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  1. Trading Dark Angel magic sword +11+edr+4opt for dark angel sword+11+edr+opt.
  2. Nephilim


    Well in theory yes ancient should be able to do that but lets wait for the patch and see.
  3. Nephilim


    Thats nice making pvp longer. But please try to not make ancient (full dmg) useless. I can accept dying fast in pvp in exchange for killing faster then for example the players with defensive armor.
  4. Nephilim


    Thank you for your hard work. Hoping it will get better. Btw which anime is that scene from?
  5. Nephilim


    Dude stop defending anything. The balance is broken. Take for example all other ranged classes aka sum, gm, dl, rune wizard, slayer. They all have damage much higher than DK. MG is the only class that got the short end of stick. Actually my bad DK is in an even worse condition.
  6. Nephilim


    It doesnt compensate anything. The damage is bad the speed is bad. Even a DK with not full damage does more damage then MG.
  7. Nephilim


    Hello, My name is Nephilim and this is the newly created guild designed to provide a whole another level of gameplay and community. Goal: Creating a friendly environment to PvP and have fun. Rules: 1. Do not pk or ks without a reason. This apply to both members and non members. If it is revenge pk refrain to the guilty ones only. 2. Members get party priority in BC/DS and other events if they ask for a slot reservation beforehand. 3. Vulgar language is prohibited in the guild. 4. Making the entire guild look bad because of individual behavior is prohibited. 5. Be a decent human being. 6. Any other language other then english is prohibited in guild chat. Requirements: 1. Must have at least 150 rr. 2. Must know enough english to hold a conversation. 3. Polite, positive thinking. That's it! See you in game!
  8. Nephilim


    MG is always completely ignored amongst all classes. Last patch increased PVM and PVP damage but its still way lower then other classes. MG has no buffs no special skills at least give dmg to compensate for crying out loud.
  9. Nephilim


    You have to install the font. The file is in the folder called install this. You open it and top left corner click install.
  10. Killed more then enough mobs and no box . Its been 2 bcs. Please fix it.
  11. Nephilim


    What about BK pvm damage? I have seen RF killing monsters in kubera mine in almost one hit and here i am struggling to hit at least 100k or lucky double damage to kill it or else it takes 5 seconds. SUM has similar damage to RF killing in 1-2 hits.
  12. Nephilim


    Well slayer damage was way too op. Why do you think so many were playing it? Now that it is normal choose a class that you like to play not one that is broken. You are a slayer so your opinion doesnt count regarding the slayer issue
  13. Nephilim


    +1 to that dk pvm damage sux.
  14. My bad from 215 rr its 86000 points for normal classes so missing 38198 points from that full stats.
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