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  1. Agree 100% with that. LW need some changes.
  2. How do you draw those conclusions if you don't know my nickname about Bless? I see so many illogical answers already written by you on this forum, it's interesting how you got into the Senate ๐Ÿ™‚ As for playing on my Bless, I'll tell you more, there was a time when my guild had a castle, of which I was the guild master. I mean, I have a lot of experience playing on Bless servers, but it was so long ago that I don't even remember the names of the servers. But that has nothing to do with this thread, it doesn't matter how many classes are in the game when you are making a server and especially people are spending money on this entertainment, you have to listen to the players and fix what needs to be fixed. I come here to have fun, not to get on my nerves. I know Arthur's attitude towards servers very well and I know that he fixes everything as much as possible. There is simply no time left for everything. But you senates, what you are looking at, are just writing server-protecting answers everywhere, which is already annoying.
  3. It's the most unbalanced server I've ever played on Bless projects, I've opened a topic 9 times about how rubbish Kundumi is, but no one pays attention. No one will stay on the server if the balance is not resolved and open the new servers again and again Until finally losing the name mux project.
  4. -Invoker-

    Angel / Venera

    Server : Angel Charachter: Venera I don't know which point it is and I'll explain the situation, he walks like this throughout the game and insults the players, not only me, but also others, he tries to provoke everyone to take a picture and ban him. No one enjoys playing with such players and please refer to the appropriate mayors.
  5. You are talking to me on the Sega server where there are 101 resets, on Angel there are 50 ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. You need 5 points for some skills, 10 for others, etc
  7. You write such answers that do not give me anything at all, do not fit into any logic, and it is not the same as you say. What Lemuria is a good character, where did you get it? Have you tried playing on a 50 reset server with any characters or Lemuria or Luminius or Rage Fighter? None of them are suitable and that's why no one plays. As for the time to achieve something without a donut, it's completely pointless. We are 25-30+ year old people playing Mu and I don't understand how you have to have 8+ hours a day for Mu. According to your logic, what you write here, you have to have everything last for the character to be able to do something, bravo.
  8. Since you are in the Senate, do you have an obligation to speak only good things on the server or what? I may have been playing on Bless projects longer than you and I may have more experience than you. Because I open a topic and write something with such long texts, you must understand that something is not right, otherwise I don't enjoy writing so much here! You write such things that it is better not to write anything at all.
  9. Arthurs, I saw that you wrote the same thing in the Lemuria thread that he is a good character and does damage, but it doesn't happen in the game, ask any Lemuria player, he is trash in both PvE and PvP, he is a completely useless character. That's why no one plays with Lemuria, Luminius, or RF because there is an imbalance compared to other characters. You match all the full characters which means full donat. Everything happens differently in the game, the picture is that no one plays with new characters, you still don't want to find the reason why it is so. At the moment, there are only 4 people on Angel who have reached the last reset and we already know this character, if everyone expresses their disapproval, nothing will change in this case either? Don't in any case the server statistics call everything according to the characters. With so many new characters in the new season, people want to play with other characters, so you have to push them. The rest is up to you
  10. I know what it is, I have known all the servers since the Bless servers for many years. I like it, and that's why I'm still a user of this project, because they always take into account the opinion of the players. I want everything to fit in logic, and it doesn't fit in logic. Luminius should have much more damage than CM because he has an extra book that adds 100+% to Wizard. Also, as I already mentioned, why are there only 4 last resets out of 30 people and the rest 13-15 resets? This character has some problem and no one wants to play, right? As the second wizard is Lemuria, the admins say that everything is in order, but have you asked the players? It's not suitable for PvE or PvP, it won't work as a buffer either, Elf is better in everything and why should they play with that character? By the logic you're telling me, if CM has the same damage and more defense, she's also prettier because she has wings and not a cape, and has a lot more skills to have fun with when that character only has 2-3 skills to use. Tell me why I should choose this character by what criteria?
  11. What do you agree with? With the exact same article, with same staff should CM do the same damage as Luminius with +100% wizz book? Then also tell me why Blade Storm has more damage than Dragon Skill? Looking at the characters first, there are 13 resets at #30. No one plays with this character, come to your own conclusion as to why.
  12. What server are you playing on that you call that? Maybe you are on a different server? Look at how many people play with this character. Look at the picture, there are 4 of us in the last reset alone, and one of these 4 is me, the others are not even considered as a test.
  13. What are you telling me now that with the same staff and full energy, when I have + book have increased by 109%, I should do the same damage? Then explain the meaning of the book. I think you misunderstood something, yes SM should have more protection because it holds a shield and has extra DD, but when I don't have a shield and I take +100% damage, by what logic should we do almost the same damage?
  14. I was a sm - I went to devias, found a bot that is for damage test and saw how many I hit. Then I changed class to a Luminius, instead of level 2 wings I made level 3 wings and I was doing the same damage, maybe 5-10k difference. Also, during the tests with my friend SM (Gogicha), he was doing the same damage as me. I repeat again, 109% of the book does not change anything or changes so little that it is not felt. As I already mentioned above, the skill Shtorm Blade, the main skill on all servers, the damage of this skill is normal and acceptable, I think it is just necessary to change the damage between these 2 skills. Otherwise I don't see the point of playing this character. Also, if you look at how many people play with this class on the server, it will be easy to understand why.. If this character does not have more dmg, then it is not a damage dealer, but I know that this character is a damage dealer.
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