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  1. How about forum quest master??
  2. T> Bk HA Sword Fo = dl HA Scepter Fo
  3. Picture of w3 and w4 above for slayer is wrong.
  4. Because I won all the times xD . And it's not only about attending, also about point you get from destroying gate and statue.
  5. Hero

    Balance changes

    It would be nice if there is "Max" button next to stat point to add max stat instead of using command /add, sometime you need to calculate the point to add to max point.
  6. acting nice, you see what he did to me.
  7. I played in other server too, I have never seen Senate like you, chatting with players useless things during ingame quest, spending so much time on ingame quest. You have time but not every players have times like you, so inconsiderate QM like noob, and using QM account chatting whenever you want. Dc player with a word noob, Dc player with “1 more time I report in forum”, dc player with “ 1 more time I leave guild”, using senate power without think, telling player to leave server just bcos of word noob xD, killing player everywhere just bcos of word noob. Ok I leave, enjoy your life as noob senate, use senate power whatever you want.
  8. I only say noob what make you think I say to QM??? xDDDDD you took it yourself xDDDD and you cannot ban me with word "noob". do you know the rule noob?????
  9. yeah yeah difference personalities, So What make iamHerione killed me everywhere after QM has done work??? xDDDD Funny
  10. insults with word "Noob"??? even rule of MuX word won't be review. And how old are you? why can't you take word noob as joke?? xDD you're really a noob. xDDD What disturbing??? You are just chatting with players, I just say noob, and it's called disturb?? It is not like I did something in your events. I just say something and it disturb???? you're funny!!! Lol. You are a kind of senate make players to quit this game. good luck with your life in this server.
  11. This senate used his power dc me multiple times in game. I request to fire him. @Arturs Vesna
  12. Black/Blue success rate how many % ??
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