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  1. I see you fixed it :D thank you Arturs!!
  2. As I understand it that is correct when using ruud anvil etc in game to upgrade, however I am talking about web "Skin" service. Arturs said this will be fixed on day skin service was released. So just wondering when it will be fixed :D
  3. Hi Arturs, I know you are aware of this, but any idea of when can this be fixed, please? I had good options and saving jewels for other items, don't want to have to use them :( Thanks in advance
  4. Jezebel / Prime A4 - B2 - C4 - D2 - E1
  5. Jezebel / Prime 5, 8, 13, 17, 20, 25
  6. Jezebel / Prime 1. A1, C1 2. B2, C3 3. A2, C2
  7. luciferace

    IK items?

    Hello, I can't seem to smelt IK items (steel plate in this instance) will this be implemented soon? Also can we redeem IK weapon from MUX, HA, Soul box etc yet?
  8. thank you very much :) sorry foxyyy edit: actually for now I try foxy a bit longer ^^ kinda wearing on me a bit, and I adjusted some settings on PC, but good to know we can go back later if we want to :)
  9. Hi Arturs - is there way to remove skin? I upgraded rare lion to shining tail and I don't like it ^^ Too bulky and laggy on my PC, lion is much better. Can do bonus return feature somehow? Also, my two daggers are now without harmony option. Can we bring this back?
  10. Sounds awesome - am looking forward to the skins! Thank you Arturs
  11. No longer need now thanks, if I could close the topic I would xD
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