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  1. Beasty

    Creating wings

    Chaos Goblin Doesn't dinorant craft from 10 unicorns? Maybe something changed that I'm not aware of
  2. Не знаю конечно так ли это, но проверь Gremory Case (K), когда забираешь шмотки они там появляются (Personal Store). Но может дело в другом.
  3. Same as before I guess - during the merge it will have unlimited space and after merge you will have all items there and you will have to free some space for it to work as regular again (you will not be able to add more items to virtual vault if it will exceed the limit until you take some stuff out of there). Nothing like that has ever been adjusted before, I mean how can you adjust something like this? it's impossible because in any scenario someone will be mad etc. Well yeah Prime has way more items and better gear etc. but people still spent their time and resources to get it so it's just how it is.
  4. Making spam topics won't help you in this case. I already answered you here
  5. Beasty

    ad help me

    You agree to rules when registering, doesn't matter from what country you are... It's like using cheats and then saying, oh I didn't know you can't cheat because I don't speak english, non sense right?
  6. Hi! You can find all information about specific server in this section: https://forum.muxlegend.com/index.php?/forum/4-information/ Just choose the server you are playing on and you will see all the general information about it such as how many stat points you get per each reset, exp rates, max resets etc. Because there are 3 different servers that each are a bit different regarding exp rates, max resets and max stat points. About leveling they only share the cap for master level points and majestic level points which is as NoSilence wrote - 400 master levels and 200 majestic levels.
  7. Beasty

    Ancient Sets

    Some sets are shared from other characters, for example Pad is shared from Dark Wizard (Apollo and Barnake sets) not sure about other sets.
  8. Regarding the master skill tree - as far as I know there are no guides about that but that's because it depends on what playstyle the player likes, you can put more points to live linger or you can put points to have better damage. You just have to play around a bit to find the perfect skill tree for you. You can reset it for free so that's a question of time. About the skills disappearing - they don't disappear after you reset master skill tree, when you add the required 10 points to the specific required skill it will become active again.
  9. Beasty


    It's a ruud skill therefore it can only be purchased for Ruud in Elbeland.
  10. Beasty / Magic 1 - D 2 - T 3 - D 4 - T 5 - D 6 - D 7 - T Extra - D
  11. Beasty

    Problems with game

    Server is down. Please be patient till it's back online. EDIT: Now it's back online.
  12. Have you tried updating your GPU driver?
  13. Beasty

    Guild quest

    60? Are you sure? Because 60 sounds impossible... It seems that you don't understand how it works. When you are doing the evomun they don't add up, your best score is taken. Let's say you did: level 22 level 19 level 40 Your score would be 40 not 81.
  14. Beasty / Magic 2 - 8 4 - 24 5 - 16
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