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  1. BB>Holyangle or Soul Book (Summoner) Server Angel
  2. there no support now
  3. Bambuska/Angel 1) A1 - B1 2) A3 - B3 3) C1 - D4
  4. can help me i lost today my zen in System in K i sell some jewel 30pc i sell 10 for 333kk 3 pack and i no have zen and jewel plis help me. total zen is 990kk today i thin 17:20

    Nick: Bambuska


    Server x50

  5. Hello GM i have problem in game im sell Jewel of Bless 30pc 10=333kk in P. Any player buy this 3 pack 10=333kk and i no have Zen in K LOL. WHY!? Nick: Bambuska game time i think today 17:20 Nick:Bambuska Name:kulka123 Server: x50
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