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  1. If you manage to kill full buff DL, I don't see your point of DL being a broken class. DL as tank cannot kill anyone same gears, if DL go damage it wont be any more tankier than you might think, just as squishy as SM (if you think SM is squishy πŸ˜„ ). DL need STR and ENE for damage which mean it will have less VIT/HP, while class like SM can just go ENE for max damage, which mean more VIT/HP. Also, not only SM need super items to shine, anyone that want to shine need super items (SM/DL/Kundun/GL/RF/SUM/Slayer)
  2. New server coming soon, don't worry. Only thing is it's going to be lower at x30 πŸ™‚
  3. max stat point is about 65k. with BK or MG, you need to know where you want your stat. if it was me, I take MG over BK.
  4. I guess you should listen to them πŸ™‚ and find out for yourself.
  5. MU Online in general is very items dependent, if you want to be one of the strongest, prepare to pay. All that said, SM, SUM, Kundun, MG, IK are all good damage dealer.
  6. this is not a bad idea. I agreed
  7. Guild name: HEROES Link: Introduction to my guild within the link. About me, my in-game is CayTien, maybe some of the players already know me. I have played many MU Online servers, and I found the MUX projects to be where I like to play most because of the customs setting, events, achievement and quests system. But there is always pros and cons to anything, beside all the goods I've mentioned, I hope to see improvement on MUX's support team to make a better gaming experience for players. Cheers πŸ™‚
  8. Hello all, Quick introduction to my guild "HEROES" , we are a group of friends/brothers that been playing MU Online for quite a long time. We are playing on many difference server, and we are looking to start on the up coming server from MUX Legend x50 Angel. We have about -+ 15 players including hardcore and part-time. We are looking forward to play in the new server, hopefully putting up some good competition within the MUX community. Best regards, HEROES
  9. veeoo8241


    check 1995
  10. veeoo8241

    ML bug

    CayTien - Sega - missing 1 point
  11. Elemental Talisman of Luck works just fine, it adds 10% to the success rate. Rank1 level 6 to 7 is 87%, with this elemental talisman of luck, you get 87+10 = 97%. 97% is not 100%, so failing level 6 to 7 with the use of Elemental Talisman of Luck is possible.
  12. Go to website, change name. Should be ok after name change.
  13. Check GM chat please.

  14. From what I know, you can upgrade in game from +11 with lower % mentioned above. On web, only at +15 with fixed price in bonus to keep all opts.
  15. Hi Artus, please check message on question section of discord.

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