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  1. pvp01

    reset bots prime

    Has this problem been resolved???
  2. pvp01

    Prime / iphone14 / 3.1

    refer this old report that I got ban 7 days:
  3. 1. my nickname: NEZABUDKA2. game server: Prime3. which rule clause was violated: 3.1 Note: By bugs also means using for personal benefits ALT+F4 combination and "switch character" (mainly used for that you could not be killed or if after you have killed, not to run from far away) and walk through the characters with help of Horn of Uniria or warp to inadmissible locations.4. nickname of offender: iphone14 He switches character you can see in the video below:
  4. pvp01

    Lord DL

    Don't take the story to another issue
  5. pvp01

    Macro bot

    That is Al who knows how to kill the boss and pk +clear the map
  6. I think you should bring new things into Prime to test. no need *reworked* like you said. Let make Prime great! let bring more new things there
  7. LazyCat / Prime T - H - T - T - H
  8. Hi @Arturs please add Holyangel & Soul weapon for IK too in server Prime. Thanks
  9. LazyCat / Prime H1 - H2 - H3 - H5 - I5 - J5 - H7 - H8 - H9 - F4 - F5 - F6
  10. Hi admin, after update regardless I reset master tree at website service, but I cannot add point to "Restore all SD". With all char who I added this point, they have been lost these points. Please fix it!
  11. @Arturs there is no IK weapon when exchange Lottery Blue Eye Box. Please fix it in PRIME server.
  12. LazyCat / Prime Cards: Q - K - K - Q - Q Suits: S - H - H - H - S
  13. LazyCat / Prime 1st round: 0, 3, 5, 6, 92nd round: 2, 53rd round: 1
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