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  1. For the past few days, I have clearly seen the Admin's fear and confusion. He doesn't even know what's a macro and what's not, to the point that I suspect if a video were posted, he wouldn't even know what's a hack and what's not anymore.
  2. I'm here to see how Artus responds, probably just to close the topic
  3. Apart from the Ruud set, Mux is no different from a typical Mu ss6 server, so no matter how much it changes, it remains the same. Even when a new server starts, I don't see new players joining. I don't know how much money he has invested in marketing; I have played on four of his servers, and they're all the same. When a new server starts, there are many promises, but then nothing happens. It's like a scam to keep players engaged. When I report a bug, it takes months to fix, and he says there are many tasks to handle in the new update. As for merging, I don't think there's anything that can't be merged. Even if one server has x50 and x100, one server has socket items and the other doesn't, they can still merge. Merging is just fulfilling the demands of old players; balance is important. Weak players still want to merge because there are no players on their server.
  4. dingdong1

    Castle Siege

    haha, ty so much, but no need teach me play on here.
  5. dingdong1

    Castle Siege

    from my country , this on my house
  6. dingdong1

    Castle Siege

    haha. we take top 2 with 5 player . On my country have TET Holiday. all OFFline, if we online i think u never have 1 boss . Nhìn không nghĩ đây là ở Việt Nam luôn .mp4
  7. dingdong1

    Castle Siege

    You always blame the Heroes, but how many of you in the online guild are now bosses, how many are now in CS, or in Aster, instead of blaming us, let's mobilize more people online My Guild when CS .
  8. dingdong1

    Castle Siege

    can check my stream on CS last week, they only online 1 party and cant event come. My Guild onl 20/30 . DL shinpai cant tanker with 2 3s, Can check on My stream
  9. dingdong1


    ohm , i didnt see it
  10. dingdong1


    cmm = chúc may mắn ( can u trans it )
  11. dingdong1


    dont know why report?
  12. betapchoi | Dragon A1- B2 - C5 - D1 - E3
  13. betapchoi | Dragon A1 - B2 - C1 - C2 - C3- D3 - D4 - E4 - E5 - F5 - F6 MONSTER : B3 -D2
  14. betapchoi / x500 dragon T - T - T - H- H
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