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  1. HOW about GL on x50, i full 380 set dd + xx 15 pvp all item 15 but can't event win IK SM DL Sum with ti5 set. @Arturs pls help check it. maybe last update u nerf so much .
  2. wtf this topic. kill = report? why not buy vip and go vip train?
  3. i know it and i report on x10 , but Arturs said will be fix next patch, but now 2 year, he can't event fix. And now he open ss18 with only new hero IK but can't event craf item for IK, and he say will add list . So much bug on Mux and need 3 4 year fix. this funny Arturs.
  4. My nick name : TERIUS Sever : x50 Angel Which rule clause was violated : 2.2 : Use speed hack time sever : 5h05 Date : 30/04/2023 Nickname of offender : bigbu4 Link char : https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=bigbu4&serv=server3 Link youtube hack : Thanks admin.!
  5. when i play lemuria on x100, i test with SM bri +9 same item same gear all item, but dmg 1/2 SM. that why on x50 no one care this trash class. On Muxlegend Slayer is King, never nerf
  6. where event pvp daily days? u say have event pvp when sever open? or we wait next sever again?
  7. dingdong1

    hack speed

    i cut video from stream crazysum
  8. dingdong1

    hack speed

    My nick name : Sugarlove sever : x50 Angel Which rule clause was violated : 2.2 : use speed hack time sever : 16h08 - 27/04/2023 nickname of offender : bigbu1 link : https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=bigbu1&serv=server3 Link ytb :
  9. i remember Mod cruel and devil said IK so trash PVP, but now we saw it.
  10. RedRabbit / Angel Cards: K - K - Q - K - Q Suits: H - S - H - H - S
  11. RedRabbit/ Angel 1st round: 1, 3, 4, 2, 5 2nd round: 1, 3 3rd round: 3
  12. name in game. if u win me 1-0 i give u 100bon. i play GL with box 5 set . if u use ti7 or 380 set bri set. u never win
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