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[Forum event] Glass Bridge 30.01.23

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Dear players! Todays forum quest:

Rendering "GLASS BRIDGE" using Race JLS

It will test the skill of Luck. Every player is welcome to participate.


Oh no!! You were thrown into an unknown room. One door brings you into a huge open space. There are two parallel bridges leading to the exit.

Your task is simple: You must take your chances and cross the bridge to leave.




There will be 10 steps which you can take.


Each step you must choose L (Left) or R (Right).


Choosing a correct step rewards you - 15 bonuses


Choosing an incorrect step means you fall and loose the game.


All the previous correct steps are saved, you do not loose all bonuses if you fall.


Quest will last for 58 hours, and then the Topic will be locked automatically and the results - announced.


An example of a correct application for participation:

massacre Sega

1L - 2L - 3R - 4L - 5R - 6L - 7R - 8R - 9L - 10L


massacre has taken 5 correct steps, which will reward him 75 bonuses

Results for this example (yellow dots are massacre's chosen steps):

(DISCLAIMER! - This is just an example, real answers will be randomised)


Event will last for 58 hours, it will automatically lock itself on Wednesday 01/02  22:00

attention.png.1e640f740039d7a789950ac79b94b783.png You have only one chance, so do not create multiple accounts - you will be punished !!

Do not forget to provide your nickname and the server together with an answer (as shown in example)!

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-Gromp- | Sega x100

1L - 2L - 3R - 4L - 5R - 6L - 7L - 8L - 9R - 10R

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Amadeys / Sega x 100

R1 - L2 - L3 - R4 - L5 - R6 - R7 - L8 - R9 - R10


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1R - 2L - 3R - 4L - 5R - 6R - 7R - 8R - 9L - 10R

Devil / Sega


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