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  1. for weapon mux weapon is always the goal πŸ™‚ for set ... either grade 120 amor +15 or with the recent changes ruud set should be attractive enough offering alot of dmg while still looking like decent DD
  2. noywk1991

    Magic MG Weak

    it means that.. in order to keep the attack speed in check admin will have to reduce the limit of attack speed set for MG (attack speed cap) and while doing this might in theory fix the problem for havok spear skill its self it will be a direct unintended nerf to any other MG build/skill imagine now MG speed will be reduced down to 100 speed at max to counter the high attack speed of this speed.. what will be the effect on str MG? if he could (and im not saying he can i dont know if its even possible) but if he could set different attack speed limit for each skill (unlikely) then it would be easier
  3. noywk1991

    Grow Lancer

    as GL my self πŸ™‚ i dont think GL is weak at all.. but it is clunky, AG drain is major complain about GL but its only useable when building full tank.. maybe admin can consider nerf ag drain for people to stop complain and in return buff other sides of GL.. for example make wrath duration longer and remove CD, and do same for Burst buff in ML aswell as increasing range because the 2-3 range is very buggy ... but GL isnt weak but the main problem is you need to max agi+str to max your dmg potential but this leaves you with like 6k vit only? (if you max quest and buy 2k stats from web)
  4. energy MG is sadly weak right now. in sega no one play it.. everyone playing str MG becuse its way stronger. maybe that will change in future
  5. im 80% sure sega/angel have very similar balance setting.. the main difference might be that sega have socket set enabled and angel socket is disabled.. tank GL will have 0 dmg without socket becuse main dmg of this build is from reflect coming from socket. but str+agi GL have very good dmg regardless MG is also S tier as you saw it has 1 of the highest dmg of all classes and it require mainly str for dmg.. that leaves plenty of stats for vit.. its not as tanky as RF (my own personal opinion ) but it has more speed than RF making it perhaps better dmps.. you can not go wrong with MG or RF at the moment.. RF items are generally cheaper (usually?) because its less played class than MG for some reason. but both MG/RF are plenty strong and viable to be among the top pvp right now.. keep in mind maybe there be changes in the future
  6. i actually play only in sega.. so i have 0 option about prime/angel.. but from what i hear angel have similar setting as sega prime also have alot more stats than sega.. which massively effect balance . ill speak about sega which is where i play .. RF is an amazing choice for late game. . in sega you have enough points to max 2 stats and RF main stats are str/vit. so you max out str and vit for dmg but also life.. other classes for example DL/GL cant max str + agi + vit or str + ene + vit. . if GL want big dmg you max agi+str but you have only 6k vit RF is amazing i wouldnt really bother with the list and stars about def/ dmg because its not accurate at all.. RF is actually 1 of the tankiest classes in sega.. because def = almost nothing here.. max vit = tank in sega.. and RF can max both vit and str and both are providing dmg.. giving RF amazing DMG and super tanky. very good class.. confession here.. i been trying to trade my GL items for RF items or buy RF items for web bons for some time now.. if i can change my GL into RF ill change ! and remember i put GL in the S tier like RF as one of the better classes to play in pvp πŸ™‚
  7. items are important. but theres is an undeniable gap between some classes.. that items can not make up for it. also assuming 2 classes both maxed out in items fight each other the better class will win. i think there are plenty of good classes as i mentioned in my own personal opinion based list. all S classes are available.. but Lemuria/elf/RW will never be able to fight the other classes
  8. thats literally my own personal opinion and impression from the state of sega right now. if you have your own opinion state it.. no one given this dude any list for some days so i shared my own list and opinion based on sega. you are more than welcome to give your own list and make your own opinion. we have curse summoner almost maxed and he cant fight my GL or mattoni SM or finix BK or van RF or mass MG .. therefor in my honest opinion summoner is not good in sega. regardless of your " false " comment which doesnt even state any opinion list nor is helping the guy clearly is made as respond to me perhaps even to provoke or try prove me wrong instead of even helping the guy who asked help .. make a list based on your experience and opinion and help him πŸ™‚ despite your comment as i said i think summoner is simply not equal to the above classes in pvp.. true enough its not as shitty as lemuria or elf or RW but it still cant fight the other classes so its not a class i would invest into for pvp.
  9. SM/GL/RF/BK/kundun/MG/IK = S tier in sega πŸ™‚ each have some drawbacks some pros if your goal is pvp you can not go wrong with these classes πŸ™‚ slayer/DL is kinda A tier its ok.. but not strong like the classes i mentioned above the rest are kinda not worth playing DL is tank and its important in CS but the dmg is low slayer is ok dmg ok survive but its not good like for example GL/SM/RF/BK/Kundun at max gear. elf/summoner/gun/lemuria are waste of time in pvp.. elf is ok for buff. . GL = if max agi+str = good dmg very low hp but really good dmg.. but have very small range if max str + vit dmg is meh.. meh meh .. . but good hp still bad range.. but if using sockety good reflect ag drain buff is amazing in tank version SM: probably highest dmg good def because of barrier in solo.. good range and teleport but in my opinion if you give GL barrier from SM in party GL can be stronger.. but SM range is very good tp amazing MG= MG is actually very high dmg and decent def id say its like GL but without ag drain but more dmg and more range and aoe in return RF : high dmg and very tanky you max vit + str very strong 1v1 char BK: dont need to say much? kinda good all around class.. good hp good dmg but range is kinda bad like GL Kundun.. good in group pvp but not so good alone big aoe and dmg illusion knight seems solid all around good range good dmg good def
  10. you play in sega? nope nor anymore atleast. also i kinda doubt you donate more than me.. (maybe in the long run with all servers you played here.. then possible) either way.. stream have negative effect on older servers and its a fact whatever you think it does or not. . and soon it will have on angel once the ratio between web bons and serv bons change
  11. 6500 web is a fact πŸ™‚ based on your own numbers.. nah why would i even consider donate ? i know exactly what happening you are just trying to cover evertthing up with some bs so that you can continue get ahead but i wonder who will you fight when all leave? anyways enough have good day maybe you should go and try donate then and ill go stream? sounds fair to me
  12. enough is enough.. you said yoiur self 650 per week is what you get x 2.5 months? thats 10 weeks thats 6500 web bons πŸ™‚ you can turn it around however you want.. but we all know what you can buy in sega for 6500 web bons.
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