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  1. Its not that im angry because SM nerf, im mad how admin treat playerbase here with 0 communication and 0 info. He doesnt give a damn. enjoy ur game im gonna find my luck elsewhere.
  2. i have read the news about changes/balance, but there is no specific info in that topic if you read it. Imagine that you are newcomer and you want to choose a class, it would be nice to see specific info about the changes something like changelog after fresh update etc. For me its insulting to players that admin make changes and just drop them with 0 solid info about what was changed. This is riduculous if this is how you treat playerbase then im done. PS and u donated 2kE for that shit treatment ? i think you should be the first person demanding serious manage of srv from admin, just a hinch.
  3. Why Admin doesnt give changelog of changes ? what is this? you make changes in balance and dont say about them ? this is insulting to players.
  4. SM has now less than 325 speed? why admin makes changes and dont say about them ????
  5. Yeah the last grade is very expensive but any changes should be careful not to ruin system that worked for a long time for sure. As for pay 2 win for me personally the problem is not for example mux weapons which lets be honest FO you almost 0 chance to get from game but lotto ppl buy/sell. I remember back in the day when gold fen was as guardian mount 50/50 now you can make gold lion only from dragon lotto 🙂 this is a red line for me it shows exacly 100 % pay2win, you wanna top guardian pet ? u have to pay lotto cause almost nonobdy would sell it everyone use it. So lets not talk that you can get everything from grind not only from paying cause thats simpy not true you cant get gold lion from game, and the stats of lion are pushed and pushed with ele stats pts stats pvp abosrb etc so now you will preffer lion over fen you are more and more encouraged to get things that are from payment.
  6. today people enter gaion and it is sunday gaion with garuda flame droppin and poppin - do you even test the update drops you make ? and i want to be mean here sorry but it really looks like you don't cheers
  7. Lukasz | Sega 1R - 2R - 3L - 4R - 5L - 6L - 7L - 8R - 9R - 10L
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