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Found 5 results

  1. Evomon evolves The main advantage of the Evomon evolves on the MUX Legend server, is the opportunity to win bonuses and TOCA in the weakly ranking. What is this: You will summon an Evomon monster. After you will kill it, there is a chance that Evomon's monster will evolve to the next level. The higher level you get - the higher your chance to receive a high place in the ranking and receive a better box. Where to obtain: Need to acquire the Evomon summoning scroll. For that, you will need to collect 25 pieces of a summoning scroll. Once you have collected all 25, they will automatically transform into an Evomon summoning scroll in your event inventory. MU Helper and search tip: Information about where to find parts, you can find here [Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other]. Piece of Summoning Scroll Evomon Summoning Scroll How to play: open the "Event inventory" (CTRL+V or click on it on the top-right of the screen) and drop "Evomon summoning scroll" on the ground outside of the safe zone. How to receive a prize: you will receive it automatically to the "Gremory case" (press the "K" button) Box Drop from box Minor Evomon box 1 jewel (chaos or creation) Standard Evomon box Ancient morning star mace Greater Evomon box Minor RUUD box Luxurious Evomon box and higher Greater RUUD box
  2. The quest rules are very simple: For each round of the lottery, I guess a certain number of numbers. Your task is to guess which ones! In the first round of the lottery, I asked 5 numbers (from 0 to 9). Your task is to guess 3 numbers from those that I have asked. If you guessed 3 numbers correctly, you go to the second round and get 20 bonuses! If you guess 4 numbers, you get 30 bonuses, and if all 5 numbers, then the winning amount for the first round will be 50 bonuses. In the first round, you write 5 numbers! In the second round (if you have passed the first) of the lottery, I guess only 2 numbers from 1 to 5. Your task is to guess both. If you guess the 2 numbers, you go to the third round and get 40 more bonuses! In the third round (if you were lucky in the second round) of the lottery, I thought of only 1 number from 1 out of 5 (1-2-3-4-5). Your task is to guess this number. You only have one try! If you guessed this number, you get another 60 bonuses, on top of what you won in the previous rounds! Clarifications: Numbers are not repeated in one round. Only 1 answer option is allowed in one round. In the reply, write your options for all three rounds at once. In your application, be sure to indicate your Nickname and the Server on which you play. Editing answers is prohibited. Edited answers will not be accepted (better to write a new post) For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. Example application: Glorfindel / Prime 1st round: 2, 3, 6, 1, 8 2nd round: 1, 5 3rd round: 4 Lottery starts now and will end on Tuesday(21/03/2023) at 23:59:00 Good luck!
  3. Kanturu nightmare What is this: an event, where you need to kill the boss. When and where an event is going on: the event is taking place in the Kanturu relics map every 24 hours after the killing of the boss monster. The Gateway machine is located at the end of the map. How to play: when a global message with the text "х minute left before kanturu gate core opens" you can equip your moonstone pendant and click on the gateway machine which will teleport you inside the event area. in the first part of the event, you will need to kill 40 monsters after which you will have to face the left hand of Maya. If you cannot kill the hand during the given time - 15 minutes - the event will close automatically and the players will be teleported out of the event area. in the second part of the event, you will have to kill 20 monsters, but this time they are stronger. In the end, you will face the right hand of Maya. You also get 15 minutes to complete this stage. in the third part you will again have to kill 20 monsters and afterward face both hands of Maya, again. You will be given 20 minutes this time. After killing both hands, you will fall and respawn in the next location where you will have to fight 15 monsters and the boss monster nightmare. When being attacked, Nightmare can teleport itself to another part of the map, heal itself and summon new monsters for you to fight against. To complete this, the final stage of the event, you are given 20 minutes of time. MU Helper and search tip: Information about where to find parts, you can find here [Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other]. Moonstone pendant How to receive a prize: The prize will be dropped to you after you kill the boss.
  4. Protector of Acheron What is this: An event, where you will need to find one cursed tower and destroy it When an event is going on: The event is taking place once a day at 19:15 (except Thursday and Sunday). NPC Sir Lesnar is located in Devias How to play: The start of the event is announced with this global message Destroy the horde of corrupt spirits and the cursed obelisk! Click on the NPC and choose the last option " entering as the protector Acheron " After entering the Acheron map, you have to find and destroy the cursed tower. Depending on its element, monsters of that same element will be spawning next to it, as well as the boss monster, which will try to stop you from destroying the tower. There are a total of 5 different types of towers, which are marked with their own color. The tower will be located in one of the areas of Acheron Alkmar area: PosX="89" PosY="41" Ubaid area: PosX="188" PosY="101" Debenter area: PosX="162" PosY="54" You will have 30 minutes to find and destroy the tower. After completing the event all the players will be teleported to Noria. How to receive a prize: The prize will be dropped to you after destroying the tower.
  5. Arturs


    Crywolf event. What is this: the event where players need to cooperate, to defeat the Balgass army. Where to obtain: Crywolf event takes place once a week, on Wednesday at 18:45. You can get into Crywolf through the Valley of Loren (164, 35) or through the warp. How to play: The event is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 - Preparation During the first stage, the entire Crywolf zone will turn into a combat location. The battle lasts 30 minutes. In case of death, the characters are reborn at the altar. You need from one to five (muse, high, nooble) elves with a level of at least 350, who will support the altar. If the elf is killed or he moves from his place - the synchronization subsides. During the second part, the elves must synchronize with the altar. Important! You cannot connect more than twice with each individual altar field (there are only 5 of them). During synchronization, the elf will not be able to do anything, so the task of the rest is to protect the elves from enemies. The life force of the statue is made up of the amount of health (HP) of the elves on the altars. That is, the more elves came into contact with the altars, the more they strengthened the statue. When the HP of a character on the altar decreases, the defense of the wolf statue also decreases. Part 2 - battle An army of Balgass will come, which players will need to destroy. Monsters will be scattered around the map and will try to destroy your elves and the altar. You must prevent them from doing so. The strongest fighters are armies, Balgass and 2 Dark Elves. The most valuable drop will fall from them. Balgass Dark Elf How to receive a prize: The prize will drop, after you will kill a Balgass & Dark elves. Victory There are 1 or more altars left and the Wolf Statue is protected at the end of the battle. Balgass is defeated. Defeat All altars are destroyed and contact is not maintained until the end of the battle. Balgass is not defeated.
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