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  1. Jezebel / Prime 1. A1, C1 2. B2, C3 3. A2, C2
  2. luciferace

    IK items?

    Hello, I can't seem to smelt IK items (steel plate in this instance) will this be implemented soon? Also can we redeem IK weapon from MUX, HA, Soul box etc yet?
  3. thank you very much :) sorry foxyyy edit: actually for now I try foxy a bit longer ^^ kinda wearing on me a bit, and I adjusted some settings on PC, but good to know we can go back later if we want to :)
  4. Hi Arturs - is there way to remove skin? I upgraded rare lion to shining tail and I don't like it ^^ Too bulky and laggy on my PC, lion is much better. Can do bonus return feature somehow? Also, my two daggers are now without harmony option. Can we bring this back?
  5. Sounds awesome - am looking forward to the skins! Thank you Arturs
  6. No longer need now thanks, if I could close the topic I would xD
  7. Jezebel / Prime C2 - D2 - E2 - G8 - H8 - A6 - A7 - E9 - F9 - G9 - J7 - J8
  8. Honestly you never have anything "POSITIVE" to say. I'd like to see evidence where people ASK toca to be removed from Zen lottery, that was an admin decision which btw never happened on Prime server. And I doubt the people wanting the buff back to 10% were the same people who ask to reduce it, why would they ask to reduce something they pay for? Honestly your ego so big. If you can't say anything nice or constructive please just don't even comment. It's suggestion from a valid player and all you ever do is turn topics into toxic comments. Only need to look at your post history and you will see it all. Jesus.
  9. It's good point. You're server "staff" so why make pointless comment on a legitimate suggestion topic?
  10. Prime / Jezebel A1 - B1 - B2 - B3 - C3 - C4 - D4 - E4 - F4 - F5 - F6 Monsters: B5, A2
  11. Jezebel / Prime 1R - 2R - 3R - 4L - 5L - 6R - 7L - 8R - 9R - 10L
  12. Good points here. @Arturs maybe worth implementing a direct payment to unban the account? Rather than using web bons, they have to use their card and make real payment. I do agree with Halu though, honestly if you're caught hacking the game should be permanent ban with no option to unban by paying money.
  13. Thank you for your reply @Arturs greatly appreciate it. For first point, I understand it's whole new balance system. But I mean mainly other changes in the game, for example, evomon blue box used to drop ancient mace that we could convert to elemental powder, toca success rate seems to have changed (can you confirm this, please? It very difficult to get them now, maybe I have been unlucky, but have seen multiple people say same thing). Just things like this, would be nice to know what has changed, and if it was intended or can be changed back? 2nd - Sounds reasonable. Also would like to suggest if it is a repeat offender, perhaps double ban time and no option to unban with web bon (or maybe if ban is 30 days for example, two weeks with no unban option then can unban if they wish). 3rd - I understand this take time, but these people are making game unfair for everyone. Say they are caught speed hacking, what else could they be doing? Auto farm chaos souls? It make big unbalance with those that play fairly. If there is clear evidence it really should not take that long to ban them. For example, Elegant/BaodaSuboy clearly speed hacking in video that Onizuka posted, still nothing had been actioned and he roaming around server with new BK and no punishment for over a week. 4th - I understand your point. I guess even just an update on web saying away this week, or don't have much time this week etc would be nice. Not complete silence, that make people feel disheartened with the server. Would be very grateful if you could atleast double check toca zen lottery success, or buff it slightly ^^ It very hard now and a lot of us still on Prime building new sets, there are some new players as well who would benefit from this. I hope this post didn't come across to strongly, it just this is the only game I like to play, and I do enjoy this server a lot. I don't want to see it go away ^^ Thanking you for your time and effort, we understand you have a life too. Looking forward to your response. Thank you
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