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  1. You just need to extend the time between posts, I think :D Most people will calm down for a moment, for example if you can send a post once every... 30 seconds? :)
  2. I encountered a strange situation today on the website. Three new, just-made characters get three items each and disappear? This is definitely not a coincidence.
  3. Hello. Something went wrong with the last quest wall unlock. When approaching the NPC, we get mission 181 on Scout Lance in Crywolf, unfortunately it does not count them as a quest, as if we were killing other monsters.
  4. jokemati

    Mini Games

    Yea but why in Jewel Bingo Higher and Luxury Box have the same reward? O-O Aboput highest reward, maybe something like 1000 RUUD or 15 B or S for the highest win? Not only RUUD ? πŸ™‚ NVRMD it is ruud or jewels from reward and its goood but The information on the first page of the topic is not up to date.
  5. It's not that the reward is different from the one in the table. Its says RUUD Box for 149 quest and i got feather. Btw.. Lots of the rewards are worth nothing compared to when you can complete the task. For example the reward for Q136 136 1100 Twin tale Kanturu relic Standard Chaos Soul box We have to defeat TwinTale in large numbers and in return we get a Box from which items like LegendaryStaff. Items of this class are worn at LT level, not KanturuRe Since someone killed these 1000TT LegStaff is looooong behind them. It's better to give 1B/S even chaos saves πŸ™‚ and there are many such quests. It's not fun to do quests for hours and get nothing for it. Think about it in your free time. Which does not change the fact that I found a very original and pleasant server.[; If you have this proprietary quest system, make sure it is properly done. I'm just asking you to balance the rewards. Ps. When it comes to feathers, it is a very good prize. i mean the fact that i was prepared for another prize from the table πŸ˜›
  6. No need ? So you want meet cheater again, He change acc and EoT ? For such behavior you should get Ban : p at least for a while. And How do you know that the new acc will not use other less detectable cheats ? or be more carefull ?
  7. Whats wrong with rewards ? For example after quest 149 I didn't get RUUD BOX but Loch's feather. Really ? Feather for the second wings for quest 149 ;x Please at least update the rewards.
  8. Hello Hermes kill me so many times and didnt get pk what cheats he use ?
  9. Hmmm and? I have not offended anyone by name there, and from the above I know that you can only swear, you can't insult πŸ™‚
  10. And all the time, the guest is trying to pass the spotz, which I am about to disappear because I'm already lvl higher ^^ please, screenshots of the crybaby
  11. As for Shadow, the fact that you were on the spot for 2 days does not mean that you will be there for the third day, there was no one to take care of it, apparently someone took you off earlier or you died and lost the spot, simple so stop crying. Btw shes not Euphoria She is Euforia.
  12. After doing this topic he still trying KSing
  13. 3 ss with my questions why Shadow KS. I don't know if he just died or had dc, anyway, I came to the spot empty, suddenly Shadow appears and starts KS after a few questions without response I killed him and that's it.
  14. Well, for sure, I was nice at the beginning and I wrote maybe 4 times to Shadow why KSuje Euforiii on the spot, I didn't get any answer and the killing began. Stop crying and start answering, just because you stayed there for 2 days doesn't mean the 3rd is yours.
  15. Hello, is there a character formula somewhere on the forum? (The exact list of what a given attribute is responsible for and how much it gives, e.g. 1 point of strength = 5dmg or 1 point of agi = 5 def rate)
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