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  1. @TonyMattoni change topic description. Jewel of life instead of luck
  2. I still can’t believe reset stats cost 0 bon. U mean not possible on season18 ? I doubt something that was possible on season3 is no longer possible on season18 😀
  3. w1 +16add gives 76% on w2. Max is 90% and you get all 90 only if your w1 +16add also has Luck OR ofc with spirit stones
  4. idk whats better, higher exp or better reward... or maybe both ^^
  5. android17

    Hero reset

    hello Arthurs i made a HR few days ago for 10k RUUD and to be honest, now i regret it very much. D ou think maybe to rework Hero Reset System to its best ? i feel like its one of the most important things to keep people alive after max rr... But with those rewards AND this exp i dont think people ever are going to make it. Regards x100
  6. чувак, не путай интернет с реальной жизой, ну и конечно же, доверять не значит слепо верить. Ты доверять то доверяй, но сам не плошай. Есть разные люди на этой планете, некоторые продают детей родных за белый порошок, о чём ты...
  7. я бы на твоём месте радовался. за пару пикселей ты приобрёл бесценный урок. Будь рад, что это не твой дом продали, который ты строил, и от которого ключи доверил первому встречному.
  8. Nice guide dude, I also would add a possibility to combo. 👏
  9. android17

    angel - HEPPEN

    Not my business, but mostly of SSs have got no date on it, or this doesn’t matter ?
  10. Why don’t you just write the description instead of telling him what to do ?😀
  11. So what’s the reason to not make mastery things cheaper ? It’s not ez at all even on dead server, not to mention new ones. anyway, it is and will be 90% PvE Server, since ur only job here is to farm jewels, ruud and chaos souls…
  12. Sorry for off topic, what about 90% for w3 and new formula with 1 flame and 2 feathers as on bless, could be possible here aswell ? Regards
  13. Sega / Sega 1R - 2R - 3L - 4R - 5L - 6L - 7R - 78L - 9R - 10R
  14. also this is wrong : Types of Magic Stones and how to create them : - Lower Magic Stone (Green) Can be created using normal items of level +6 or higher / option +4 or higher. you can get those stones at NPC in devias
  15. small edit, to create feather of condor there is no need to rush lvl2 wing to +16add, it´s enought just to have them +4add
  16. Sega / Sega 2 - 17 - 23 - 35 - 11 - 13
  17. Hello, wanna trade those 2 guys for some char in x100 https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Umbrella&serv=server3 https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Whiteman&serv=server3 on DL is 12,5k RUUD and some jewels
  18. hello, i just donated 24eur via paypal but didnt recieve bonuses. x50 ign : Whiteman

  19. believe me. you are lucky to have Arturs as main admin here. Best admin i have ever met on this and their teams others projects. I wish Arturs would come back to bless :))
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