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  1. Shinpai | Dragon 1R - 2L - 3R - 4L - 5L - 6L - 7L - 8R - 9L - 10R (belive in gevian luck)
  2. Shinpai | Dragon 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21
  3. Shinpai / Dragon A1 - B1 - C2 - D1 - E2 - E3 - E4 - E5 - E6 - F6 Monsters: B3 A2
  4. Shinpai / Dragon Cards: K - K - Q - Q - K Suits: S - H - H - S - H
  5. Then, how now u can get Garuda Flame?
  6. Adding an example, let's take a Streamer who has created good graphics, everything looks nice and aesthetic. They stream with a camera and microphone and receive 1000 web bonuses in one week. This adds up to 4000 web bonuses in a month. This conversion allows a player who has been collecting items, grinding their character, and putting effort into the game for around 2-3 months to start a new game on a new server with the maximum resources they can get from converting their character, which is 2690 web bonuses.
  7. = The same goes for streaming, where you can earn bonuses for streaming for free. This also leads to fewer donations and it's free, so people can earn bonuses for their hard work on their character.
  8. I changed a little bit this this pattern Total Web Bonuses = ((Normal Lvl * 5) + (Master Lvl * 10) + (Majestic Lvl * 20) + (Achievement Points * 25) + (Number of Quests * 50) + (Total Grade of Items / 10) + (Number of Resets * 100)) / 100 This formula now adds the number of resets as a significant factor in the calculation, with each reset worth 100 web bonuses. Let's say a player has a character with 300 normal levels, 200 master levels, 100 majestic levels, 250 achievement points, 150 quests completed, and items with a total grade of 2000, as well as 20 resets. Plugging these values into the formula: Total Web Bonuses = ((300 * 5) + (200 * 10) + (100 * 20) + (250 * 25) + (150 * 50) + (2000 / 10) + (20 * 100)) / 100 Total Web Bonuses = (1500 + 2000 + 2000 + 6250 + 7500 + 200 + 2000) / 100 Total Web Bonuses = 222.5 So, with the help of this new formula, you can get a maximum of that many web bonuses. The formula can be modified as desired or even reduce the amount of web bonuses. I think this would be an ideal option for free-to-play players who play for a long time. ((400 * 5) + (400 * 10) + (200 * 20) + (350 * 25) + (301 * 50) + (120 * 14 * 200 / 10)) / 100 = 2690
  9. I am thinking about a system that converts all characters, items, achievements, everything that can have value, into web bonuses that can be used to start a new server.
  10. Exchange Your Characters for Bonuses: A New Option to Revitalize Game Servers Main idea: Good evening. In my opinion, a good suggestion would be to have the option to exchange characters for web bonuses at the end of a server's lifespan. This would mean that the longer players play, the more they would have. Of course, if someone wants more, there is always the option to donate. This would help alleviate servers of characters that players no longer want to play, and it would enliven activity on new servers, giving longer-term players a better starting chance. Of course, in terms of starting chances, with such a conversion, we would increase the number of bonuses, which would increase inflation on servers. That is why I would decrease the chance of winning something in the lottery a little bit. Of course, the conversion of characters into web bonuses will be solely at the player's choice. It will not be mandatory. In short: The suggestion is to allow players to exchange characters for web bonuses at the end of a server's lifespan, which can help reduce inactive characters and encourage activity on new servers. However, it may increase inflation, so the chance of winning in the lottery may need to be decreased, and the exchange would be optional. Expanded information: The idea of allowing players to exchange characters for web bonuses at the end of a server's lifespan could be beneficial in several ways. First and foremost, it would give players a choice and a chance to get something out of their investment of time and effort into a character that they may no longer want to continue playing. This, in turn, could potentially alleviate some of the strain on the servers, as there would be fewer inactive characters clogging up the system. Furthermore, this option could also encourage players to try out new servers or game modes, as they would have the incentive of starting with some extra bonuses. It could also level the playing field a bit for longer-term players, who may have more resources to invest in their new characters than new players. However, it is important to note that this kind of conversion could also lead to inflation on the servers, as there would be more bonuses circulating in the system. To counteract this, it may be necessary to decrease the chances of winning something in the lottery or other bonus-based events. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to exchange a character for web bonuses should remain solely with the player, as forcing it upon them would not be fair or ethical. It could be a good option to consider, though, for those who have invested a lot of time and energy into their characters and want to get something back out of it. What do you think about this? From my point of view, it's an interesting suggestion. Thank you for your attention
  11. I feel humiliated and hunted, having fun.
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