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  1. Most likely 5, it just displays 0 for some reason. Any item will show 0
  2. It's the same on every server, I'm not sure if that can be even changed or not.
  3. Beasty


    No idea why this is happening but it's the same for everyone and with every portal. So you should enter portals not clicking on them from far away, this was an issue for me as well because sometimes I automatically click on the portal while not being close to it. I doubt that this is a server issue though.
  4. Hi, this option in fact can be lost while upgrading the item. It's kind of hard to get the option in the whole set because when unsealing the item there is a low chance you will get that extra option and also while upgrading there is a chance that you will lose it, so it's a rare option.
  5. Events are now over and we got our 15 wins, here are the winners: Choose the word -Aspect- -Aspect- PinkBull PinkBull XxxxxxxxX Guess the skin -Aspect- -Aspect- PinkBull PinkBull chmoDL Tell the price -Aspect- -Aspect- PinkBull PinkBull RWGigolo Thank you all for participating!
  6. Hi and welcome! At first basically you should mostly focus on getting resets so yeah just mostly farming monsters and maybe some golden budge dragons for zen and gold rabbits for jewels. Also I suggest to start doing in-game quests right away so you can farm monsters and get exp at the same time, later on quests keep getting harder as well, you can check these topics for quest system: For getting skills, check this topic: For later farming bosses, items and other stuff check this topic: A lot of information can be found on forums so just try searching and if there is something you don't understand feel free to write on forums or discord server. Have fun!
  7. Beasty


    All the time if you press on the portal from far away, here is what I mean: freeze.mp4 If you click on the portal while standing right next to it, it never freezes and there is no issue. And this is the same with every portal in the game, not only this one.
  8. Beasty


    Oh, that is with every portal in-game, if you click right on the portal from very far away it will most likely freeze the game client, try entering portals by not clicking on them from far away, try going closer to them and only then click on them, then there will be no issue.
  9. Tomorrow (13/04/2021) at 18:00 in-game events will be hosted on Prime x5000 There will be three events taking place: 1. Choose the word 2. Guess the skin 3. Tell the price About rules and how events will take place I will explain in-game just before events will start. There will be a total of 15 wins (5 wins each event), each win gets you 20 bonuses Hope to see you there!
  10. Rules: Your task: Finish the maze (from starting cell A1 till the finish cell F6) avoiding monsters If one of your chosen cell contains monster - you lose You can only move up, down, right and left (not diagonally) 3 random cells contain golden chest and 5 random cells contain monster If you manage to finish the maze avoiding monsters you receive 40 bonuses If you found golden chest on your path you receive extra 20 bonuses Your path can contain as many cells as you want Extra guess: You have 2 extra guesses of where the monster is. You receive extra 20 bonuses for every right guess. You can receive bonuses for extra guess even if you have stepped on a cell that contains monster Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts! Game board: Example: Beasty / Prime A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - D3 - D4 - E5 - F5 - F6 Monsters: B3 D6 Example board: Survive the maze starts now and will end Saturday (17/04/2021) 23:59:00 Good Luck!
  11. You can buy a scroll that resets your master and/or majestic skill tree, you can buy it from NPC located behind the devias vault.
  12. Event Solve the puzzle has ended, here are the results: Prime x5000: ScoopyDoo - 30 bonuses Sn4k3 - 30 bonuses Medea x100: ARTI4 - 100 bonuses Persi - 75 bonuses UnDead - 50 bonuses Scjic - 30 bonuses KeeX - 30 bonuses RHCP - 30 bonuses KIBEL - 30 bonuses Diluc - 30 bonuses Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating! If you have found a mismatch please message me! P.S. Since we have had our first encounter with "abusers" next time there will be a new rule that will help to avoid stuff like this.
  13. Beasty


    I don't think so, they are also part of season 15 but were disabled here because there is really no point of them.
  14. I don't think it's planned yet, first will be beta testing, Medea and Prime upgrade to season 16 and only some time later will be a new server. That's at least how I understand it, maybe I'm not 100% correct but something like that.
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