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  1. Beasty


    Интересно почему убрали, раньше работало, мы так заходили всем кланом (сезон 15 или 16 был).
  2. Honestly I'm glad to see that TOCA is still a worthy item. I haven't played for a while but when I was playing it costed around the same as you have stated and it's only GOOD for the server to keep the economy alive. Imagine that it would be even easier to get, it would cost 10 bonuses - not fun at all. TOCA is like the unofficial currency, players exchange TOCAs in the same way as zen and bonuses. Anyhow, I feel like on new seasons there are way too many people that complain because most of the new season servers are x9999 super easy fun etc. Muxlegend on the other hand is not one of those servers and people are often confused why some things are hard to get here. And it's only normal that some people don't like it this way, you can't indulge everyone.
  3. Which information exactly doesn't apply to all 3 servers? All servers pretty much have the same configuration so the same information apply to all of them (of course there can be some exclusions but it doesn't mean administration has to reorganize the whole forums). Anyways, if you think something needs to be updated, changed etc. - be more specific.
  4. Honestly it seems like you provoked him to talk in this way, which of course doesn't justify him but just something I noticed 🙂 As for "not acting", it has been only 2 days since your topic, be patient.
  5. Adding new maps is not the worst idea but then comes the question what do you expect to do there? If you have an idea what would players do on a new map (not just afk on spots), some kind of activity then I'm sure Arturs will think about adding it. But other than that it's useless to add more afk locations.
  6. There are multiple types of bans, the ones that are on character itself can be seen on the website (Prison section), the ones that are hardware, ip or account bans you can't see.
  7. Well everything is possible but you would need 3rd party programs to achieve that...
  8. Tried the first extension that I found for chrome and it worked... lol
  9. I think the problem is not SM but Mattoni, just nerf Mattoni char not SM as a class. if (nickname === 'Mattoni') damage *= .5; P.S. Don't take me seriously.
  10. There doesn't exist a working solution to actually limit 3 accounts per person. You can bypass anything nowadays.
  11. Doesn't work, huh? Btw, it's built in opera browser, no need for extensions. Not sure about other browsers, haven't tried.
  12. Leave your nickname and server for admin to check it. Also would be nice to include approximate time this happened.
  13. Hello! You mean to use skill while your character is in teleport? I don't think you are able to do that.
  14. It's unfortunate when you or anyone else gets banned for whatever reason, as for this topic I suggest you read these rules (what rules screenshots must follow etc.): If you feel offended, make proper screenshots that follow rules and report...
  15. Nope... doesn't work like that. if that would be the case everyone would become brothers and sisters all of a sudden. Nothing was said related to real life even so... Forget about the 4.6.
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