 gold badges on random monsters on the board and if you guess the gold badge pair you get 50 bonuses (See the board). Also gold badge counts as a match to any other monster, for example if your guess is Balgass and the second is monster with gold badge, it counts as 2 Balgass. Example: -Beasty- / Prime 1 - 7 3 - 25 6 - 13 Fortune starts now and will end Saturday (23/01/2021) 23:59:00 Good Luck!
  9. Для заточки Ghost Horse.
  10. Beasty


    What my friends? Please get your facts straight before saying something like that... And just curious, who are you referring to being my friends?
  11. Beasty

    Great Dragon?

    Сколько я ходил всегда всё было нормально и всё работало, так же пишется когда Great Dragon убит (Golden Great Dragon ....) и кто его убил. Я так понимаю это Prime сервер и это было сегодня (17.01.2021). @Arturs завтра проверит и если же такая проблема будет то она будет исправлена.
  12. Well it's a game process, I suggest trying to find symbol of kunduns +3 from monsters, they are quite easy to get. Or if you have extra wcoins to spend, you can buy it from wcoin shop.
  13. How? I have no idea... All I can say - weird! Наверное всё так, просто у гоблина не тот день
  14. Чтобы получить Ruud за Gaion надо иметь 400 левел.
  15. Beasty

    Ancient hero soul

    Use equipment reinforcement function in chaos machine.
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