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  1. https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Trending&serv=server3 I can sell this set if you are interested PM me on discord.
  2. No use of it anymore, it was made when online was 1000+, now it's more than enough with 1 server, more competitive.
  3. There wasn't a case where every 3 months there was a new server. So get your facts straight
  4. Beasty

    Server lag

    Must be on your side because it doesn't lag for me.
  5. If you think when you reach 100 resets game is over I guess you don't know this game at all. It's actually when the game starts for real.
  6. It's the worst idea ever to make huge rewards for making resets, it's just not a long lasting system, this system currently is NOT a MUST to do and it should stay that way, it's for people who have to afk a lot of time and in that way they can get some ruud just by being afk. Also you can try your luck and choose lottery coin, that's the only way you can get full (5) option weapon here, you can't buy or get full option items in any way, only by game process it self.
  7. I'm pretty sure that couldn't have been a dupe since the system checks for duped items so you can't have two exactly the same items in the game for example, the way they duped is a bit different, not actual items but only ingredients for crafting, that's why it took long time to check.
  8. I think it's mostly random people who join all servers just to dupe so nicknames wouldn't really give you anything.
  9. Event Sweeper has ended, here are the results: Prime x5000: - Antares x1000: WarrioR- 35 bonuses Madaraa - 50 bonuses Mohamed - 45 bonuses Kirito - 45 bonuses bellford - 45 bonuses Exon - 45 bonuses Sacura - 45 bonuses jonowizi - 40 bonuses ZeroFx - 45 bonuses Medea x100: Aequitas - 30 bonuses CaTaY - 35 bonuses diluc - 30 bonuses Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating Message me if you have found a mismatch!
  10. It does drop, maybe try from higher monsters.
  11. Golden fenrir can be crafted through website crafting system from 5 black or blue fenrirs (can be mixed, for example 3 black and 2 blue). Difference is defense and damage, blue one is for defense (10% absorb damage) and black one is for damage (10% damage), golden fenrir will give you 20% damage and 10% absorb. More information about website crafting system:
  12. Guess the coordinates is now over! Goldingen / Antares won all three rounds and gets 150 bonuses! Thank you for participating and see you on the future events!
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