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  1. 1. players go here to play new seasons but they see just ss15+custom. ofc after few weeks they leave when they dont see any new stuff. 2. problem of tons of jewels from lottery. to fix this problem you can make items from drop only+12add and set minimum +16add to chaos goblin mixes. 3. add new golbin mixes ss19 in chaos goblin - give more ez way to make wings for newbies. 4. newbies buff - why dont give small wings or some gifts for newbies? 5. merged servers dont give fresh blood to old servers - players from old servers just sell stuff here and wait new. 6. most bigger problem here - you dont have time.
  2. 1) Sega2) SlimShady3) sellin ancestral earrings L FO+13 and R FO +134) 800 web bons +tax on my acc5) CycaHuH https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=CycaHuH&serv=server26) I give for him items via Trade ingame. After that, he transfer bonuses to my account 7) I have completely read the rules of contractual transactions and accept all risks.
  3. He just can buy this char.
  4. BuffBro | Dragon A6 - B1 - C3 - D1 - E3
  5. Also dont forget about newcomers. More ez to start and play.
  6. ggggggg


    every char with 3w - not good. so thats why you was raped. about tp - hard to say what need to do with it. anyway we all wait rebalance.
  7. why you dont make deal in forum?
  8. ggggggg

    B> MUX Scepter FO

    This scepter 5 opc - but all calling them fo because 5 opc drop from lottery. If you want 6 opt scepter - call it 6 opc scepter and all understand you.
  9. Ofc it need to be mux from lotto with custom opc. So all "yahoooo" will be after big luck :)
  10. Better to make own ee mace what improve buff or give some hp or extra dd
  11. Even with 25% enemy guild cant take castle. Next without buff be too ez and not interesting for you :)
  12. Like you say - next step top ruud in npc shop.
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